Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't Get Enough Redware or Yellow Ware!!

This is some of my Collection. The redware plates are reproduction and most were purchased from cazancraft on eBay. The bowls are authentic antique yelloware crock bowls. Also some antique Rockingham pieces. Which are my favorite type of yellow ware. The canister set is a reproduction set and was a gift from my Mom a few years ago. Also shown is another one of my "Loves"... Early Dough Boxes. I own two. This one is the second in my collection. My other dough box is displayed on my dining room table.


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hey girl!! I am going to add you to my blog roll! Welcome to bloging.

I LOVE your redware and yellowware but that's kind of obvious huh??!! LOL

The Editor said on or around thre 29th but SOME stores have had them on the shelves for a week and folks have had them in their mailboxes since last Thursday. She thenm admitted she didn't know much about distribution! LOL

Glad to see you hear!! hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Hi Linda, Thanks so much for stopping by.
I really dont know what I doing yet. Never had a blog before!! LOL!! Im sure I'll figure it out with time.
I love your blog!! And as you know I LOVE the way you decorate!!!
I will keep looking for the new CS, because it is a MUST HAVE since your home is in it!!
Take Care!!

Gayle said...

Wow Tammy - Your home looks just lovely! Do you ave an online photo album somewhere so I can see more pictures?

Unknown said...

Hi Gayle,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!
Yes, I have more photos of my home on webshots and RMS. There are link to these over at the side of blog. I have just put down new wood floors so I am updating all my photos on WS. More will be coming soon. I dont visit RMS much, now that I have found webshots but I do still have some of my older photos still posted on there.
As soon as I get everything put back together I will be posting updated pict's of all my rooms at webshots and here. Hopefully soon!!
Thanks so much for your comment. And I hope you visit me often. If you have never been to webshots you should come by. There are so many wonderful gals there!! With so many fabulous photos to view!!
Thanks again, Tammy

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hey there Tammy!
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hopped on over to see ya and was blown away when I saw the picture of your house!!! That is practically identical to the house I used to live in when I lived in Ohio! Oh how I LOVED the porch!
I'll add ya to my fav's!
Take Care!

Gayle said...

Thanks Tammy - I did find your Webshots page after I asked you the question and your entire home is so lovely! Now I have a question for you. We are doing some work on our home - stripping wallpaper and painting. We're also replacing doors in the hallway with panel doors that look very similar to yours. Can you tell me how you painted them? Spray? Roller? Brush? Any advice? Please email me so I don't miss your answers.

Unknown said...

Hi Beth,
thanks so much for stopping by!! ~Tammy

•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Oh I love your collection!!


At Home With Amy said...

Tammy your blog is really good. I hae added you to my favorites. I just love your redware. I will definitely be checking out Ebay soon. What a wonderful doughbox. Where ever did you find such a treasure? I don't think I have ever seen one before or atleast that I know of. There are so many things you could do with one of them.

I can't wait to look at more pics of your home. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks so much Amy and Kath!! Thanks so much for adding me to your favorites. I must find time to get new photos on. My dough box came from eBay. It is on of my most favorite finds! Thanks again for stopping by. Have a wonderful week! ~Tammy