Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies Galore!!!

Hello Bloggin’ Buddies!!

I can’t believe it has been over a week since I posted.  Where does the time go??

It has been a crazy hectic week here at the Young’s Homestead.  Not a bad week, just busy.

Between working, crafting, cleaning the house, mowing, planting trees, getting ready for a yard sale, tweaking here and there, plus the normal Mom and Wife stuff, by the time the evening comes around…. I’m exhausted!!

But a good tired.  You know, the type where you feel good about all the things you were able to accomplish.

Especially when coming in from working outside.  That is the best kind of tired.  After the winter we all had…. I love that kind of tired.

Mom and I were able to go to some yard sales this weekend.

I found a bunch of goodies!!! Finally a wonderful YS weekend.  I'm used to going and finding only a couple of things or nothing at all.

But this weekend we did really good.

Most of the stuff I bought came from one house.  We went Friday, then went back on Saturday and bought even more!!

I wish this person would have one every week!! :)

Here are the goodies I found Friday.

A lot of vintage (1940’s – 50’s) curtains. I’ll be sure to show off how cute these are as soon as I get the time.

These are going to be for my website.


A vintage HM apron.


A large lot of vintage fabric.  Not antique but vintage.

The stack to the left is what I am keeping.

The stack to the right is what I am going to be selling.


Feed sack fabric.


Vintage framed floral print.


Antique bed tray. Glass topped with an old doily underneath.


It is backed with old newspaper.


Three small baskets.  These aren't old but I liked the look of them.


More molds for my pantry cakes.


Which I have placed inside my baker’s cabinet.


A cute primitive pillow.



Some misc. kitchen linens.





An old red and white doily, which I have placed under some old photos of my Grandpa in my bedroom.


Three vintage framed samplers.


I tea stained two of them and painted their frames black.

The Welcome one, I left as it was.



I decided to keep the Home Sweet Home sampler.

I have hung it in my bedroom.





On Saturday I found.

An old glass bottle for Alka-Seltzer.


I have added this to my collection in my Master Bathroom.



Two small crock jugs.


Cute vintage HM crocheted item.  I call them pot holders, though I doubt that is what they actually were made for.


An old HM child's pillow case.  Made from the cutest novelty print fabric.


A large lot of vintage crochet hooks.


A vintage HM bonnet.



Two chenille bedspreads.



Another lot of vintage fabric.

The stack to the left is what I am keeping.

The stack to the right is what I am going to sell.


A cute small ball style pitcher.


And that is my Yard Sale finds for this weekend.

Most of the items are going to be listed on my website.

I'm not sure when I’ll get them on.

Hopefully, I’ll get at least some it on today. But I can’t promise anything.  I will be getting it listed as soon as possible.  So if you are interested in anything please be sure to stop my my website.


I also found time to stop by one antique store this week.

I found a couple of things that I thought were neat.

These are also for my website.

A old box of Brillo pads. There are a few of the original pads still in the box.


And an antique HM bell.

I believe this is made of either brass or copper. 

(If anyone knows how to tell the difference, please let me know.)

It is a small goat or sheep bell.

It is so darn neat in person!! Yes, I admit it…. I am tempted to keep this. :)




I also found a little time to do some crafting.

I've been working on two prim dolls and some other stuff.

One of the things I made was this pantry box.  I love how the coloring on this turned out. I placed one of Yankee Lane Primitives labels on top.

In the photo it appears a little shinny but in person it isn't.


I also painted up the two small boxes.  I am going to be adding prim strawberry pin cushions to the top.



The last thing I want to show off is this adorable twig berry birds nest.  I found this on eBay.  And it is even cuter in person.


I bought this for my living room.  But I'm not going to do anything with it until my new furniture comes in.

I want to have some new decor pieces bought up, so that when the furniture does arrive, I can give the room a fresh new look all around.

As for my furniture….

I’m not sure when it will done.

Hopefully soon!!

I did find out that there will be a delay with one of my chairs.  The “snowflake” coverlet is out of stock and they wont be getting any more in until May so….

That chair will be late in arriving. :(

Oh well, I would rather wait and get the fabric I truly want than to change it with something else.

It is a beautiful day here in Southern IL. 

Its a little cool right now but the sun is shinning and hopefully as the day goes on it will warm up.  It isn't cold, just a bit nippy cool.

I need to go run to Kroger's and buy something for lunch.

I just don't know what to get….

Absolutely nothing sounds good right now.

Plus it seems we eat the same things over and over.

I want something different.  The problem is….

None of us like the same type of things!!

Oh well, I figure something out.

Sorry…. babbling a bit there.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

Until Next time….

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings to you ALL!!



Anonymous said... surely did find a lot of nice things..

PrimWyoGirl said...

Wow Tammy! You found some great vintgage items! Love the tablecloths, stitcheries, jugs! It is so fun when you hit a sale like that! I like your birdnest. I have one very similar only in blues. I put it in my scale scoop with eggs in it.

Firecracker Kid said...

So much to do, not enough time in a day. Sounds like you're doing great though Tammy:)
I remember the old alka seltzer bottles from when I was a little tyke. Oh boy, that's a long time ago. You made out good gal:)

Anonymous said...

Wow now that's what I call a great weekend yard saling...Don't ya just love it when you find all those goodies!!!!!Wishing you a great day

Anonymous said...

Wow you did good..can't believe all the stuff you found...can't wait for garage/yard sales to get in full swing here.

kathyvintagegirl said...

What a yard sale! You got some awesome goodies!! I am so jealous!!

TeresaM said...

WOW!!!! You found lots of wonderful goodies!!! I remember those AlkaSeltzer bottles too! My Grandpa always had them in his bathroom! How funny.... does that make me an antique too! LOL

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Gosh, wish I could go yard sale shopping with you! You got some great stuff. I can never seem to find anything good when I go! Oh well, I'll just keep trying. Hope you have a great week!

Dawn Buie said...

I was so excited to see all your goodies. I love when you go shopping, you find such fun things! My fave was that birds nest berry wreath so cute !!

Cannot wait to see your new furniture, and all your new things out! I know not as excited as you will be tho!;O)

Love to ya!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a haul! Can't wait until garage sales get going around our neck of the woods - soon I hope. Have a great week, Dawn

My Colonial Home said...

Well I can't believe you got all that on one shopping are the queen of shopping I think.
Love the fabrics especially the childs pillow case - the print is darling.
The collections for the bathroom is really growing.


Angela said...

wow..what awesome finds...I just finished posting my yard sale haul on the blog also...There was only 4 yard sales..but I was happy. I am still amazed that I am able to go so usually doesn't start up around our parts until the beginning of May..Beautiful finds and loved what you did with those boxes...

Kim said...

Wow, you sure did get some great things. The Alka-Seltzer bottle is great. I actually remember them packaged like that. Does that make me old? I hope not! ;-)
Loved all the vintage fabric and those two Chenille bedspreads.
Love your pantry boxes too. Great paint job on them!

Prim Blessings,

Debra said...

Wow what a bunch of great finds! I am never so lucky! Should kep you busy for a while!!

Rory said...

Hi Tammy, I published your link on a post today and picked you to be a part of The 6th Photo Game. Have a great day. Rory

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

WHOA girl - you had a banner day shopping. LOve the corcks of course and the old medicine bottle is perfect in your bathroom. Can't wait to see the new furniture!!

Kimberly said...

Wow! You definately hit the yard sale jack pot! Awesome vintage treasures!
Kimberly: )

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your old medicine type tins. I have a small collection in my bathroom, but am having trouble finding more.
I Can't wait to see your furniture.

Dale Elizabeth