Saturday, November 21, 2009

22 Years Ago Today...

22 Years Ago today hubby and I were married!!

My Gosh!! It doesn't feel possible.
I spent some time today thinking about our life together.
What an amazing journey it has been.

Brett and I met our 1st day of Jr. High.
He followed me home from school that day.
Walking behind me and one of my friends. Saying all types of stuff just to irritate me. LOL!!
Some things never change!!
I acted liked I couldn't stand him. But the truth was, I was quite smitten!! LOL!!
We dated on and off through our 7th and 8th grade year.
Then we broke up through our Freshman and Sophomore years of High School.
Then we got back together our Junior Year.
And we have been together ever since.

I actually can't really remember my life without him in it.
And now here we are today...
Somehow still in love after 22 years of marriage.
We have 3 wonderful children together. We have moved a total of 10 times during these 22 years.
I know, WOW!
Hopefully, our moving days are over.

Also on this day it made me think about the time I almost lost him.
In 1994, he left for work, like he had done so many times before.
I didn't think anything about it.
Until, there was a knock on the door. And when I looked out the window, there stood my Mom and my Aunt.
I thought it was little odd they both came over together. But I wasn't scared in any way.
So I opened the door.
Then I saw the look on my Moms face and I felt my heart stop.
The 1st words she said to me were..."He's going to be okay, they have taken him to the emergency room".
What? What happened??
She then told me he had been hit by a semi.
We only lived a block away from the ER at that time. And my Aunt had came so someone would be there with the kids. I ran out the back door and down the block to the hospital.
I actually was there before the ambulance brought him.
I'm not sure how long it took, but it felt like eternity.
Then they finally brought him in, Thank God!! He was alive.
And by some miracle he was relatively okay.
A couple of broken bones in his arm and some cuts and bruises on his face and body.
It was most definitely the scariest thing I have ever lived through in my life.
Glory be to God for protecting him and him actually walking away from this wreck.
Here is a photo of the truck he was driving.

It still gets to me every time I think of it.

But luckily, We have made many more wonderful memories than bad ones.

I am very blessed.
I am married not only to a man I love. But a man who also loves me.
A man that for some strange reason has Always loved me.
And I can also honestly say...
He isn't just my husband But he is also my Best Friend.

Thank you Brett for putting up with me all of these years!!
And for continuing to love me no matter what. :)

Thanks so much so stopping by ladies and reading my sappy, silly post.
Better get off here and get some things finished B4 hubby gets home from work.

Have a wonderful weekend and Prim Blessings to you all!!


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Awe,'s not sappy at all, but simply beautiful! Happy Anniversary! Here's to the next 22 and the 22 after that and the 22 after that....! Enjoy your beautiful day! ~~Annie

Debbi said...

Happy Anniversary, I love the story about him following you home...that's so cute!!

Carla said...

Happy Anniversary, Tammy & Brett!

Never So Simple said...

Congratulations only 22 years and a very Happy Anniversary.


Something Nice and Pretty said...

What a sweet love story! Congrats to you both!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful!

kim@ A Thyme Remembered said...

Very sweet post! Congrats on your life together! God has truly blessed you!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary. That was a really nice read.

Dawn Buie said...

Oh Tam what a sweet story!
but the part about his wreck all them years ago made me cry!
So happy he was okay!

Love your love story.
Tam it really is a love story!