Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prim Antique Farmhouse Items For Sale

Hello Everyone!

I am selling a few of my primitive farmhouse items.

These are items too large to be shipped. 

I am located in Southern IL.  So, if anyone near by is interested in purchasing please contact me.

They will need to be picked up or if you don’t live too far away I would be willing to deliver them.

First, I have on old drop leaf table.

It only has one drop leaf, the other is missing.

I displayed it pushed up against the wall and it worked perfectly.

The base has fabulous old worn green paint.

The wood top has wonderful old patina to it.

I paid $120.00 for the table.

I am asking $75.00.







Second, I have an old wooden bench.

Fabulous old green painted base.

It is a slightly darker green than the table.

The top wood also has a wonderful patina to it.

Hand Made, Home Made prim bench.

Bench is SOLD. Thanks so much!!






And lastly, I have an antique cobblers bench.

Wonderful original old finish.

Peg leg construction. (see close up photos)

I paid $75.00.

I am asking $60.00.







Please email if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for visiting!

I will be back soon with a real post.

Take Care,



nancy huggins said...

That is some really nice items..I am living in AL now but we are moving back home to central IL in October. Moving to or near Pana (near Shelbyville) I am not sure how close that is to you but I will check the map. Maybe we can get together some time and meet :). I have been through Herrin but don't remember much about it. I am trying to sell as much as I can for moving expenses and still have $800.00 to go so check out my selling site and see all the low prices and let all your friends know...I need all the help I can get :)
Thanks bunches

Anonymous said...

Tammy you have some great items! Too bad you are so far away! :)

At Home With Amy said...

I could find a use for all those pieces Tammy. Too bad I'm in Ohio. Good luck selling them. Shouldn't be a problem for you!

Sandy said...

Ohhhh, why do I have to live so far??? I would take all three...LOL

That table looks very similar to one I picked up at a Garage Sale a few years back. The same green legs but mine was not a drop leaf. It had some old yucky steal top over the wood which we removed. But now there is no way we can remove the mess on the top of it. So what I did was paint it black and put it in my youngests bedroom as her desk. It fits her room perfectly.

Good Luck on selling your items, they are all perfect!

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Hi Tammy love your prim stuff wish I lived closer but than I would be broker!!!