Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Free Blog Buttons And An Update On Contest

Hello Everyone!

Well, today was the start of the full school days.

My daughter started back last Tuesday, but they got out early all week.

So today…

I forgot, showed up 45 minutes early.

Decided to go home and come back.

Then I ended up forgetting to go back and get her!! :(

I’m already tired of this school stuff.

Why did Summer have to past so fast.

This having to be up by 6:30 Am is kicking my bottom. :)

I’m exhausted…. How long till Christmas break?? LOL!


I spent yesterday and today working on my website.

I made a new banner for it and replaced the background and the category buttons.

I’m loving the new look.

If you have never stopped by my website, I would love it if you did. 

Just click HERE to go visit.

I also spent the last two days playing around on Photo Scape.

I love this program.

You can do so much with it.

Here are some free blog buttons I made.

Just click on photo to pull up the actual button.  Then right click and save to computer for loading onto your blog.







I am planning on purchasing some primitive graphics soon.  I have found a wonderful site that sells them.

I just need to get over there and purchase them.


I also have an update on my

“Best Creation Contest”.

In the original rules I stated that the item submitted needed to be a newly made item.

I am changing this rule.

Right now with all the hectic things going on, I know some just don't have time to make a new item in a short amount time.

So I have now done away with that portion of the rules.

You may submit a previously made item.

If this is the 1st you have heard about the contest please click HERE to go read all about it.


Winner of the contest will receive a $20 gift card to Jo-Ann's Fabrics (OR) Hobby Lobby, winners choice.

Don't Forget, I am having a giveaway for everyone who joins in on the voting!!

Today I received the 1st entry!!!

I'm not going to tell who it was or what she submitted, except to say it is wonderful.

You will have to wait until the Sept. 12th post to find out more. :)

I also wanted to say…

You do Not have to be a follower of mine to join in on the contest or the voting.

Of course, I would love it if you did chose to follow me But it is Not a requirement.

The Contest is open to all!! :)

I would love any help getting the word out about it.

So drop a message to all your creative friends, tell them to come join in.

The More The Merrier!! (and exciting!!)


I wanted to remind everyone that in one week I will be announcing the winner of 40th Birthday Giveaway!!

You have thru the 29th to enter and I will be announcing the winner next Monday, August 30th.

Click HERE to read the rules and enter.


I am absolutely thrilled with the turn out I have gotten with this giveaway!!

Thank you so very much to everyone!!

One thing about the giveaway though….

Unlike the contest, you will need to be a follower of my blog to be entered into the 40th Birthday Giveaway.

Sorry, but my giveaways are just my way of saying Thank You to my followers.  Thanking them for stopping by and visiting my little piece of the world. :)


I guess, it is time to head off and start supper.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone!!



Yvonne Cormier said...

Hi Tammy, love your post. I am fairly new as your following and look forward to reading your blogs. Tks for the buttons. I did save them although I've yet to start my own blog... I'm new at this so by following I'm learing the "ropes"! Have a great day! Yvonne

michelle said...

tammy Im so feelin your was my girls first day.ugg I have to get up at 6:30 as well then take two,my middle daughter is now in the same high school as my oldest.then as i get to the school this morning jasmine (one with new braces says "i forgot my toothbrush"I of course was like are u kidding me cause i asked her three times did she have the yougest bless her little nervous heart she put on a brave face and went with no problems without her big sissy today at her school.refuses to eat breakfast there without her,which I said that is fine eat it here.I do enjoy the peace and quite though.But hate getting up so early and running around like a chicken with my head cut it Friday have a great one sweetie.blessings michelle

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Tam, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
I would to do something for the contest, but my plate is so full and I am starting to stress out! LOL! Have a great night! OLM

WoolenSails said...

I made something new this weekend, but it was a fun silly thing. I am working on another piece, so will see how this one turns out.


My Colonial Home said...

Tammy you have me

School is in its first week and you are looking for Christmas break! lol

You've been a busy gal with creating I say...I'll have to check into Photo Scape...great work.
Love the look of your blog - my colors!

Hugs, Karen

Cat Haven Craft House said...

Hi Tammy,
I seem to be getting email that is intended for you. Please send me your address and I'll email them to you (they are requested to be put on your list for your pumpkin gal contest). Thanks!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Thanks so much for the buttons! I loved the email one and am using it now on my blog (credits on the bottom)- I really appreciate you sharing your talents with us.

I am anxious to hear the winner of your giveaway - have a great day!