Monday, December 7, 2009

Some of My TN Shopping Trip Goodies ~ Favorite Tree & More

Good Morning Everyone!!
Last week Hubby and I went on a little get away to Gatlinburg, TN.
I got soooo many wonderful new goodies!!
Too many for even me to show off in one post. Hehee!

So I will start off with some of my Favorites!

I put a tree up in my mud room for the 1st time.
I have never done this before because there arent any outlets.
But I decided to put it between my laundry and 1/2 bath, so I could use the outlet in the LR. It is also the very 1st thing you see when you walk in the back door.

Okay... on to the reason I am telling you this.
I love this tree!! I do believe it is my New Favorite.
It is filled with All New ornies from my trip. Even the Santa topper is new and the prim snowman sampler behind it.
Here it is...

Check out my wonderful Prim Santa topper.

Here is a closeup of some of the ornaments.

Check out the penny rug garland!!! She only had one of these... I wish she wouldve had more because I absolutely LOVE it!!

Cute little ornie from TJMaxx.

Here is a closeup of my new prim Snowman Sampler.

Dont you just LOVE this tree?! :)

Now onto a couple of my other new finds.
Here are a couple Christmas/ Winter theme samplers I got.

My Santa is also new. It was another TJ Maxx find.

And here are some more wonderful prim goodies that can be found at TJ Maxx.

Stocking with Snowmen.

Angel Doll.

This isnt a very good photo but it is a ticking bag with a little mouse sticking out of it.

Silly Santa. Not really prim but I liked him.

I love this next one...

Another snowman.

Star ticking pillow.

I also love this Santa.

Cute prim doll ornie.

I also found my Hubby this cute Steelers Ornament there.

Okay Ladies... Now go grab your purse and go to TJ Maxx for the wonderful Prims I found there!! Hehee!
Most of it came from what was called. "The Early House Collection".

A reminder... Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. I will be drawing the name Dec. 12th.
Deadline to enter is 11:59 pm on Dec. 11th.
Please see below post for more details.

I will have many more photos to show off of my goodies in my next post.
Just incase any of you are heading up to the Gatlinburg - Piegon Forge area, there are 2 stores in Piegon Forge you must go to.
The 1st is Primitive Treasures, which is located by the Old Mill.
The 2nd is Rebecca's Thyme.
I found so many goodies at these 2 shops, that I will be showing off soon.

Rebecca's Thyme is a little off the beaten path, but worth it.
If you have any questions about how to get there, the wonderful women at Primitive Treasures will help you. That is how I learned about it.

Those were the only 2 "Primitive" places I found.

If anyone knows of any others in the area please let me know.

I also wanted to let you know, that for some reason my blog spell check isn't working!! :(
So if you see a lot of misspelled words, I apologize. :)
Until next time... Take Care and Prim Filled Blessing to you All!!


~Judy~ said...

OOH Tammy! Great finds at T.J. Maxx. I have two of those store near me. Guess where I'm going this evening!! Love your tree and your snowman sampler too!!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

WOW!...What wonderful prims you have!!...I have an aunt and uncle that own cabins in Gatlinburg and live there...They rent their cabins...I've been wanting to go so hopefully in the spring we can...We use to go there every summer when i was growing up...Your home looks beautiful!!!...Can't wait to see more pics!!~~hugs,Jen

PrimWyoGirl said...

Tammy, your tree is great! I love the red & white stocking and that snowman sampler, oh how I would love to have one! I went to TJ Saturday in Idaho but didn't find much. They had one cute snowman for $8 and I could kick myself for passing him up. I have a hard time with outlets too, and do my own special tree. I love your little tree and everything on it. The Santa topper is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing! Jayne

Unknown said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

Jen, if you do end up going this spring there are 2 stores in Piegon Forge you must go to. The 1st is Primitive Treasures, which is located by the Old Mill. The 2nd is Rebeccas Thyme. Its a little off the beaten path, but worth it. Those were the only 2 "Primitive" places I found.

If anyone knows of any others in the area please let me know.


Carla said...

Tammy, love your new goodies! I was at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and didn't see any of those things. You must have a better store. I'll have to check out another one. Looks like you had a fun trip.

basketsnprims said...

Awesome tree & decorations. Just love everything. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh my goodness ... Christmas eye candy overload! In the best possible way. LOVE all of your new goodies, Tammy!

And I wonder if my T.J. Maxx will have such finds. Hmmmm....

Can't wait to see what's next!

•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Oh wow, what a loaded post...LOADED with all kinds of wonderful goodies!!!
..that's a neat tree! :) Love all your ornies!!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

I love it!!! Everything looks so good! My hubby and I were married in Gatlinburg this past April. It's one of our favorite places to get away to. I will definitely be checking out the two primitive stores you mentioned next time we go!

bayrayschild said...

WoW Tammy! You sure scored like a bandit!

I loved everything!
Can't wait to see more!

Happy Holidays!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Wow Tammy, I'm going to head to TJ Maxx what a nice selection of prim goodies they seem to have!


Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

LOVE your mudroom tree especially the snowman ornies...are they hooked? Also love the picture of the sheep pulling the cart. Is it a print? Your blog background is soooo cute, too! Thank you for stopping over and leaving your kind comment...I look forward to coming back to see your TN finds. Your description of your "haul" reminded me of my week in PA a few years about pure bliss!

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.
Yes, the snowman ornies are hooked. They are fabulous. I wish she wouldve had more. I bought everyone she had left!! Hehee!
The sheep cart picture is a framed little penny rug. Well, I call it a penny rug, but you know what I mean, its a wool, felted, stitched picture. :)

We did have a Blast!!
Thanks again for stopping by!!

Robyn ♥ said...

No way, TJ MAXX? I am going there! I would have never guessed!
I love Gatlinburg. I can't wait to go back...they didn't have prim stores last time I was there, years ago!!
Your tree looks awesome there, I love your topper and ornies! Great job!!!

TJ said...

OK girlie you lucky duck !!!!! That is my most fav place to go. I love ;love Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Seirvile (not sure on spellin lol) I ever move thats where I wanna go. SInce I can't visit there right now to see where ya got all your wonderful goodies......I guess I will just hafta settle for TJ MAX not quit the same in the least lol.....but it'll do. Seriosly though I go love TN my retire state I hope ! and all your goodies look wonderful. Love that tree !
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Sherie said...

Tammy, I am on my way to T.J.Maxx, can I pick anything up for you, LOL..Just kidding, it looks like you got all they had..LOL. Your home looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. A friend of mine, Tammy also, goes to Pigeon Forge all the time and says how wonderful Rebecca's Thyme is. That's another trip I need to make. Have a good weekend. Sherie