Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dont You Just Love Antiques!!

This is one of my favorite pieces.
This antique Bakers Cabinet was given to me by my Mom years ago. It has pot belly drawers and beveled glass doors.
Inside I have 2 antique pontil bottom jars with original tin lids. I love these type of jars but they are nearly impossible to find!! I got my 2 at the "Worlds Longest Yard Sale" a few years ago!!


Back in the Day said...

I would give ANYTHING to get to the Worlds Longest Yardsale! Lucky you!

AWhim4Prim said...

We must live near each other...I am on the world's longest yardsale trail also! I love your home and prims...I also saw and commented on your page on ratemyspace, I recognize several things we both have...hope to make my page this nice some day!