Thursday, June 18, 2009

Okay ~ I Took Dawn's Advice! :)

Hi Ladies!
Well, last night I read Dawn's(Just*Simply*Prim)Blog. And in her blog she talks about finding your passion when decorating your home. I replied to her blog last night saying I was drawn to the Colonial style. Which I am. I LOVE it. When I look through decorating books and magazines, I fall in love with every Colonial style home I see. And Linda's (Behind The Red Door) pictures of her home always make me drool!
But is that my Passion?
So this morning when I got up, I looked around my home. I thought about Dawn's post and began to walk through my rooms.
Even though right now I am pretty much tired of most of things in my home. And I am in the mood to change somethings... I asked myself,
What is your passion... What Do You Love!

And in no particular order this is what I came up with.
The patina of Antique Wood.

Items With Old Worn Paint.

Old Wooden Chairs.

Antique Teddy Bears.

Old Quilts.

Yellow Ware and RedWare.

Old Wood Bowls.

Antique, Home Made, Children's Toys and Furniture.

Early Jars. Especially ones with pontil bottoms.

Dough Boxes.

Crocks and Crock Jugs.

Antique, Early Americana.

Early Antique Cookie Cutters.

OLD Wooden BOXES (I love old wood boxes)

Old Baskets.

Early Blue Calico (and antique brown homespun)

Antique Baby Shoes.

Old Wooden Buckets and Firkin's.

Antique Early Brooms.

All of these things I do have a definite Passion for. I can never get enough. Also one more thing I Love.
I love Brown and Mustard Yellow.
Nearly every room of my home is in one of these shades. So what I have discovered is my passion seems to be the "Farmhouse" Style.
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Colonial Style.
... Is there such a thing as a "Colonial Farmhouse Style".
Hummm... I need to do some research. Can I have the best of both. Somehow tap into the Colonial decorating qualities without giving up the things I most definitely have a Passion for. Maybe just maybe.

Thanks so much to Dawn for a wonderful post last night. Thanks so much for stopping by everyone. Today is hubby's day off from work... so heading out to spend some time with him.
Happy Prim Wishes to you all.


At Home With Amy said...

Your post made me smile Tammy. Just last night I was going on to my mother about what my decorating style really is. I love colonial with the trimmed out windows and wood around the fireplace hearth and the stenciled walls yet I love everything painted, chipped, grunged and primitive. Colonial I think is more clean and less clutter and I love prim stuff everywhere. Is Colonial Prim such a style?? I think we should just decorate with what makes us happy and not worry so much about what style is. The outside of my cedar ranch house would look so silly if I were totally colonial inside but then again, I am only trying to please me and my family, not my neighborhood.
Thanks for this post.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy,
thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I think most people decorate with their hearts. They surround themselves with items they love. Even though we might not understand why we love certain things, it doesnt make the love less real. Over the years of talking to people about decorating, I have found that most people say the same thing... They surround their homes with items they love. I believe when someone LOVES their home it shows in everything they do it. Im still strugling trying to figure out where I am going with my decor. What I really want it to look like. That is why I am so grateful for all of the wonderful bloggers out there. They open their homes and provide me with much needed inspiration. I'm not sure if Coloinal Prim is a style... But heck why not. :) Thanks again for stopping by, Tammy

Dawn Buie said...

Tammy oh sweetie I am so glad I could help and what's even better is i got to see how I helped. That was the best thing ever!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Oh and I just wanted to tell you ,your passion is what ever style of home you want.. What makes your house a home is the passion you put into it.. If you love all the things that you have around you it shows through in your home.. I go on to Linda's pics and I see the love of her passion in her home it shows through.. Just like the love you put into your collections it does show through to the people on the outside looking in.. So my friend you can mix any style you want it's all about the love you put into your home. That's where the passion is in you... Thank you again so much Tam!--Dawn

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn. Thanks for stopping by. I understood what you meant about passion... the things one loves. To create your own personal style, not a cookie cutter image of what one thinks it should be. My problem is... discovering what exactally it is. Your advice did help alot. By going through my home, I discovered things that I truly love. And could never imagine not having somewhere in my home. But at the same time... I can't seem to achieve the "look" I want. That is why I used the Colonial style as an example. When I look at a Colonial decorated home, I think to myself... This is Exactly what I want my home to look like. But through your experience I discovered I do have a passion for the primitive or farmhouse also. So, I must find a way to blend them both. My new goal is to find a way to mix Colonial with Farmhouse. I think that is something I would LOVE. Thanks again for stopping by GF, ~ Tammy

The Smiling Goat said...


Love your Blog! Hey are any of the quilts for sale that are on your Blog? Looking for cutter quilts.


Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for stopping by.
No, the quilts shown in my post photo aren't for sell. I gathered them up from through out my house to take the photo. But I do have quite a few cutters for sale on my website, if you want to go check them out. Thanks again, Tammy

angiesraggedypatch said...

Loved this post!
I love all those great pics! Very very awesomely cooooool!


Unknown said...

Thanks Angie!

Dawn Buie said...

Tammy what is it about Colonial you love? Is it Furniture, Lighting,etc.?

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, I love it all. But I guess the #1 thing that sticks out in my mind is the Furniture. Especially the Wing Back chairs and sofa's. I want that style of furniture so badly. Unfortunitly there is no one around here that sells it. Atleast, that I have found. I keep looking though. They sell it in the Country Sampler, but their prices are too high when you think about the cost that would be added on to ship it to me.
I say that if I would change out my LR furniture to that style and find different curtains, I would be very happy with the way that room looks.
Im pretty much happy with my dining room. Yes, there is some tweaking I would like to do in there, Im just not sure what. My kitchen I like but my breakfast nook needs a little work.
My bathrooms I hate! Like I told you before... for some reason I just cant decorate bathrooms. Another time I need your help! :)
I honestly cant pin point what it is exactally that I love so much about the Colonial style. I just do. I study the photos and try to think of ways to make my rooms look like them.... but for some reason I just cant pull it off. ~Tam

Dawn Buie said...

Hey GF, If you want any help let me know I do have a few suggestions for ya! I am happy to help anytime.. --Dawn

My Colonial Home said...

I have to agree with Amy - We have more Colonial than Prim...the cleaner lines and not so chipped and grunged although I love that look but when I try putting it with my furnishings I always second guess myself.

No matter what you put for decorations, one style will always dominate, and so that is the one you will go with because it's the one that shows up most of the time.

Again like Amy said....whatever make YOU HAPPY - I don't believe one has to go for 'the perfect style'....mix it up for intrest which is what most of us actually do even though we may say we decorate one way over the other...if one takes a look around ti's usually a mix.

So go with your eyes and your heart.


OldeAnniePrimitives said... have some wonderful things that you love there! I loved a lot of them too! LOL! I'm dealing with the same issue of trying to find my style. I think I call mine "cozy comfort"! LOL! ~~Annie

Janene said...

I must have the same passion as you, because I absolutely L O V E every picture you posted!
Colonial Farmhouse Prim...Sounds good to me!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Yes Dawn, I'm always up for suggestions!! Just drop me an email. I dont have my mchsi email, so just use my yahoo email address. Silly, hubby switched us to Verizon (which I hate!) and I have never fooled with setting me up a new address with them. Plus he is saying he going back to Mediacom because he hates Verizon too!! LOL! But yes GF, a fresh set of eyes would be helpful! Thanks, Tam

Unknown said...

Hi Karen, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your Colonial Home is another one I drool over and think to myself, that's the look I want!! ~Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi Annie & Janene, Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a fabulous Prim filled day! ~Tammy

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

All eye candy my friend! You have great taste!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Grammy Linda!!! :)

Unknown said...

Great stuff! Your house is beautiful!!