Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God Bless The Primitive Womans Husband!!

I think it takes a special man to be a hubby of a Primitive Woman!!

Let me explain!!

Take my new baby here. Oh I love her!! I found her at a local craft antique store. Unfortunately, when I first saw her it was right before pay day and I admit it... I was broke!
So I had to leave her behind. For days I walked around my house talking about this doll I found. Trying to explain each and every detail to my husband.
"Oh, you should have seen her", I said. "She was made of heavy linen, aged perfectly. Her hair was made of actual horse hair. She had the most perfect dress. " And I said with much excitement, "She Was Completely Hand Sewn!"
He just nodded his head, "Really" he replied trying to act as if any of that meant anything to him.
And I would walk around saying, "Oh she would great sitting there or maybe there."

Well, pay day came around and he got off work, he came in and said "Do you want to go get that doll you were talking about?"
Heck Yeah!! I don't think he meant right that minute but... that is when we went. He didn't even change out of his work clothes, he just got in the car and headed right back out.
As we drove to the store all I could say, "Oh I hope it isn't closed." "I hope no one has bought her." "I bet she's gone." To which he replied, "No it will be fine, its only been a few days."

So we arrive at the shop. He just sits in the car and I go in. I nearly ran to the booth. At first I didn't see her, "Shoot! I knew it!!"
But then she caught my eye, she had only been moved to a different spot. So I swooped her up, went and paid, and carried her out to the car.

I got in and sat her in my lap, "Well, what do you think? Isn't she adorable!"
He looked up from his i-phone. And yep, there it was... the eye roll!!! And the standard comment, "You paid how much for that?"

Proudly I stated, "She was Only $50!". For some reason I don't think he thought that was as much of a bargain as I did!~~
But then he went on once again trying to appear interested, "So where are going to put her?"
And I talked about all the different places she could go.
He just smiled and said, "Yeah she'll look good there."

Yes, I do think it takes a Special Man to be a Primitive Woman's Husband!!! :)
God Bless all those Hubby's out there!!

Here are some more pictures of my new baby!!

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basketsnprims said...

I love her. My dh rolls his eyes too, but he is 100% supportive of what I do. He says "as long as you're happy". It doesn't get any better, does it?

Janene said...

Tammy~ I am laughing my butt off reading this post!
Because that is exactly how Joe is when I talk about my stuff or show him my new finds.
Love men...ya gotta love men!

Lisa said...

She is pretty prim cute!! Men just don't understand our love of prim dolls and decorations - do they!?!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Oh i love her! I can see why you wanted her soooooo badly. Yes husbands of prim wives are good ones! I told mine to be thankful that i would rather have a prim than diamonds and new cars and such! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
I can totally relate!! I tell my hubby same type of thing all the time!! Isnt it funny, how Prim-Minds think alike!! Thanks for stopping by! ~Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, No they just dont get it. Mine just smiles and nods. But the whole time I know he is thinking, "Why in the world does she want That!" LOL!! Thanks for stopping by! ~Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi Pam, Dont you just love the eye roll!! LOL!! Mine might not always understand why but he lets me do what I want. And in the end, he always comes around and says, "You know that looks pretty good there". Nope, it doesnt get much better than that. Thanks for stopping by! ~Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi Janene, Dont you just love when they try to act like they understand!! LOL!! Like they really have any idea what the words, "Grubby" or "feather stitching" even mean!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. ~Tammy

angiesraggedypatch said...

Hey Tammy!
I had to come on over, hoep you dont mind!
I lovvvvved this post! Those hubby's can really take care of us cant they?

What a sweetie!

oh and by the by~ I read your profile and I too am a Twilight lover! hee hee!:)

hugs new friend!

Unknown said...

Hi Angie!
Of course, I dont mind. Stop by anytime!!
Thanks for reading my post. Yes, those Prim Hubby's are sweeties!!
I was sooo addicted to the Twilight series!! A little disappointed in the movie, but looking forward the 2nd one. Im not much of reader. If it isnt a decorating magazine or book, I seem to loose interest. But not with the Twilight series. I literally couldnt put them down! :)
Thanks again for stopping by. ~Tammy

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

LOLOLOL - You were brave to admit how much you paid! She is so neat!

I am so glad you have the followers link now. That is how I am keeping track of my prim friends. I'll be back more often now.

hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Hehehee! Thanks Linda!! Glad you stopped by. And Happy Birthday to You!! Have a Fabulous Day!! ~Tammy

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Oh, my goodness I love her, no wonder you had to have her. Her hair is the neatest!!!

Hubby's are like that aren't they? Stush had never heard of primitive until he meant me and now he'll say is that primitive whenever I buy or make something.lol I think it's cute:)

Robin said...

Oh My Tammy!!! Are we married to the same man??? Are we related by marriage???
I've had almost the same experience just last nite, only this wasn't over a storebought doll, but one I made...THE FIRST THING I've crafted in over 1 & 1/2 years! Yet, when I rushed it out to him, he went,"Uh-huh". I about hit him over the head with it, cuz he has been on me and on me about my "break" this whole time! All I have heard is the following comments...Are you gonna make stuff. When are you gonna make stuff, Did you go there to buy stuff to make stuff. What happened to making stuff. You could be making money with all that stuff. When are you putting stuff on Ebay and Betsy(that's what he calls Etsy).
So I totally didn't get last nite's response...until I realized he was on the SCI FI channel! Goodness knows if I had run out there and claimed I had just completed a STARSHIP, well, maybe THEN I can get his attention! LOL!

I feel for you Girl! (hanging my head in complete sympathy...)

schutt6 said...

AMEN to our WONDERFUL prim accepting husbands! I too get those "looks" and comments when I get my prized treasures...but he never complains just kind of chuckles at how excited somethin can make me..I'm like a lil kid at Christmas when I find a new piece!
your dollie is just WONDERFUL and you did get a GREAT deal on her(just wish I'd found her first! LOL!)
she almost looks like a Stacee Droit( Arnett's country store)doll! and remember if you ever wanna get rid of her...uh hem...I'll give her a good home...hee hee hee....

Halloween Spirit said...

LOVE that doll! Gotta love your DH too! They are not all that way you know!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Tammy,
I am new to your blog and I just love it!
I am adding you to my list of blogs - and I sooo love the pictures of your beautiful home.
Now this doll is a Prim Lovers dream for sure...
Glad I found you.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! I giggled as I was reading because it sounds like me and my love, he is also supportive and tries hard to love all the things I make and put in our home. hahaha! What good men we have...

Dawn Buie said...

Hey Tammy girl hope it's ok I popped in! Love your blog and your doll is so cool!--Dawn