Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hello Everyone!!

My goodness, what a hectic week I’ve had.

I would say Thank God Its Friday, but unfortunately there is no guarantee the weekend will be any calmer. ;)

With my job, I am on call 7 days a week!

Yes, it does suck. (pardon my language but that is the best way to describe it!)

Some days I run all day…. other I never get a call.

But the bad part is… I never know when a run will come in or not.  So it is hard to make any plans that take to much time.

That is why this week has been so hectic, yes I am grateful for the $ but I’m tired of driving.  I just want to stay home and do something's I WANT to do.

Okay, enough of my grumbling. :)

Time to show off my new baby I made.


Isn't she sooo cute!

Well, at least I think she is.  Hehee.

I do believe I am going to make more of these. :)

I am so proud of the way she turned out.

Yes, she is a little gal.

Perfect for sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard.



I made her dress out of true Early 1900’s blue calico fabric.

And her eyes, mouth, apron and bonnet are made of early linen fabric.  Actually removed from an antique quilt.

I love the way the coloring of her body turned out.

I also added prim repaired places on her body.

The pictures don’t do her justice at all.

She is not shinny at all.

She truly looks like an old, well loved doll.

You know me, I go nuts with the pictures, so here are a few more.

I couldn't help myself. LOL!!





I made her originally to sell, now I cant decide if I am going to or if I’m going to keep her. ;)


This week, I also was the very lucky winner of Brenda's amazing snowman make-do.

I am borrowing her photo until he arrives, then I will be sure to show him off more. :)
Thank you so much Brenda!! I am thrilled to have won!!



I also want to give an update on the Best Creation Contest.

This is the list of names, so far, entering the contest.

If you have emailed me and do not see your name on the list, please contact me.

Somehow, I haven't received the email and will need you to resend it.



~Some of these wonderful women have entered more than one item into the contest. 

Oh, and wait until you see what everyone has made so far.

Everything has been amazing!!

Sorry no sneak peeks!! LOL!!

You will have to stop back by on Sept. 12th to see!!

I am still accepting entries for the contest, and will accepting them until Sept.11th.

If you would like to find out more about the rules for the contest, please click HERE and go read all about it.

Remember winner receives a $20 gift card from Hobby Lobby (OR) Jo-Anne's Fabrics, winner choice.

And all the Judges will be entered into a giveaway also~!!

I hope you all decide to join in on the fun!!


To end this post I want to share another tip from the “Country Ways and Wisdom” book I spoke about in my previous post.

This comes from the HEALING HERBS section:

Rosemary: Rosemary is antiseptic and antibacterial, and is also said to be anti-aging and a memory-enhancer.

(Okay, so I know what I will buying pay day!! LOL!)

It does, in fact, increase the flow of the blood to the brain, and has been used for a host of ailments, ranging from nervousness, exhaustion, and hangovers to period pains, fevers, and chest infections.

A drop or two of rosemary oil rubbed into temples dispels a headache.


I may be the only one, but I find this sooo interesting.  :)

I have a list of things from this book I must try!!

~When I do, I’ll let ya know how it worked out.


Well, Hubby just got home from work, I’m going to go spend some time with him.

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone and thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me!!



basketsnprims said...

Love your doll, Tammy, she turned out prim perfect and I love her dress fabric. I've been buying lots of antique calico, coverlet pieces to use in my dolls. Love the feel of the old, old fabric and I always wonder who bought it and what they intended for it.
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

WoolenSails said...

Love the doll and I wouldn't want to give her up either, she looks perfect with your prims.


Erin | Bygone Living said...

What a cute doll-- you did such a nice job!
Congrats on your Giveaway win! :) ♥

Robyn ♥ said...

Your dolly is adorable! I love her lil mouth!
Congrats on the win at The Rusty Thimble. I love her stuff!
Have a good weekend!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I can't wait to see what everyone made for the contest..and I love your little doll too.;) have a great weekend.;)

LibbiesHome said...

What a post! Where do I start? The doll is adorable - and I think you should keep her for your very own because you feel that attachment. (Don't we all give away a favorite thing now and again and wish we'd made two?)
I am excited about the Creation Contest, but think I might watch from the sidelines. Too new to prim crafting and not sure I have anything good enough yet. (But I know I'm going to see some great ideas!
And thank you, thank you for the rosemary information. I am seriously going to get some of that. If does even half of what it said it's worth it!
Thanks for the great post and I hope you have the blessing of a calm weekend. :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Tammy ~
LOVE your new baby. I think you should keep her :-)
Hugs :)

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Love your doll Tammy-she is gorgeous and I don't think you should sell her cause she looks so happy at your place :) You are very talented!!!

Hope you have a calm weekend!!!

Primsue said...

Tammy, your new baby is so ADORABLE! I think you should keep her - she looks so at home in her surroundings. I enjoyed your post today - thanks for the rosemary info.

Annesphamily said...

Tam your new baby is beautiful! You are one talented lady! I am lacking one postcard in my postcard exchange/giveaway! The state is Illinois! Aren't you feeling sad for me? :(

Happy Labor Day! I hope you back is better! Anne

Pam Kessler said...

Great doll. You really are so talented. I am loving your fall themed pumpkin head guy on your sidebar. Very cute!