Sunday, July 25, 2010

WOOHOO!! 100th Post!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

And Welcome to my 100th post!!!

I can’t believe I have made that many entries on this little blog of mine.

I can still remember when I started this.

I had no idea what I was doing, what I was going to talk about, or why anyone would care!! LOL!!

But here I am 100 posts later.

Now, I am so happy I struggled my way through and it has brought me here to all of you.

I love visiting with all my bloggin’ buddies.

It means so much to me when you stop by and visit.

And the way you all have helped me lately.  With all your words of encouragement and prayers.

It literally fills my heart and lifts my burdens away.

So thank you all for all you do!!

And most of all…. for just being YOU!! :)

So as I posted about in my previous entry.

I am having a small giveaway for this 100 post milestone.

I had 37 entries/comments on my previous post.

So I went to and put in the # 37.

Here is the lucky winner it picked….


So I pulled up the post and counted down to #27.

The winner of the giveaway is…..

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise!!!

Congratulations Linda!!

Please email me your name and address and I will mail your goodies right out.

And incase you missed the previous post, here is what Linda just won.


And like I have said before, don't worry if you didn't win this time…. there will always be next time.

In fact, I am turning the BIG 4–0 in August!

August 16th to be exact.  My gosh, I can remember when I was kid, 40 seemed soooooo OLD!~

Now here I am turning it.  And I don't FEEL old at all.

I still feel like I should be 20 something.  

I may no longer LOOK 20 something but I sure do feel like it!! ~LOL!~

So I am planning on having another giveaway sometime to August to celebrate my birthday.


As I posted about in a previous post, I was the lucky winner of one of Dawn's ~ The Feathered Nest giveaway goodies.

My amazing nest arrived in yesterday mail.

Oh My!!! It is even better in person!!!

Thank you so very much Dawn!!


Here are some photos of where I put it.





I’m afraid I don't have anything else I can show off right now.

I have been busy finishing up Amy’s goodies I made for her.  She is my partner in Char’s Textile Swap.

I just got her goody package mailed out Friday.

So I cant show off any of that…. don't want to ruin the surprise. :)

Plus I have been working on some Fall Theme items for a swap I am participating in over at the Prim Pals Forum.

We haven't gotten our partners yet but I wanted to get started on some things for it anyway.



I also wanted to tell you all about an amazing giveaway and blog.

Gen over at Olde Pear Primitives is having a giveaway as soon as she gets 100 followers.

(Just click on her blog name above and it will take you right there.)

So hop over there and signup to follow her because she offering the most amazing hand made goodies.


Plus she is just so darn sweet, you will be so happy you signed up to follow her wonderful blog!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone and Prim Blessings to you ALL!



WoolenSails said...

Congratulations to Linda.
Your new goodies look wonderful in your home.


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Wahoo!! Congrat's on your 100th post :) It is amazing how it adds up so quickly. You have an adoreable blog and love to follow along. All your new items look so cute in your home. Have a great day!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Tam!!! I'm so glad you like your little nest!! It looks wonderful in your prim gathering ~ I SO know what you mean about your birthday, I still feel like I should be that 20 year old girl that just got married!!!! I hope you have a happy birthday MONTH ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Shakerwood said...

What wonderful goodies you have. And 40 is the new 20 by the way. At least I hope so, then I am only 30 or maybe 35??... Maybe we should skip numbers altogether!!!

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Love the nest! And congrats on your 100th post. I love looking at your blog and dont worry about isnt as bad as you think lol!

adsgram said...

Congratulations Linda...what a great win! Can't wait to see where you put it all!

Tammy..Aug. 16th is the date I got engaged to my honey...and YOU weren't even born yet..who must be OLD???? Not I!!!!


michelle said...

congrats linda!thank you so much Tammy for the great giveaway,i made the hubby take me to get some fall fabric today just in case i didnt win this one gotta figure out just what to do with it lol.have a great week and god bless michelle

Beckyjean said...

Congrats to Linda. You found a perfect spot for that wonderful nest you won. Have a great evening.


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Thank you, Tammy! This is a very pleasant surprise. It will be my Christmas in July! I can't wait to post pictures of my new goodies!
★ Linda ★

oldepearprimitives said...

Tam, you are so not old! Age is just a number anyway. But that nest basket is just beautiful! Lucky, lucky you! Oh and congrats Linda! You got some great goodies! And thanks for the plug Tam! You are such a sweet chickie!


Farmhouse prims said...

congratulations Linda on winning your prize, and congratulations Tammy to you for winning your prize!!! Great prizes for great ladies!!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Congrats Linda! Tammy I just so enjoy your blog.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

WOW! Congrats to Linda! What a fun why to start fall. Well, if we ever get cooler that is!
Tam, 40 no big deal! Though since 40, it seems I only blinked and now I am 44! It's just a number! Have a great day! oLM