Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh What A Wonderful Week I've Had!!!

Hello Ladies!! Yes, I have had a wonderful week!

What happened you ask? Well, not much.

But have you ever had a wonderful week for no particular reason? I just did.

The weather was perfect, the kids were good.
And DH didn't even get on my nerves too much! :) LOL!

I don't know if someone spiked my Diet Coke without my knowledge but I have just been in a fantastic mood!!

Ive spent my week cleaning, tweaking things, sewing and crafting!
And when I wasn't doing those things, I was hanging out on Dawn's site. Just*Simply*Prim*Friends.
What a blast, talking to wonderful old friends I have missed so much and getting to know some new ones!!

I have been working on two new dolls. One of them is finished.
It is a door hanger Uncle Sam.
I was going to sell him but after he was finished, I just couldn't.
So now he is hanging on my front door.

And when ever I get ready for a change, I can bring him and sit him in a chair.

I'm almost finished with my other doll. I'll be sure to show him off as soon as I get him finished.

I also made some salt dough cookies and cinnamon buns.
I got the recipe from another fabulous blog...
Tonya at More Prim Than Proper.
Who got the recipe from Colleen at And Baby Makes Five.

Thanks so very much ladies for sharing!!

So now I will pass the recipe on to who ever would love to make some:

2 cup flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Mix the water in slowly, you may not need all of it.
Kneed the dough for around 5 minutes, until it is soft.
Let dough rest about 30 minutes.
On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to 1/4" to 1/2" thickness.
Cut with cookie cutters, or what ever, also can be rolled into cinnamon buns.
Bake on 325 degrees for not less than 35 minutes and no more than 1 hour.
Allow them to dry over night before sanding and painting.

Thanks so very much ladies!!!

I didn't paint mine. I just sprinkled them with cinnamon and may dip them in wax to seal them. But I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I have also made more dough and I think the next batch I am going to paint.

I don't have a photo of the buns, I forgot to take one! But here are my cookies.

These were so much fun to make!!

And since it is Friday, I will share what I have bought this week.

I did purchase 2 antique coverlet slices from eBay but they haven't came in yet. So I will have to show a photo of them later.
I'm thrilled about the bargain I got.
Both of them together, shipping and all, was less than $9.00!
Now you cant beat that!!
I'm waiting until I see them in person b4 I decide if I am going to stack them or make something with them.
Hummm... not sure yet.

Okay, the other thing I purchased was a subscription to the Mercantile Gatherings!!
My very first issue came in yesterday!! YAY!! I was so happy when I saw it in the mail box.

For so long I have heard others talk about this magazine and how wonderful it was. So I decided I had to get it.
And now I understand!! What an amazing magazine!!
If any of you haven't seen one... it is a Must Have.
I ordered my subscription online at.

The Gass Home article was so beautifully written.
What an amazing and inspirational woman Jennifer is.
I thank her so much for sharing her story and her home with us.
Everything was amazing!!

That pretty much wraps up my week gals.
But before I leave I wanted to share a comment message that was sent to me yesterday.
It just cracked me up!

Below is a copy of the message.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Are U Gals Ready For The Weekend!!!":

Please check your spelling. I like your blog, but so many spelling mistakes distract from what you are trying to say. Not meaning this in a negative way. The spelling mistakes take away from your credibility.

This comment just cracked me up!

To who ever sent this to me...
Let me say,
I appreciate...
(Hold on let me check... a-p-p-r-, okay, yes, that is correct.)
Anyway, back to what I saying...
I do appreciate your suggestion, but next time sign your name.
Not doing so takes away from your credibility. ;)

I was talking and laughing about this message to a friend of mine.
Like I told her, No, I'm not the worlds best speller but there are not a ton of mistakes in my posts.
Hey... I know how to use spell-check! LOL!
I'm not teaching brain surgery here... I'm talking about decorating my home and my life. How in the heck a misspelled word would effect my credibility on that I'm not exactly sure??
But I do thank them for the laugh!

Well ladies, that's it for me tonight.
Getting ready to go sit my bottom down in front of the TV and see what CSI:New York are recorded on the TiVo. Oh no, just remembered I haven't watched today's GH. Okay, that will have to go 1st.

Take Care All!!
And have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th!~


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

That sounds like my kind of week too! Your Uncle Sam doll looks wonderful and so festive for this time of year. I can't wait to see your other creation!

I posted ( about some salt dough bowl fillers I made and then More Prim Than Proper shared the ones she made from that recipe. I love how prim yours look! They must smell heavenly!

I hope the 4th tops off your fabulous week! See you over at J*S*P*F!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Colleen for stopping by!!
And thanks for sharing the recipe, I have been having so much fun with it!
Its pouring down rain here, so I'm not too sure about the 4th! Maybe it will stop.
Luckily, I didn't really have anything planed.
Take Care, Tammy

Dawn Buie said...

OH I am so trying that recipe! I love the way your heart and hand look! Great job my friend! I did not see this on Colleens blog but I am seeing it now! So I need to make me some! I tried her Rhubarb pie recipe and my girls an I loved it!

I am so happy you had a great week! I had a great week also! Thanx to all my friends!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you had such a good week! That is such a good thing. :D I would like one of those too please. ;)

It's pretty cowardly not to leave a name when commenting, but even more petty to complain about typos! I use Firefox with a built in spellchecker. Misspelled words get a red underline and I can right click for the correct spelling, but sometimes I even miss those!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for stopping by. I must admit, fantastic moods are far and few between, but God must be smiling down on me lately. Because I have felt Amazing!!!
What is soooo funny about that message, is that there aren't any misspelled words. Atleast, none I could find!! And I checked...LOL!! Like one of my friends told me... Im too anal to let too many of them slip by. LMBO... she is so right! Maybe its my Southern Slang words that threw them off, words like Gals, Ya'll, Watcha'... LOL!! One thing about it... it sure did give me a good laugh!! Thanks again for stopping by!! Hope you're having a Wonderful 4th!! ~Tammy

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

HI Tammy!

You have been busy girl!! You got more done this week than I have in a month I am ashamed to say!

So nice when a week goes by and we can just look back and say it was a good week. I hope next week is more of the same.

Shame on u fr msspelling somethin. Aren't u gld we dun't get graded on out blogs??!!!!

I noticed you respond back to comments here instead of going to that person's blog. I never thought to look back to see if you responded to any of mine. I hope I didn't miss anything!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and forgive me if I misplled anithin!

hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

LOL!! Thanks so much Linda!! People are funny sometimes huh?! :) ~Tammy

ohiofarmgirl said...

Enjoyed reading your posts...may even try to dough recipe. I have been redecorating my back porch...I may be able to get pics of it for tomorrow. I think I will start working on a cross stich design for the rest of today...or take a nap. Dianntha

ohiofarmgirl said...

I love Uncle Sam and he looks wonderful on your you sell the pattern? Dianntha

Unknown said...

Hi Dianntha,
thanks so much! I didnt use a pattern. I just drew him and the eagle out on the fabric free hand. Ive never made patterns. Ive always wanted to, but dont have any idea how to start. Tammy

My Colonial Home said...

Tammy how funny is that made me giggle as well....we are just on here to have a good time and share...WE'RE NOT IN SCHOOL!
Glad you took it lightly kiddo.
And I love weeks like you just had - they are few but when they happen they are fun!
Thanks for the reminder to get on over to Dawns - I keep forgetting.
Hugs, Karen

Unknown said...

LOL!! Thanks so much Karen!! I have found as I have gotten older (pushing 40 now!!) not to sweat the little stuff. I just laugh because life is way too short!! Your Welcome 4 the reminder... now get your bottom over to Dawn's!! LOL! Take Care! Tam

Tonya said...

OMG! You had me laughing so hard I started to cry. Love your sense of humor and your salt dough cookies are fabulous! Colleen's recipe is certainly making it's way around blog land.

See ya over at J*S*P*F. Hope this week is just as good!


Unknown said...

Hi, Tonya. Thanks so much for stopping by!! ~Tam

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh, my! I am just loving the Uncle Sam door hanging!! So clever!