Monday, August 30, 2010

And We Have A Winner!!!

Hello Everyone!!

I apologize not being able to get this posted sooner.

I have had an insane day at work.

I have literally been on the road ALL DAY LONG!!!

And I'm exhausted, not mention my lower back is killing me!! :(

But I did want to hop on long enough to announce the winner.

Winner was chosen using

I had a total of 163 entries!! WOWSERS!!

Giving an extra # to the bloggers who posted about the giveaway.

Random picked…..


And lucky #4 is….

Anne from Anne's Phamily Blog!!!

Congratulations Anne!!

Please email me your name and address, so I can get your pumpkin head doll mailed right out to her new home.

Thanks so much to everyone for entering.

And don’t worry if you didn't win this time….

I love having giveaways!!

There will be another one soon.

In fact, Come back Sept 12th thru Sept. 26th and vote in the “Best Creations Contest” and you will be automatically entered into a prim giveaway from me!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Now, I'm going to go take some aspirin and pass out on the couch.

Take Care,


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life In A Primitive Filled Home

Hello All!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Well, my giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 pm.

So make sure you click on the link at the Right Hand Side of my blog to go enter if you have not already.


I also wanted to give an update on another event I am hosting here on my blog.


Entries for the Contest are currently being accepted.

And will be open for entries thru September 11th 2010.

Please Click HERE to read all about it and I hope you decide to join in on the fun.

Yesterday, I received two more wonderful entries!!


I can’t wait to see what everyone creates for it!!

Yes, it can be a previously made item.

Also I wanted to add…. Yes, you may submit more than one item (but no more than 3).  As long as the fall into one of the categories listed in the original post, you are welcome to submit them. 

I will be posting the entries for the contest on Sept 12th.

Remember I will be entering the Voters into a giveaway from me!!

I think you all deserve a chance to win something for being our judges. :)

So be sure to stop by and place your vote!!

Voting will run Sept 12th thru Sept. 26th.

I will announce the winner of the Contest and the Giveaway on Sept. 27th 2010.

Wanna read more about the contest rules??

Just click HERE to hop right over.




I bought some goodies from Karen last week.

And oh, how I wish I could show them off BUT sorry I can’t!!

Why you ask??

Well, you see I am taking part in Char's "2nd Annual Harvest Swap" and some of the items I purchased are going to be included in my goody package for my swap buddy.

Who is my swapping buddy??

It is no other than Char herself!! :)

I’ve been busy trying to make her up a fabulous box of goodies.

She works so hard on always hosting these fabulous swaps for us all.

Not to mention all her wonderful tutorials she always provides on her blog.

Plus everyone who does follow Char’s blog knows,  she and her friends and family having been working hard for months remolding her new home.

Which she also shares the progress of in her Homestead Blog.

I absolutely love reading the homestead blog and watching the transformation.

Like I have told her before, she is living my dream right now.

I have always wanted to do this!!

Anyway, back to what I was saying….

Because of this, I think the lady deserves one Primtastic Fabulous Goody Package!! Don’t you? :)

And since I don't want to ruin any of the surprise, I cant show off the wonderful goodies I purchased from Karen's Website.

I do want to send a HUGE Thank You out to Karen though.

I loved everything I bought!!

And thanks so much for the super fast shipping!!

I purchased them and POOF they were in my mailbox. :)


I want to show off something I made.

This ugly gal may not be for everyone but if you Love Halloween and Extreme Prim’s…

Here is a Witch Lady for You!! :)


My Crazy Primitive Witches Head.

She is a One Of Kind Witch!!

Made with only my imagination.

This crazy witch measures 16” from the top of her hat downward.



I currently have her listed on my website.

Click HERE to go check her out.



I have noticed on so many blogs the yearning for fall.

Well, I was looking through some photo folders on my computer and found some fall pictures from a few years back.

So lets step back in time and visit Fall at my house from time gone by. :)



See my crazy Witch I made myself.

She makes me giggle! :)





And yes, I made myself this big Punkin Head Fella also.









Hey, wait a minute!!!

Where did all those gourds go!!

I wanna move them into my dining room!!!

I think I need to go search through boxes in my garage.

UNLESS…. My hubby got in a cleaning mood and touched my stuff again!! :( 


I’ll let you know if I find them or if he’s in Trouble!!   ;)


036 (2)


Crazy!  I can only find one photo of the inside of my house decorated for fall.

I know I had photos on the DR, LR and Kitchen decorated.

But now I can only find this one lonely little picture.

Oh Well, I will be sure to take more this year when I do my Fall decorating.

Anytime now!!


I also wanted to share with you all a fabulous book I purchased from eBay awhile back.

Country Ways and Wisdom

Over 400 natural tips and traditions to enhance your life

By: Rosamond Richardson



This book is so neat!!

I knew I was going to enjoy it when I opened it up and saw this!!

008 (2)

Sure looks like a prim lovers book to me!!

The book is broke into 9 categories:

1 Introduction (of course)

2 Home & Hearth

3 Gardening Magic

4 Natural Beauty  (I really liked this section!)

5 Healing Herbs   (And this one too!!)

6 The Country Harvest

7 Cups and their Customs

8 List of recipes

9 Index


Let me give you a little snip it of each category to give you an idea of why I love this book.


This collection is no arcane whimsy, but essentially a “how to” book, translated where necessary into today’s terms, although some superstitious touches are included for fun – old wives’ tales, love lore , and legends about cats are not overlooked.

The book looks at gardening lore and weather; how herbs can be gentle medicines ; the use of plants for simple cosmetics and in traditional wine cups and brews; how certain plants always had their part to play in the household, whether it be for cleaning and fragrances, or for celebrations.  And there is a section on how to use many wild plants for the pantry and freezer, making the most of an annual country harvest that is autumn’s gift to us all.


Home and Hearth:

The task of keeping the home fresh and clean is eternal.  Using natural as opposed to chemical ingredients makes your house smell good and it will not be polluted by some of the toxic gases given off by synthetic cleaners.  …….

You can control household pests, keep the bathroom spotless, banish unwanted cooking smells, and remove stains without resorting to an array of chemicals.

Try it – it works.


-Dealing with Strong Smells

-Damp Cabinets

-Cast Iron Pans



-And many more sub categories!!

To give you an idea…

The book states in Dishwashing, For coffee and tea stains on cups and mugs, dip a damp cloth cloth into baking soda and rub the stain off.

Use the same treatment for a teapot, or, if it is heavily stained, put it in a handful of washing soda and fill up with boiling water.  Let stand until cool and this will remove tannin.

   When washing greasy dishes, a useful tip is to add a little vinegar to the water  (2 tablespoons per sinkful) –it leaves dishes sparkling clean.  You can also use lemon juice as a rinse-aid in the rinsing water.

Bedrooms And Bathrooms:

-Stains On Mattress

-Storing Clothes

-Mirrors and Dressing Table

-Cupboards and Chest of Drawers.

One of the things stated in the Cupboards and Chest of Drawers section is a well known fact that Cedar Wood is a natural moth deterrent.

And another helpful hint…

Put unwrapped soap into drawers to scent them.


One hint from the section….

Rub liquid detergent on mirrors to prevent them from steaming up.


-From the Garden

-Left Over Wallpaper

-Old Toothbrushes

-Good Housekeeping

- Energy Saving Tip

-Plastic Containers




-Polished Furniture

-Homemade Beeswax Polish-

For this sub section it states:

This works beautifully and is far cheaper than buying polish ready-made.

3 ounces beeswax

5 fluid ounces turpentine

Essential oil of lavender (optional)

Put the beeswax into a bowl and set it over simmering water until the wax melts.  Then add the turpentine and stir thoroughly.  Pour into a jar, add a few drops of essential oil of lavender, if you wish, and let cool.

-Other Surfaces

-Natural Polish for leather Upholstery-

This states…

Boil 1 cup linseed oil, cool, and add 1 cup vinegar.  Apply with a cloth and then buff to polish.

-Cleaning Bamboo Furniture


-Special Treatments

-Cleaning The Iron

-Pets in the House


-Windows and Glass

One tip in the section….

For grimy windows, rub first with the cut side of an onion.

The make a solution of water and vinegar and put into a spray bottle. This solution cuts through grease and brings up a good shine.

Wipe dry newly washed windows with crumpled newspaper, the ink gives a good shine.


Stains on clothes and upholstery:





And many more….

Silver and Other Metals:






A tip stated in the book for Pewter is to:

Mix wood ash to a paste with a little water and rub it in for a dull sheen.

Or, rub with cabbage leaves. (What? Really? Okay, if you say so. LOL!!)

Or immerse in leftover egg-boiling water.  (That one sounds a little crazy too. But okay, I’ll give a try sometime.)

Remove grease marks on pewter by rubbing with a little denatured alcohol on a soft cloth.


Oh my goodness~!~!

I was going to give you a break down of everything in this book.

But I now realize there is just way too many fabulous tips to share in one post.

I am only on page 23 of a 192 page book!!! YIKES!!

So what I will try to do in my future post add one or two or three more tips from this book to share with you all.

Or if you don't want to wait, I recommend looking for it on eBay.

I found this one for 75Cents!!


Okay, I will leave you all with the some scenes of fall.

These photos were borrowed from Google Images.

If any of these pictures are yours… just let me and I will give you credit for them, or remove them if you wish.

None of these pictures are mine.





Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone and Prim Filled Blessings to you All!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Giveaway Ends Tomorrow Night….

Make sure you stop by the original post to read rules and enter.

Click HERE to get there quickly.

e e e e e t t t e e e e e

Contest ends tomorrow night, August 29 at 11:59 pm.

I will announce the winner on Monday, August 30th.


Thanks so much to everyone who has entered.

I am shocked  pleasantly surprised by the large turn out for my little punkin gal. :)

Have a great Saturday!!

Take Care,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Free Blog Buttons And An Update On Contest

Hello Everyone!

Well, today was the start of the full school days.

My daughter started back last Tuesday, but they got out early all week.

So today…

I forgot, showed up 45 minutes early.

Decided to go home and come back.

Then I ended up forgetting to go back and get her!! :(

I’m already tired of this school stuff.

Why did Summer have to past so fast.

This having to be up by 6:30 Am is kicking my bottom. :)

I’m exhausted…. How long till Christmas break?? LOL!


I spent yesterday and today working on my website.

I made a new banner for it and replaced the background and the category buttons.

I’m loving the new look.

If you have never stopped by my website, I would love it if you did. 

Just click HERE to go visit.

I also spent the last two days playing around on Photo Scape.

I love this program.

You can do so much with it.

Here are some free blog buttons I made.

Just click on photo to pull up the actual button.  Then right click and save to computer for loading onto your blog.







I am planning on purchasing some primitive graphics soon.  I have found a wonderful site that sells them.

I just need to get over there and purchase them.


I also have an update on my

“Best Creation Contest”.

In the original rules I stated that the item submitted needed to be a newly made item.

I am changing this rule.

Right now with all the hectic things going on, I know some just don't have time to make a new item in a short amount time.

So I have now done away with that portion of the rules.

You may submit a previously made item.

If this is the 1st you have heard about the contest please click HERE to go read all about it.


Winner of the contest will receive a $20 gift card to Jo-Ann's Fabrics (OR) Hobby Lobby, winners choice.

Don't Forget, I am having a giveaway for everyone who joins in on the voting!!

Today I received the 1st entry!!!

I'm not going to tell who it was or what she submitted, except to say it is wonderful.

You will have to wait until the Sept. 12th post to find out more. :)

I also wanted to say…

You do Not have to be a follower of mine to join in on the contest or the voting.

Of course, I would love it if you did chose to follow me But it is Not a requirement.

The Contest is open to all!! :)

I would love any help getting the word out about it.

So drop a message to all your creative friends, tell them to come join in.

The More The Merrier!! (and exciting!!)


I wanted to remind everyone that in one week I will be announcing the winner of 40th Birthday Giveaway!!

You have thru the 29th to enter and I will be announcing the winner next Monday, August 30th.

Click HERE to read the rules and enter.


I am absolutely thrilled with the turn out I have gotten with this giveaway!!

Thank you so very much to everyone!!

One thing about the giveaway though….

Unlike the contest, you will need to be a follower of my blog to be entered into the 40th Birthday Giveaway.

Sorry, but my giveaways are just my way of saying Thank You to my followers.  Thanking them for stopping by and visiting my little piece of the world. :)


I guess, it is time to head off and start supper.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yippee!! More Goodies From the Mail Man!!

Good Evening everyone!!

Well, it was another great day for me today!! 

The mail man brought me 2 more goody packages!!! :)

The 1st one I opened was a Surprise package from my dear sweet friend Dawn!!

Dawn and I met a few years ago on WS.

Over the past few years a lot has happened in our lives, but our friendship has stayed constant.

I am so very grateful for her.

She is always there to listen to me.

And always picks me up when I am feeling down!!

I know sometimes I must drive her NuTs with all my Babbling!!

But the sweet girl never once complains!! :)

She just listens and does what she can to make me feel better.

Like today!!

She knew I had been a little blue lately so she sent me a wonderful little box of goodies just because!!

Here is what I got….

She made me this adorable little cupboard doll.


Which I have placed in my DR on my cupboard.


I love how her dress matches the grey graniteware!!


She also included wonderful bowl filler, with adorable pumpkin pods!! :)

This smells fabulous!!


This sweet little candle ring…


And a little tin sign with her favorite saying.

Something she reminded me of to help when I have bad days…


“Storms Always Lose to The Sun”.

On the back she wrote me a sweet little message.

Thanks so much Dawn.  :)

Big Hug to you my Dear Friend!!


The mail man also brought me a wonderful package from Kerri (The Calico Rabbit)!!

As some of you may know, I was the very lucky winner of Kerri’s Halloween stitchery pillow.


Oh my!!

This pillow is Amazing!!

I wouldn't have thought it possible but it is even cuter in person!!!

Dear Sweet Kerri also included for me 3 bonus pantry cakes!!

Yum Yum!!

These are fabulous!!


Thank you so very much Kerri!!!

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED my goody package!!


Thank you again Dawn & Kerri for brightening my day!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until Next Time…

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings To You ALL!!