Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Few New Goodies

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

It has rained off and on all weekend here in Southern Il. (still raining here!!)

So that meant, no Yard Sales for me this past weekend. :(

But I was able to get a few new goodies.

I went down to the Rabbit Patch Saturday and made my final payment on my furniture.  Whew! Glad that is all paid for.  Mellisa told me the settle and one chair was scheduled to be shipped on 04-26!!  So hopefully they will be arriving sometime this week.

It will take a little longer to get the other chair because they are still waiting to get the snowflake coverlet fabric in.

But I am excited to at least be getting some of it in.

Okay, now back to what I was saying about my new goodies.

While I was there I also picked up two other pieces she has been holding for me.

One is an antique corner chair with weaved seat.



I love this!! I have wanted a chair like this forever.  I haven't found a place for it yet.  But I will!! :)


She also was holding this crock bench for me.

Love it!!



Look at the old pegs securing the shelves!!





This is for the living room.  But I'm not going to do anything with it until the new furniture comes in.

I’m going to be taking everything down off the walls, removing all furniture and start with a clean slate for placing the new settle and chairs.

Then try really hard to give the whole room a fresh new look.

I know if I leave the things on the walls, I’ll be more tempted to just redo the layout I already have.

So out it is all going to go.

Wish me luck!! ;)


I went to TJ Maxx the other day.  They didn't really have anything but I did pick up this little simple sampler.


And an Americana Bird House for outside.



And after reading Kimberly's post about the red geraniums at JoAnns Fabric (which she heard about from Karen)…

I knew I had to have some too!!

So I headed out to JoAnns.

I'm not sure if I am going to keep them all on my fireplace.

It may be too much for one space.

Maybe I should spread them out throughout the room???

Well, I guess, I’ll decide after my furniture comes in and I give the room its new look.

But here they are for now.






Thanks so much to Kimberly and Karen posting about these.

I think it is so fabulous that we all are willing and able to share where to get wonderful items.

Also while at JoAnns I picked up this little Flag bench.


I think I’m going to find a spot for this on my porch.


Okay, time to go get in the shower and ready for work.

Until Next Time…

Take Care Everyone!!!



Carmen and the Primcats said...

Love the Bench! Great piece. and I love the geraniums! They look great around the fireplace!


Farm Field Primitives said...

The crock bench is so neat...love it. Your geraniums and flag bench are perfect for summer. May have to drop by Joanns one of these days!! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see your new furniture. Have a wonderful day.

At Home With Amy said...

Your corner chair and crock bench are just fabulous. I've never seen a corner chair before.
I think your idea of how you are going to take everything down from the walls to re-do your room is a great idea. Certainly something I should think about. It could definitely give me a new insite to placement of things. Your fireplace looks so summer like. Aren't those geraniums the best. I have them all over my home in the summer time. They look so real. Keep us posted on your new furniture pieces. I can't wait to see them in your home.

Anonymous said...

Wow who knew you could find such great prims at JoAnne's? I will have to go by there and see what they have! Your finds are awesome! Can't wait to see your new furniture - I will live vicariously through you, some day I would love to have some Johnston Benchworks furniture its not known around Oklahoma - but who knows one of these days maybe I can get some, bet yours will be gorgeous! Post lots of pics! :)

PrimWyoGirl said...

Tammy, I love your geraniums! I saw them when I was in Idaho (closest JoAnn's to me) and could kick myself for not grabbing some! That chair you picked up is really neat. I have never seen one like that. Love your crock bench too! It looks like the real thing? Hope you have a great time with your new furniture and re-do! Can't wait to see!
Hugs, Jayne

WoolenSails said...

Nice finds and wonderful decorating.
I like that bench, will have to show my husband and see if he can make those types of pegs. He does them on other things and I want a bucket bench.


Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Oh my, your corner chair is awesome and love the crock bench too! I think I'm going to JoAnns, need some of those geraniums! Traci


lol..loving your new goodies..cant wait to see your new furniture and yes! Karen (bless her heart) started a trend with those geraniums...LOL..dontcha love um..btw.they look great in your home...

primdoll said...

hi tam!!! i love your geraniums...ALL of your new goodies are awesome!!! i can't wait to see your new furniture too! have a great day sweets...
BIG prim hugs, Amy♥

Debbie said...

I love the antique corner chair and bench. I bet you are just bursting with anticipation for the rest of your furniture to get there too.

Its been rainy off and on here too in southeast Missouri. I am ready again for sun. The temperature is below 60 here today.

I want some of those geraniums too but it may be a while and Joann's is about an hour and a half away in Carbondale for me. I warned Karen she better keep a close eye on her's.

Take Care,

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a great bench - those pegs are amazing. I'm heading to Joann's this week too. I LOVE those geraniums! Can't wait to see what you do when your new furniture comes. Have a fun week, Dawn

Brenda said...

I love that bench!! What a great piece. And that chair....on my! I have never seen anything like that before! Lucky you!!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

What great finds! Can't wait to see your new furniture. How exciting!

LOVE the geraniums from Jo-Ann's...

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Cant wait to see what you do with the new livingroom and furniture! Love the bench and also the little flag stool...very cute!

basketsnprims said...

I love all of your new prims. That corner chair is so unique & love your bucket bench too. Your beesting crock is gorgeous ~ I collect those & good ones are hard to find. Such a darling bench, too. Thanks for sharing.

kathyvintagegirl said...

Wow!! Everything looks great! Love the crock holder and the fireplace looks awesome. Cant wait to see the finished room with the new furniture.. hugs Kathy

Unknown said...

Thanks so much everyone for all your sweet comment.
Debbie, Carbondale is where I got mine. They still had tons when I was there.
Andy, I know right!! I never go to JoAnns. But now that I have, I will be going back. They had alot of great things in there (not just fabric).
Jayne, Yes the crock bench is old. Just newly painted with the black. The Rabbit Patch carries both antiques and decorating prim's.
Thanks again every one!!

Sandy said...

Oh WOW...I love everything! That bench is so different but I still love it! I really love your basket collection!!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice finds Tammy. I have never seen a corner chair such as this, how unique and neat. Make sure to take pictures before demo(removal of wall decor and old), without anything, then your new decor, can't wait..someday, I hope to be doing the same. I can see another prim sister having to make a trip to JoAnns..lol

Kimberly said...

That crock is awesome! Everything looks great, I've never seen a corner chair like that. Luv, luv those geraniums, I think I've put some in almost every room!
Kimberly: )

Anonymous said...

I too love that corner chair..Can't wait to see what your room looks like after the re-do..

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Your mantle looks great! I love the red, and americana of course! I guess I need to head to Jo Ann's


My Colonial Home said...

My gosh, I hope you leave your door unlocked sometime soon cuz this gal is coming over and taking that bucket bench! It's wonderful...so unique with the pegs. You are very lucky to find it.

LOVE THE GERANIUMS! You never have enough of them! lol

Hugs, Karen

Robyn ♥ said...

How cool to start your room with a fresh slate! Those are going to be some awesome before and afters!
Love the bucket bench! It's going to look so cool with your furniture and awesome curtains!

nancy huggins said...

Love the crock bench and love the chair...I have never seen one like that before...I am looking for a new couch and then maybe that will inspire me to do some things around here...wish me luck..between gardening and sewing I stay pretty busy...Tis the season I guess :)

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I really can't wait to see your new furniture I would certainly be so excited and taking everything out of the room is a great idea:)

Love the geraniums, I bought mine last year:) Great finds on the chair and crock bench!!!


Dawn Buie said...

Oh boy oh boy GF did you get some awesome goodies!
Love the crock bench oh and the chair now those two things are flat out killing me!!!!!!!
I love all the red on your fireplace.
I have always said you have such great taste!


mrssmith07 said...

WOW love that crock bench and your corner chair!! Nice unique pieces!!

Beautiful geraniums and flag bench!!

I'm so excited to see your new furniture and the new look of your LR...I'm sure you are too!! Huh?? LOL