Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EEEeekk!! I Just LOVE My New Sam!!


Good Evening Everyone!

This is just a quick but picture filled post to show off my new prim Uncle Sam.

I stopped by the The Olde Homestead today while I was in Mt. Vernon.

How in the world did I not know about this shop??

This was my very first visit.  I recently saw its add in the back of the Country Sampler and thought….

Wait a minute???

This shop is in Mt. Vernon???

How did I not know!!  :)

Well, needless to say….

Had to go check it out.

And let me say…. PRIM HEAVEN!!!

Seriously!! Tears came to my eyes as I walked through the door and was just surrounded by the most amazing primitive goodies.

Everywhere I looked there was more and more.

I didn't know how my little heart was going to take it!! :)

Okay… I really needed ONE OF EVERYTHING!!!

But since they would expect me to be able to pay for it, I had to decide what was coming home with me today.  Heehee!

I picked out two things.

One they are holding for me until I get paid but this BIG BOY came right home with me!!

I couldn't wait to get him displayed out on my porch.

I was so happy, I was smiling ear to ear when my Hubby came home from work.

Nope, he didn't even notice it when he drove up.

So I grabbed him by the hand and said…

Come look at what I got today!! The excitement coming through in my voice.

So we walked out on the porch and he looked at it AND….


Then said…

“I don't like it.  He’s goofy looking.  And it doesn't look anything like George Washington.”

WHAT???? I Gasp!!!





His reply….

“Okay.”  Then walked back inside.


I love my hubby but sometimes!!!  :) Hehee!

So do you want to see???

Do you want to see my goofy George Washington Primitive Uncle Sam????

Here he is……










I added the red geraniums into his bag but he came with everything else.

He is made like a scarecrow so he is perfect for the upcoming fall season. ;)

Oh, and incase you were wondering how much I paid for him….


I think it was a Great price!

But don't tell my hubby…. he would probably disgree with that. LOL!! :)

  I will be back soon with my tweaking pictures and other new goodies I talked about in my previous post.

I’m off to make my daughter some supper.

Take Care Everyone!!



michelle said...

oh hes a cutie pie!great retail therapy day!have a great week.blessings michelle

Lori said...

Hey Tammy,
Too funny. That would be exactly what my husband would say. Keep posting the pics I love them.

Ree Leibrand said...

He's a great piece and looks great on your beautiful porch. Congrads!

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Hi Tammy

Love your Uncle Sam!!! So funny about your husband-sometimes they just don't get it-George Washington LOL!!! My husband has been doing some prim wood working and he is doing real well but I still got to give him some prim pointers at times.

Your porch looks great and Uncle Sam (alias George Washington) looks right at home!!!

Paula-Pieces from the Past

1890* said...

He is AWESOME Tammy!..I cant wait to see your other purchase and more tweaking:0)


Love your George..uh i mean " UNCLE SAM".
He looks super great by your front door.
How could Hubby have missed him... unless he came in the back door..
Anyway.. I think he's sooo " uncle Sammish" ..

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, HE IS WONDERFUL!!!!...Aren't husbands so funny??!!??...~~hugs,Jen

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh my how could your hubby miss this big boy. He is life size. Just have to chuckle at your hubbys comment. Goofy or not. George or Sam. The big guy is prim perfect. Tell your Hubby Sam may keep unwanted visitors away. You may be just the gal who can help me out. If you have a moment read my post about Colonial Coverlets & Runners. Thanks. Blessings to you & yours!


ohhhh..he is awesome...and looks excellent on your porch...LOLOLO @your hubby and george w...what do men know sometimes? LOL....

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous..I love it..It looks so nice on your porch but then again I would love George Washington I mean Uncle Sam on my porch..LOL..Your porch is so unique and prim and that's what I like..You won't see too many of him anywhere if any..Have a great week..

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Tammy OMG!!! He is wonderful!!! He looks perfect, right at home on your porch!
Our Hubby's... got to love them, even if they don't get us sometimes.. I got the same thing over my snowman I brought home last week! have a great night! OLM

flags said...

Kathy has some neat stuff in her shop. I can't believe you've never been there. I've never been to Arnett's in West Frankfort though, have you? He looks great on your porch!

LibbiesHome said...

I love your Uncle Sam! And the front door area of your house is GORGEOUS! It's so inviting. :)
I have been wanting to paint my front door, and I love your color. I'm going to have to give that blue some thought...

Dawn Buie said...


Tam,that bad boy kicks butt! And what a deal too! I am jumping up and down! My jaw hit the floor when i seen part of your post before i could even see the whole thing I was drooooooooling! HEEHEE!!!

He R_O_C_K_S!!!!!

XX Dawn

Elisha said...

my husband is the SAME way.... they just DONT get it. I brought home a huge wooden gate the other day to paint a americana flag on it and display it as a "barn quilt" and he just thinks im nuts.

bayrayschild said...

He is PERFECT! Your porch is just soooooooooo inviting!
I absolutely love it!


jennifer768 said...

I love him Tammy ! Can't wait to see your other goodies !Hugs,Jen

My Colonial Home said...

LOL Tammy, how funny - seems all our husbands have some kind of reaction to our 'unusual' treasures....especially if we realllllly think it's grand...but they come around cuz we say so! lol


Sandy said...

Hi Tammy,

He looks awesome on your front porch! And your porch is so nicely decorated :) Your home is always so prim perfect!

angiesraggedypatch said...

Ohhhh! He is great! :)
My hubby would have done the same thing.. walked right on by, THEN about a month later I'd get the 'where did that come from?' and the ' what did that cost me?'
They just dont get us do they??????

Joann-loveprim said...

Oh I LOVE him!!!!!!
He looks great on your porch!
Can't wait to see your new goodies.
Just love all your PRIM things.

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Tammy i just found your blog through another blog and I have enjoyed reading some of your older posts! I just LOVE your house and the way you decorate. Uncle Sam is awesome and I think that was a great price for him he is BIG!!! He looks perfect on your porch which by the way is awesome too!! I just started a new blog come by for a visit when you have a chance. Hope you have a great weekend.


Kady said...

I guess my hubby is typical then. He would have rolled his eyes too after I pointed out the Uncle Sam. Men. I like him and think he looks perfect there at your door. What a beautiful home you have.

Winona said...

Tammy, Kathy's shop is so prim.....I thought I had mention it & the shop in Sparta to you before.
My MIL lives down the street from Kathy's shop. I went to school with Kathy.
Your Uncle Sam is so perfect on your porch.
Contact me & I'll tell you about some more shops.