Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some New Creations ~ And ~ Some Tweaking

Hello Everyone!!

Well, it is Sunday again.  Lately time has been flying by.

I don't know if it because of the warm weather and I have been so busy or what??

But for the last few weeks…. time has just flown by.


Still No furniture. :(

But I was in the Rabbit Patch last week and she said it should be arriving the beginning of this week.  So lets all keep our fingers crossed. ;)


I did some tweaking on my foyer.  It may change some when the new furniture comes in but for now here it is.

New Display:


Below is what it looked like Before:


Please know… my mirrors aren’t dirty, they are old.  So the glass has some wear to it.  LOL!!

I don’t want to think they are all smudged and filthy, hanging there for the whole world to see!! Hehee!

As you may have noticed, I moved out the chair I had in the corner and replaced it with a small stack of firkins.

Then I took down the little cubby shelf that was hanging above the chair.

Changed out the small table with the larger one I had in the living room.

But I think what makes the most difference was changing out the quilts. 

I just love the colors in the one I have hanging now.  And it goes wonderfully with the table.

I also found a place for the little berry bird nest I had purchased from eBay.



While looking at these photos, you may notice my new found passion.

Last week I tried my hand at making a doll out of clay.

Oh my gosh…. I'm addicted now.

She took me literally days to make but I really enjoyed it.

Yes, I have found a new passion!! :)

She was completely hand formed by me out of clay, baked, painted and aged.

Then I hand sewn her some little clothes.

I made her dress out of antique blue calico fabric.

Her hair is made of natural raw wool, which I tied with tiny strips of the blue calico fabric.

I even gave her one of my little cupboard tuck pillows I bought awhile back.

I originally had planned to make this to sell.  But I think I may love her too much to let her go.

Her she is:








Okay, I know I got carried away with the pictures AGAIN.  LOL!!

But I'm just so darn proud of her.  Hehee!

I am currently working on an Uncle Sam.  I’ll let ya know how he turns out.

Here is a picture of her sitting in her spot in the foyer.



I also did a little tweaking on my front porch.

It isn't done yet because I'm waiting for my ferns and some other flowers to come in.

I should be getting them Tuesday.

I made some new pillows for the furniture out there.  Plus I added some of my Jo Ann's geraniums to pot out there.

These aren't very good photos and this is still a work in progress, but here is what I got so far.




I love this birdhouse!!


Need some flowers over in this corner!!




See, here is my little bench from Jo Ann’s ...


Need more flowers for in here.


Need to think of something to put as centerpieces on my two tables.

Something that wont blow away too easily with our usual Southern IL Spring Storms.



More flowers coming for the steps.





I love decorating my porch.  I just need More Stuff!! :)


Here is an extreme prim black doll I made.

I have named her Millie.

She is rag stuffed and made to look old and worn.

Yes she is Ugly…. but so ugly she’s cute!! LOL!!





I am currently having a .99Cent Sale on eBay.

Millie is one of the items offered.

I will be adding more items soon. 

With all the changes going on in my home, I’m needing to clear some things out.  I decided to have a 99Cent Sale on eBay.

Everything will start at .99Cents with No reserve.

So to check out my auctions please click here.

To place a bid on Millie, you can also Click Here to pull up the auction listing page.

Remember, I will be adding more items as soon as I have time.  So please be sure to stop back by, you never know what I will put up for sale.


It is almost 4 pm here, so I need to get up and figure out what I'm going to do for supper.

Plus Hubby came in from work about 30 minutes ago so need to go see what’s going on with him.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.

Until next time….

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings to you ALL!!





WoolenSails said...

I think the new look is perfect, much more homey and prim looking. It is a large white space, so the larger pieces really fit in well. I don't blame you, I tend to keep things I make for sale, just because and I never make two of something;)


Farmhouse prims said...

OMG You have such a lovely home, like something out of a magazine!!!! And you have quite a talent for decorating!!! Love all your things, keep the pictures coming!!!!

Jody said...

That quilt is just gorgeous in your entryway! Love the new look!
I so enjoyed your post!

TJ said...

Wow Tam you have sure been a busy beaver since the last time I stopped over =) Loving your clay doll ! Did you make her from polymer clay ? Before being bitten by the Prim Bug and Paper Craftin' bug I did nothing BUT polymer clay sculpting. I have an unfisnished mermaid still to this day. Have you ever seen the ooak fairies and things on Ebay ? That was what I was teaching myself to do when the Prim craftin' bug came knockin' lol...Anyway girlie your porch is lookin' fantastic and your tweakin' is just wonderful. I hope your enjoyin' your Sunday !!!
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Anonymous said...

Wow Tammy! I love your clay doll! She is fantastic!! Definitely make more - with the hand sewn clothes she is prim perfect!! I would definitely be interested in getting one, I am sure you would have alot of people interested in buying them~ Your tweaks look so nice, you are inspiring me to have a quilt crane built now! Can't wait to see your new furniture!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Great pictures! Everything looks so inviting and cozy. I'd love to set on your porch and have a big glass of tea. Can't wait to see more eye candy, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Love your clay doll, you did a great job, like all of your tweaking work as well..your home is beautiful. Have a great Sunday evening.

~Judy~ said...

I love all the changes you made. Your doll is AWESOME!!! Great job! Your porch is beautiful too. Love the color blue on your door and shutters.


oh tammy!! first off your home is just amazing.....your foyer! I love new look...wonderful!!! and girl!! the clay doll blew me away for sure, you did a fantastic job on her, Im in love with porch is awesome! I wanna sit and chat with you on it, with a cold tall glass of sweet tea..and the oval tub planter, I have one similiar, the flowering vinca looks amazing if ya wanna add a lil something to yours...

My Colonial Home said...

I love your pictures of your home Tammy - I'ts so nice and light but soooo Prim and clean looking...I LOVE IT!

What a grand porch...beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos of your porch..A suggestion for the porch put an old bowl out with some bird nests in it..I think your clay doll is great..You are very talented..Can't wait to see more..

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...


I love your new look in your entryway. I think the scale of the table and everything works better in the space. I love the red quilt it really makes things pop.

The porch is really nice too, I need to go to Jo Ann's and get some of those geraniums.


Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Love the changes to your foyer and your clay doll is so adorable!! Can't wait to see Uncle Sam. Your front porch is so inviting...can picture sitting and having a glass of lemonade :)

Have a great week!

Dan said...


Everything looks wonderful! I love what you did with your foyer! You doll is very cute too! You did a wonderful job on her! I can't wait to see your new furniture! It is going to be wonderful! I hope you have a great week!


PrimWyoGirl said...

I love the new look in your foyer! Don't you love old mirrors? They are so cool! I love that quilt. Looks much better there. Your porch is coming along nicely. You have such a beautiful home!

Robyn ♥ said...

Your clay doll is ADORABLE!!! You should be proud of her! And I would keep your first one too, you can always make more if you want to sell them!
Love your porch!
Can't wait for your furniture to come in!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Love your clay doll!!! I need to try that in my spare time. teehee.

I agree the quilt made a big difference. The whole new foyer look is awesome.

Your porch looks so inviting. Think I'll come and sit a spell. LOL.


Debra said...

What wonderful eye candy! I want to let you know that you won the room spray form Olde saltbox Scents! Please email me at

Kim said...

Love the new look in the foyer Tammy! ♥
Love your porch too! It just invites you in and begs you to sit and have a nice cold glass of lemonade! Your home is beautiful inside and out! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Prim Blessings,

Dawn Buie said...

Hey Tam love all your changes in your Foyer..I really like how your berry nest looks oh and your table you swapped love it better than the smaller (skinny) one! it really looks so good their! Love love your clay doll~\!
So looking forward to more pix from your home!