Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trees, Decorating, and Misc. Goodies!!

Good Morning Ladies!!

It is another Beautiful day here in Southern IL. This entire weekend the weather has been in the upper 60's and sunny! I LOVE it!! I sure do wish it would stay this way all winter long.

My Steelers play in about an hour, so I thought I would take some time b4 the game to show off a few things.

First off, I wanted to show everyone these adorable Christmas trees I made yesterday.

The picture truly doesn't do them justice, they are so much cuter in person.

I have the funnel base tree, the Spry tin tree and the Roseville Santa Tree all listed on my website.

I cant decide if I am going to sell the sifter tree or not.
I absolutely love it.
I got the idea for the sifter tree from my prim pal Angie. She had made one, which I wanted to buy off of her. But hubby said enough buying decorations, you need to start buying presents. LOL!! So true!!
I have went nuts with decorations this year. I have barely any gifts bought yet.
Maybe I can just have everyone come over and look at my new decorations as their gift.
LOL! Nope, I don't think that will work either.

So any way... Since hubby said no more buying decorations....
I decided to make myself my own sifter tree.
I love the way it turned out.

Next, I wanted to show everyone what I did with the wonderful little tree my MIL bought me.
I decorated it with strip of homespun, berries, and white lights.
I have it sitting inside a round wooden box.
Oops! Guess, I should have moved Santa out of the way.
Oh well, here are some photos of my new tree.

Here are some other photos of the corner of my kitchen where I put the tree.

I know, I know...Tam you're getting carried away with the pict's AGAIN!! LOL!!
Okay, just one more. I want to show where I put my new Santa head that I got from OTP.
He looks so cute above my sink.

Now onto some non-Christmas goodies.

These are some items I bought this year at the Longest Sale.
Yes, that was in August... but I forgot to show off some of my photos.
So better late than never!! LOL!

Look at this neat masher I found.
I have never seen anything like it before.
I believe it is a home made, make do item.
Isn't it cool!!

I also finally found me a soap saver.
I would rather have a square one but this will do until I can find one.

I also love this old wooden box I found. Yes it does have Old mustard yellow paint. ;)

Well, ladies that is it for me today.
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
And just in case I don't get back before Thursday.
I wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessing to you All!!


lillie mae acres said...

Wonderful old prim items, and precious little trees. The sifter tree is so smart of you to think of.

Robyn ♥ said...

What great trees!! I love the sifter tree too! You sound like me, I have been buying stuff for me and no Christmas gifts yet! I love your idea of them coming over to look at my stuff as their gift!
Love all your goodies from the Longest Sale.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

angiesraggedypatch said...

Your trees look great!:)
I think I need to shop where you shop!
Great prims finds!!!

Dawn Buie said...

hey Tam Girl you have made your bog looks so good for the Christmas!

Love all your decor also!

You have the best stuff! and the best ideas too!

Thanx for kicking me in the butt to come check it out so glad i did!

Never So Simple said...

I love your kitchen. The sifter tree is too cute.