Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Beautiful Southern Illinois

Hello All,

Another sentimental post. :)

2 in one day!!

I guess it just the mood I’m in, so please bare with me.

As some of you may know, I live in Southern Illinois.

And you will notice that I said Southern IL.

The reason being is that when most people hear Illinois, they think …Chicago.

Nope, not Chicago.

I am wayyyy down on the bottom tip of the state.

I have actually never been to Chicago.

The farthest north I have ever been is the Arcola/ Tuscola area. 

You know… the Home of Raggedy Ann.

Amazing antiques and Amish Country!! :)

I have absolutely nothing against Chicago, I am just not a city girl. So I have never drove the 6 hours to go see it.

Any way, I thought I would make a quick post to show off all of the beauty here in Southern Illinois.  

And better acquaint you with where I am from.

None of the photos are mine. I admit it, I borrowed them from Google images.

Here are a few photos of breathtaking Southern Il.

Fern Cliff State Park:



Giant City State Park:



Shawnee National Forest:




Cave In Rock:




Garden Of The Gods:




Fort Massac State Park:



Oh, and if you are a comic book lover…

We also have Metropolis, IL!!

The home of Superman!! ;)


Or Chester, IL., the home of Popeye!!



I hope you all enjoyed the little tour of my home surroundings…

Beautiful Southern Illinois!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Take Care,



Linda ★ Parker's General said...

As a child, I lived in Illinois, all on the western edge, right on the Mississippi. Starting in a small town called Dallas City, then a smaller town called Pontoosuc and finally in another 'river' town Niota. Then I left my parent's home and moved to Iowa, where I have been since. In 1993, my parents lost the family home to what is now called the "Big Flood".
They now live in historic Nauvoo, only 9 miles from Niota. Nauvoo is historic because of its Mormon history. John Smith brought his group there and settled until his death. They love their place now and we visit often. The Mormons have rebuilt many of the historic buildings and added more. We are Catholics but there are no problems. It is a wonderful blending of cultures. They have beautiful flower gardens, the annual 'City of Joseph' musical play outdoors in August and tours with lodging and restaurants. It draws a huge tourist trade to this really small town.
Whew! Look, you gave me a fit of nostalgia. I have rambled on and said little but shared part of my bringing up with you. =>

Kerri Arthur said...

Beautiful Tammy,
I know what you mean, about Chicago,
I am originally from Syracuse NY, 5 hrs north of NYC but when I tell folks I am from NY they automatically think NYC!

Anyway, thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful state!

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful area, would love to visit.


Dan said...


I enjoyed the tour of beautiful Southern Illinois. I, like you, have lived in Southern Illinois all my life and I have never been to Chicago. I don't think we are missing out on too much!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


At Home With Amy said...

Those pictures are fantastic Tammy. How fortunate you are to have such beautiful scenery where you live. Thanks so much for sharing your town with us.

Cheyenne said...


I just loved every part of this post. In fact, I wish all bloggers would take a little time to show us where they are from. You're right, I so often think of Chicago when I think of Illinois, even though I know there is a whole bunch more to the State. The picture you had on here are just beautiful. You are blessed to live where you do! I love going on little vacations-even if they are through the computer through someone else's photos! :)

You mentioned in your last post& about your husband and you getting married when you were 17 & 18...I'd love to hear your story on how you guys met, etc!

Have a good day!

Benita said...

Hi Tammy~ I have just started following your blog, and I am from Central Illinois. I have been to St. Louis and Chicago both, but I prefer small town living too !!! I have also been to Tuscola/Arcola several times and LOVE it there !!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures !!

Lydia said...

Such beautiful scenery! I've been to Chicago, St Louis - like those but also like the small towns as well. Thanks for showing us your area!

Primfills said...

Oh Tammy I completely agree with you on how beautiful Illinois is! I have a special place in my heart for it! You see, there is a little place in Illinois called "Eldorado, Ill." it holds a family connection in my heart. Way WAaayyy back in the day, an ole relative of mine named "Judge Samuel Elder" (known as the hangin' judge.. Omg yikes..) founded Eldorado with his friend Joe Read. Now the name of Eldorado was meant to me "Elder-Reado" but do to the misspelling of the old sign maker it came out Eldorado! lol Well, so the story goes.. Anyways, I can remember as a child, visiting my Great Aunt Edna and Great Uncle Harry Elder in Eldorado. The Elder family cememtary is there and I can remember walking through it with the older folks of my family as they told me about each person buried there.. My 12 year old son's middle name is "Elder" as a special link back to the special place in beautiful Illinois. Thank you for reminding me of the gorgeous state!

With love,

Robyn ♥ said...

It's funny Tammy when I say I live in Indiana, people think I live in small town farm Indiana, but I am 30 minutes from Chicago and considered Chicagoland. I want to move to more small town but this is what I have known all my life...
I think I would love to visit all those great places someday and I'll pop on over to see you!

Dawn Buie said...

Wow such beauty surrounds you their girl! Loved all your pics you shared with us! I could just smell the fresh air!