Friday, August 6, 2010

The Rest Of My Tweaking And New Goodies

Good evening everyone!!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

Yesterday, Hubby and I headed off for a little get away.

I usually am at The Longest Yard Sale during this weekend. :(

But, unfortunately,  this year we were not able to make it.

I could’ve went down to Crossville for the day.  But I knew if I went I would just want to keep going!! :)

So I chose not even to head that way.

We did head over to St. Mary’s, St. Genevieve, and St. Louis to do some antique shopping.

Then we stayed the night in O’Fallon, IL.   Before getting up this morning and heading home.

I found some goodies on my trip, which I will show off in a few minutes.

But I want to start with the tweaking I did last week.

It already has changed some because of the new goodies I got yesterday.    ;)

Okay first off, the dining room.

I just cant get this room to look the way I want it to.

Ever since I moved the red cabinet out of the corner to put in the living room, I have been having problems with it.

I bought a prim hanging cabinet last week.

But to be honest, I really don't like it in here.

I like the cabinet okay, but I just don't like what it looks like in here.

I think I need 1 larger corner cabinet for the space.

And until I get it…. I’m not sure I’ll ever care for the space.


Here is the new hanging cabinet and the corner that troubles me so.

From the living room looking into the dining room.



The troubled corner space…



The new prim hanging cabinet.


What I have beneath it.  I think this needs to be painted a different color….


The rest of the dining room…





I also got this sheep last week.  Its coloring reminded me of redware…




This is my small year round tree.

I had it in my kitchen.

When I tweaked my counters it got moved into here.




Here are some photos of the living and a little tweaking I have done in here.




lrr05 lrr07

Now on to my new goodies I got yesterday.

Some of them I have already found places for.

But 1st let me say this.

I love the primitive and the colonial style.

I am trying to mix more colonial into my decor.

And what screams Colonial???

Pewter, of course.

So yesterday I found a few pieces of it.

I am struggling a bit with trying to find spots for it.

I need MORE to make it look good.

But I guess every collection must start somewhere.

So here is the beginning of mine…

Tall candle stick and small plate.



The antique white baby shoes are also a new find.


Another candle stick.



And a pair of matching, small, candle sticks.

Now these….

I don't really like where I put them but it will have to do for now.





2 antique baskets….






I am really into buying small, antique, molds right now.

I don't know why I have gotten into these but it has overtaken me.  :)

So I bought nearly every one I found on this trip.

Some are marked Sweden and some are marked Germany.

I also found an antique flat back cookie cutter of Santa and the cutest, tiny, hand forged, cookie cutter.



I found a wonderful old wooden chair. 

I loved the worn, chippy, blue paint on it.

I got a fabulous deal too.

Price $11.00!!


I don't know what I am going to do with it yet.


An old blue and white cutter quilt.


Sorry, I was lazy and didn't open it up for photos.

Same for the fabulous quilt top I got.

This has the most amazing antique fabrics in it!!

The colors aren't as Bright in person.  The flash is making them appear that way.



I also got that crock yesterday.

In my opinion, this was the buy of the day!!

Price for the crock $20.00!!

It’s not an antique, it is stamped 1986, but I don't care…

I love the design and the coloring!!



Wonderful  antique crock with bail handle.

I am going to top it with some antique fabric.


And here are the rest of my finds.

There are some items that I am not sure if I am going to keep or sell on my website.




I need some bittersweet for this!!


Antique horse hair whisk broom.





I finally found a square shaped soap saver!!

(This I’m keeping!) :)



Old, neat shaped, baking pan.



This next item I just got in from eBay.

It is a prim, reproduction, single candle mold.

Once again, I'm not sure what I going to do with it.

So I just stuck it here for now.




And lastly, a wonderful antique, wood backed grater.

The one hanging with it is a reproduction I have had for awhile.

But the one I found yesterday, is the real deal. ;)

I made little s hooks for them and hung them in the breakfast nook.




And that is what I got on my early birthday trip. ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

I am worn out so it is time for me to head off to bed. :)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!!

Until Next Time….

Take Care and prim filled blessings to you All!!



WoolenSails said...

Your home and decorations are beautiful.
Love the bench you use as a coffee table.
Lots of wonderful goodies, I need to get out and start hitting the consignments again.


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

OMG! You got more in one trip than a lot of prim lovers have altogether! I am in love with the high button baby shoes. Happy birthday! You got yourself some great things!

nancy huggins said...

Wow..Your home is awesome..My favorites are..the baby shoes..the cheese grater..the old dolls and the shelves with pegs and the one with the little girls dress. I will be glad when we get moved and I can start going to some thrift stores and decorating..a new challenge and a new life :) 8 weeks and counting :)

My Colonial Home said...

Oh my gosh Tammy you always have such fun and interesting posts.
I love your new items.....especially the tin molds.
I have a couple but don't have too many places to display things.

The chair is adorable...I love using mine as a place to set my large fabric doll - she needed a place so it worked perfect!

Great choices of pewter - I'm really into the Pewter as well...but I collect creamer/sugar sets....I have 3 sets of candlesticks in Pewter but never put them out because of 'space' issues again.
Guess i have to stop collecting! lol

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home and treasures.
Hugs, Karen

bayrayschild said...

Great finds Tammy!
I love to shop!
Junkin' and antiquing is in my blood.
It seems like you may have it in your blood as well =)


basketsnprims said...

Your home is gorgeous as always & I love the new treasures you found. Love the crock, the molds, the quilts, fabulous finds. Good luck with your corner, lol.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love all your new goodies!

Dawn Buie said...

Your tweaking looks great Tam!

I love your antique baskets! I have a small place in my heart for antique molds too!

The small child's chair so cute!

You will eventually find something for that corner, that fits just perfect..

XX Dawn

Sandy said...

Oh my Tammy, you got some wonderful things on your trip. I only wish I could be that lucky. I also have been on the hunt for pewter but here in New Brunswick, I find it very hard to find or it's so over priced that I just can't afford it. And look at all those molds! WOW! Sounds like you had lots of fun and so many goodies to make a new home for. Enjoy placing everything :)


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Girl you hit the jackpot on this trip!! So many treasures! Especially love the crock with the bale handle, the baskets and pewter. GOOD stuff!!

Shakerwood said...

I never tire of seeing all the wonderful things in your home. What an inspiration! and what great finds!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Tam, Great goodies!!! Love everything. It is so much fun to be out exploring and finding some great shops...
We have friends in O'fallon, have you ever gone over to Lebonan to shop? Few great shop there. Though it's been years since I have been.
My 2cents on your problem corner. you are use to a tall piece there, you need to go shopping again! LOL, for another great taller piece. Have a great day. OLM

LibbiesHome said...

Holy guacamole! You know how/when/where to shop for the best goods! I am amazed at how you find the perfect little spots for all of your treasures. Your home is beautiful and so... homey!
Thanks for sharing!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

HEY GF, thanks for stoppin over at my blog...
Just wanted to toss some info your way.
Seems you & hubby like to take little road trips...
So if you ever decide to come up this way... Within a hour to hour & half of me is several great places for prims & antiques!
You can easily spend a weekend up this way exploring... There is Sandwich IL, Genoa, of course, Geneva..then Rockton, Il though that is closer to the WI border.. The country store that advertises in Country Sampler is in Geneva. Not everything is prim, but good exploring...LOL
And of course we could met up if you like!
I much rather do this kind of shopping any day over mall shopping! And it helps the "funkie" mood!
Have a great day! OLM

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Holy cow you got some great stuff. Just a question could you group all of your pewter candle holders together for a bigger impact? I don't have much either but I try to keep it all together for a bigger statement. I saw a bunch of molds too and had to think twice about buying them. Needless to say I didn't come home with them. I am having huge space issues. LOL.

As always your home looks so inviting and wonderful.