Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello ~ Yes, It's Been Awhile

Hello Everyone!! Yes, it sure has been awhile since I have been on. I really need to work on time management, because there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to do.
The sun FINALLY appeared this afternoon. It has been a horrible summer here in Southern IL. Rain, Rain, Clouds and More Rain!!! It hasn't even felt like summer to me. But after an early afternoon thunder storm the sun did finally decide to come out!
Which brings me to the 1st thing that has went on in my life since a last posted. On May 8th Williamson County (where I live) and Jackson County in Southern IL was hit by what some are calling an "Inland Hurricane". It knocked out the power to our entire town, not to mention MANY others in the surrounding area. I have never seen or felt anything like it.
I had taken some photos of the damage right around my home, only a few photos though because it was too dangerous to be walking around with power lines down everywhere.

We were without power for over a week. And even worse, without internet for more than two weeks! The damaged trees still line the roads of my town, even though they have been working on clean up for over a month.
Now onto a better subject. Some things I have been working on around my home.
First off, Take a look at my new Antique kitchen table!!! Only $65 at a local antique store!!

I love the old patina of the wood. I also like that it is smaller than my previous table, so it gives the space more room. I did keep the same ladder back chairs. I gave them a fresh coat of paint, changing them from barn red to mustard yellow. Then I decided to drape vintage brown homespun fabric across the back. IMO, the mustard yellow mixes much better with the surrounding colors of my kitchen.

Today I worked on some pillows for my bedroom. I was bored but didn't feel like taking on a large project, so pillows were a quick fix to my boredom. And you know... you can never have too many!!

The first one I made was for my bed. I found some fabric that I have had for years. I really loved it but I had never gotten around to doing anything with it. So today I decided to put it to use as a pillow for my bed. It has a fabulous antique looking sampler design.

I'm not sure who makes this fabric but I sure would love to find more.
Then I made a small antique coverlet pillow for my rocker.

Once I made it I noticed the old coverlet had a couple of holes, making the stuffing stick out. So I whipped on a little patch to cover that up. I still think it turned out cute.

The rest of my day I have spent working on my website, fantasy shopping through the Country Sampler, drooling over the homes in the newest issue, and all the normal everyday stuff like cleaning and cooking. Some might say I have wasted my day (like Dear Hubby). But over all, I think, it has been a pretty darn good one! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my thoughts. Please feel free to stop in and say Hi or anything else that may be on your mind. Comments are Always Welcome!!

I will try not to let it be so long before I post again... I promise I'll try.
Have a wonderful Prim Filled Week ladies!! ~Tammy


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Wow! Sure hope no one was hurt in that mess! I've never heard of an inland hurricane! Sure hope the rest of your summer is much better!

Love your pillows! ~~Annie

Dawn Buie said...

Oh what a storm you all had! Yikes my friend! I love your new table so cute and it fits perfectly! Love the price too! Your pillow is so cute! Glad you posted it was nice to see what you have been up to.. Oh your idea about HGTV lol to funny I love ya for that! Big hugs! Stay away from storms!--Dawn

Janene said...

Welcome back Tammy.
Your home looks so nice! I am in love with that antique table! And the wool mat looks great on it!

angiesraggedypatch said...

Hi Tammy!
Glad to know youre safe and sound! I live in Missouri and we have had storm after storm too! They had hail the size of grapefruits last week just 10 miles away.. crazy summer huh?
I think you had a day well spent my friend and you home looks wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I had never heard of an Inland Hurricane either, until it hit us. I actually didnt even know it was possible.

My sister lives in MO (St. Peters). It has been a storm filled summer for us, huh. Not only the storms, but all the rain. YUCK! I celebrate when I get up and see the sun shinning. Today it is. I need to go out and work in the yard. But with all the rain, it is so humid out. I cant win, huh. Or I just cant stop complaining about something. LOL!
Dawn sweetie I'm not joking. You have ALWAYS been so creative. I wish my mind worked like yours. HGTV's missing out by not giving you a spot! :) Like I told you quite awhile back, I wish you lived closer because I need some help with my house. I have a decorating block currently going on. Im in the mood to do some changing, but I walk around and dont know what to do different. See I need ya closer, Im sure you could come up with all kinds of neat ideas.
Thanks again everyone. Talk soon... I really need to get up off my bottom and get started on SOMETHING. :)
Take care, Tammy

Bren said...

re glad you are all ok. I know what you mean about it not feeling like summer, I actually live north of you and it's not felt like summer there either.Love your decorating!
Hugs, Bren

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Beautiful pillows!!
Hope everyone there is recovering from the storm.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for stopping by Holly Hills! Can't believe the damage your storm did - how horrific. Just love watching the slide show of your home, it is so welcoming and cozy! Hope you rain stops soon, it has rained a lot in Michigan too! Dawn