Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes! I'm Still Here & Kickin'!!! LOL!!

Hello, Ladies!!!
Have you all been busy getting back into the swing of things?? I know I have been...Summer winding down, schools back, no more staying up late and sleeping in!!
Where Oh Where, did Summer go!! It just FLEW by this year!!!
Yesterday I took my daughter to buy her Homecoming Dance dress. I thought to myself, is it that time of year already???

We had a good time. She just started her Freshmen year of high school and this is her 1st dance. She is sooo excited. For once, I really loved the dress she picked out. LOL!!

Not a lot to talk about in this post but I did want to share some B4 and After photos with you. What I have been working on lately.

WARNING: This Post is FULL Of Photos!! :)

First off I will start with my 1/2 bath.
It was originally done in a Country Americana theme. It was cute but it had looked the same for years and I needed a change.
I wanted more of a Colonial Prim look. I don't consider it done because I still need a new mirror and more things for the walls.
For right now I am just using an antique mirror I had until I can find the one I want.

Here are the BEFORE Photos:

Here are the AFTER Photos:

The next thing I wanted to share is...
I have always wanted a fireplace for my kitchen, so my Mom made me one!!!
Complete with fake fire log!!!
I love the way it turned out. She did an excellent job on it, especially since she built it entirely out of her head, no pattern.
Here are some B4 and After Photos of my Breakfast Nook.



I have also spent some time sewing and making some prim dolls.
Here are a couple of photos of my original One Of A Kind Extreme Prim Witch Head Dolls.
Now Don't Laugh!!! ;)

I also made myself a primitive make do doll.
I had an old bed spring and some early calico fabric I purchased from an antique store.
I spend so much time making stuff to sell, I wanted to take some time and make something for myself. Here is what I came up with...

Has everyone started their Fall Decorating??
I have done some decorating inside, placing pumpkins and scarecrows throughout the house. But I havent gotten around to the outside yet.
I really need to.
My neighbors have started putting theirs out and it looks so cute. Then you look over at my boring home. :(
Maybe I'll do that today, if it doesnt start to rain. Which it looks like it is going to do any second.
Oh Wait!! Can't do it today!! It's Sunday and my boys play in couple of hours!!!
No I don't love football....

Die Hard Steelers Fan Here!! So I guess, it will have to wait one more day. ;)

Here are some photos of my last year Fall 2008 outside decorations.

That's about it for me ladies!!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

WOW, what a beautiful home you have!!! I just found your blog and it is filled with some great pictures. Sounds like you have a really special Mom too!!!

Dawn Buie said...

Oh Tam girl I love all your before and afters! I love you bathroom so much now!
And that Fireplace is simply fab!

If you are going to sell any Americana goodies GF you know where to find me! hehee!

Loves ya ! You did good !Now Get on over to JSPF and show off your Fall pics!

Robyn ♥ said...

That fireplace is awesome! I love the hanging kettle! Your Mom did such a wonderful job! ♥

Debra said...

Oh My! I love the before's and after's too!
Your Mom did a great job on that fireplace!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

The fireplace is awesome what a super mom you have, love how you have it all decorated too!

basketsnprims said...

Love, love your bathroom redo and your awesome fireplace. What a mom you have! Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful home.

Audrey said...

Was glad to read your post, I have missed you.
Your home looks great. The bathroom was worth all that HARD work!!! I am still wishing you would loan out your mom, I promise I'll give her back....maybe.

angiesraggedypatch said...

Love that fireplace!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Tammy,

I love the changes - how cool your mom made the fireplace for you! And the bathroom is indeed new and improved! Love it all!!

Gen said...

everything is looking good u sure have been busy

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Wow, Tammy! You've been busy! I really enjoyed ALL of your photos and updates.

We're getting back into the swing of things too and I am (slowly) getting the house ready for fall ... a few little things at a time. I wish I had more than two minutes to rub together though. I'm anxious to get it done.

I can't wait to see what you'll be sharing next...

So good to see you posting!