Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swap Goodies From Sandy!!

Hi Ladies.

Oh, what a wonderful surprise was waiting for me today when I arrived home from work.

My swap goodies from Sandy were on the front porch waiting for me.  YAY!!!!

Oh my!!!  She sent me the most fabulous things.


She sent me a huge candle.  And oh my gosh, I do believe it is the BEST smelling candle EVER. 

Also some amazing room spray.

And even a car fresher.  Which you will notice isn't in the photo because I already put it in my car. :)

With being a delivery driver and spending so many hours in my car, this was a very welcomed surprise!!

And it already has my car smelling so primtastic!! :)


I also got this wonderful, hand made by Sandy, sheep penny rug pillow.

I Love it!!

I have it displayed in my living room.




She also made me these adorable prim flowers displayed in a tin can.


How cute is that!!! VERY!!

I have these proudly displayed in my dining room.

Yep, LOVE these too!!


And check out this wonderful red ware style plate.


This is soooo ME!!


I have displayed this in my living on my antique desk.


And last but certainly not least is this AWESOME hooked rug!!!!


I absolutely LOVE hooked rugs.

And this one is my new favorite in my collection.

I love the prim horse and the warm colors in this rug.

I have it displayed in my living room.







Sandy, thank you so very much for all my new goodies.

You did such a wonderful job at sending items that are soooo ME!!!

I have had a blast swapping with you.

You did GOOD, GF!! :)

To see what I sent Sandy for our swap please click HERE.


One more quick reminder about my “Christmas in July” Giveaway.

It ends July 8th.

To see what is included in the giveaway and to enter, please click HERE.

All entries must be on the actual giveaway post.


Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone and have a fabulous Weekend!!



Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

You got some really awesome goodies Tammy. Love the flowers in the tin can-sooooo cute!!! Your home is just beautiful and I just absolutely love your antique desk!!!

I hope you are feeling better

prims by olde lady morgan said...

WOW Tammy great goodies. I have to say everytime I see your furniture... I sure do love it. It looks WONDERFUL!!!
Hubby wouldn't bite on new furniture, oh well can't have everything... LOL
I know what you mean needing aliitle time to ones self. It is amazing what i got done today with no one around. until the gathering room is done, the kitchen is the only room I can play in. Everything is completely disrupted because of one room.. Again oh well, good things come to those who wait?!
As for the boys being gone, sure is quiet though. Kind of nice right now. I have a few more projects I want to get done too.. have a great weekend. OLM

Cheyenne said...

Love your home! It looks so cozy.

I love those little flowers she sent you in the tin sweet! It would've been such a fun package to open!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Sandy said...

I love where you displayed everything :) It all looks so great! I am still playing with my things. I am that type that needs to find just the right spot...LOL. I'll be sure to post pics :)

At Home With Amy said...

You definitely got some great things from Sandy. Love the hooked run and the sunflowers. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Morning Tammy! Wow you hit the jackpot here! Lots of nice things and a great variety! All look perfect in your home - which by the way is a great inspiration since I've just started venturing a little into the prim style decor! I love your furniture - I wish stores would carry more of this style instead of modern!!! You have so much eye candy in your pics to view!!! I don't know how you stand getting in and out of a car in this heat making your deliveries!!!lol Stay cool and enjoy your new car scent!!! Sincerely, Jeannette

Birgit said...

Oh what wonderful things Sandy sent you. Isn't she such a sweetie? That hooked rug is just beautiful. What do you use to hang yur hooked rugs with? I have one that I'd like to hang but not quite sure how.
Enjoy your new goodies!
Blessings~ Birgit

Unknown said...

I do a "NO NO" to hang my rugs....
I take tiny little nails and hammer them into each corner.
The loops cover up the nails completely.
I know some would say, No-No to that.
But Ive always done it that way.
And because the nails are so tiny, when I take the rug down, I can just pull them back out and you cant even tell they were there.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
And yes, Sandy is such a sweetie!! :)