Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow ~ Goodies ~ & Memories!~

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far.

Well, look at what I woke up to this morning!!!




When I went to bed last night it was snowing, but barely.

And we all thought that it was pretty much going it miss us.  But no such luck!!

It must have really came down while I was sleeping because when I woke up, we had almost a foot of snow out there.


Like I have said before…

We hardly ever get snow and when we do it is usually only once a year.  And usually only a few inches.

Which is what we got a few weeks ago.  So I thought hoped that was all we were going to get for the year.

Especially since a few days ago it was 60 degrees outside!!



Now we have this!!!

Crazy Southern IL weather!!


I spent the day being lazy relaxing and finishing up a few projects.

One of the things I finished up was a crazy primitive doll I made myself.

I'm not happy with her photos. Big surprise, huh.

She really is a lot cuter in person.  The flash made her come out looking like she has creases all over her face, but in person she doesn't look like that.

Well, any way here she is…



I just cant decide where to put her.

I tried her on top of my fireplace….


On my dough box…


And on my cabinet…


Oh heck, I can’t decide!

Maybe I’ll move her into my bedroom!! :) LOL!!




I also was looking through some photos today.

I came across some of a home Hubby and I once owned.

And I must say it was my all time favorite!!

We have owned 4 homes counting the one we live in now.  And we have moved 10 times in 22 years of marriage!!  We must be part Gypsy! LOL!

I wish I had a picture of what it looked like when we had it all landscaped, but I couldn't find any.



When I lived in this house, I was BIG into the Victorian style.

Here are some photos.  The scanner messed up the coloring in the rooms though.  They look like the rooms are green but actually the wall paper and paint is a very deep blue.  Also the photos came out really dark but when I tried to lighten them, it just messed them up worse!




Living Room…



Yes, there are the curtains I just replaced.

Those babies have hung in every home we have owned!! Hehee!

 The dining room in this house was my favorite.  But I couldn't find the photos of it.  I'm sure I have some, I just need to look some more.

I still miss this house. 

Shortly after we sold it, the couple we sold it to sold it to the hospital.  And they tore it down to put in a parking lot.

That literally made me Cry!!

I honestly don't think I would have ever sold it if I had known that was going to happen!!




I also came across this photo.

I LOVE this photo!!

It is of me and one of my Very Best Friends, Rhonda, in High School!!




This pictures makes me giggle!!

Oh, to be that young again!! :)




Earlier today I posted the winner to my giveaway.

So if you missed it, please check out the post below this one.

Also if you didn’t win this one… don't worry there is always next time.

I love having giveaways!!

I am planning on having one in the Spring, if not sooner!!

It is midnight here… so I am going to go put the towels into dry and then head off to bed.

Until next time…

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings To You ALL!!!



First off let me apologize for not getting this posted last night.

I was so worn out yesterday, then to top it off, I came down with a really bad headache. I wanted to get on post the winner but instead I fell asleep on the couch and ended up going straight to bed after that.

I am so sorry for the delay.

But I have picked the winner!!! I did it through  I assigned everyone a number.  The ladies who posted about the giveaway on their blogs were given two numbers, instead of just one.

And the lucky winner is….

Donna, One Simple Country Girl!!!!

Congratulations Donna!!!

Please email me your shipping information and I will get your goody packaged mailed out Monday.

I also want to thank everyone who joined in!!

I really appreciate all of you for stopping by and visiting me.  And for all your kind comments.  I love having giveaways!!

So if you didn't win this go around, don't loose hope there is always next time.  I will be having another giveaway in the Spring, maybe even sooner than that!!

Take Care & Prim Filled Blessings To You ALL!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

They’re Here!!!


Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all are having a fun and wonderful weekend!!

Well, my curtains came in this week.

I really like them.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t because I have had my Dorothy’s for so long, I was unsure about change.

But OMGosh!! I am so glad I finally took the plunge.

Anyone who knows me from RMS, WS, or JSPF knows I have been talking about wanting new curtains for years.I just couldn't decide on a style.  Then my Prim Pal, Dawn, got a pair of these style and I loved them.  So I finally bought me some.

Now I have went a little nuts with the photos.

Also if you know me, you know I always do!! LOL!!

Here are some B4 and after shots and some other views of my new prairie swag curtains.












































See… I told you I went nuts on the photos!! LOL!!


I just couldn't get a good shot.

IMO, these look even better in person.  I truly love them and they give the whole room a much more prim look.  Not to mention the room actually feels larger with these.



I have a couple more photos to share with you…

I got some new goodies in the mail today.

1st off is a wonderful little red ware pitcher I bought from Karen, KM Primitives.

Since I collect red ware and yellow ware, I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it.

Thanks so much Karen!! I Love it!! ;)







Also some of you may remember me saying I won Lisa's, Primrose Parlor, wonderful giveaway. 

It also arrived in today's mail.

Look how adorable this little snowman hat tea light holder is!!!




It even came with the little light!!

Thanks so much Lisa!!




I have been spending the day tweaking some things and working on some goodies for the swap I joined.

Oh yes, I joined in on Char's “You are so Trashy” swap!!

I am really having so much fun with this!!!

My creative juices have been flowing like crazy over this!! ;)

Thanks so much Char for putting this together and for letting me join in on the fun.

Plus I am thrilled with my swap partner, who is the very sweet Ann ~ A Hole In The Basket Primitives.

What a wonderfully perfect match we are!! :)

Kindred Spirits, Ann calls us!! ;) Hehe!

I really hope she enjoys the goodies and I am working on just for her.  Trying to come up with neat ideas, that I love, hoping she will also.



I am so happy it is the weekend!!

Time to rest and get caught up with so many things around here.

Plus finally time to work on things that I Want To work on!!

Also incase you haven't done so yet…

I am having a 1 year Blogiversary Giveaway!!

Please be sure to read the pot below this one for more details.  Also if you would like to enter please do so on the actually giveaway post, not this one.

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on the 28th of January.

I will announcing the winner on the 29th!!



And that is pretty much it for me right now.

I’m afraid nothing else new or exciting going on here at the Young’s homestead.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me and until next time…

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings to you All!!