Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping, Swapping And Wins!

Hello Everyone!!

My gosh, I cant believe it has been almost two weeks since I made a “real” blog post.

Things have been nuts around here, as usual. :)

I'm almost over the cold I came down with.  The deep cough is still hanging on, but it has at least gotten better. And I can breathe now. So that is always good!!

I was able to do some decorating and some shopping lately.

Plus I won a few blog giveaways and I got a swap package in, those are always fun!!

I guess the first thing I will share is…

The dreaded Dining Room corner.

I finally bought me another cabinet for in there.

It is a new-to-me, antique, tall, cabinet.  I found it at the Rabbit Patch.

It was originally white, but she repainted it a wonderful aged red.   It reminds me a lot of the cabinet I had in here before moving that one into the living room.

So what do you think?


Me likey!!  How ‘bout you?? :)

Here are some more photos of it…



018 (2)

019 (2)

020 (2)




In the cabinet you may also notice a couple more of my new goodies.

I found this wonderful, antique, wooden, dough bowl.  Total cost, shipping and all $18.00!~!



Yes, it does have a crack, but I don't care, I love imperfections. :)




The antique, wooden butter mold/press is also new-to-me.

I bought it from Jenn ~ Rabbit Hill Primitives.

I absolutely love it.

I have them both displayed in my dining room cabinet.



022 (2)


Here are just some random photos of the dinning room.




016 (2)

017 (2)

018 (2)

Here are my wonderful pantry cakes from Kerri.








I added some fall berries to the basket and also the towel I got from my textile swap with Amy.



The berry, pinecone garland came from Wal-Mart. 

Price $5.00.  It is well worth that, it is long and I was able to cut it for displays in multiple baskets.









Here is where I put my little black pumpkin from Marie.



I added the rest of the (Wal-Mart) berry-pine garland to this basket in the Living Room.

012 (2)

014 (2) 

I also purchased some bittersweet garland on line.

It will do, until I can find a more realistic kind.











I took part in Jenn's Fall Swap and this weekend my wonderful goody package arrived.

My secret swap buddy was Kimberly. 

Here are the primtastic goodies she sent.

016 (3)

A sweet card.

She also sent a wonderful stitchery pillow.  Which I have displayed on my couch.

Then she sent an adorable hand painted penny rug.


018 (3)

Two adorable flowers on sticks, which I have displayed in my kitchen. (Forgot to take picture, sorry.)

023 (2)

Three bowl filler leaves,  I have placed in this basket.

022 (3)

And last, but certainly not least, a cute little acorn.

024 (2)



Thank you so much, Kimberly.

I love my new goodies.


I was also the lucky winner of a few blog giveaways.

I won Brenda's adorable Snowman Make-Do.



I was so thrilled to have won.  And let me tell you all….

Yes, he is so cute in the photos, but he is even cuter in person!!

Seriously, the details on this guy are awesome.

You can’t truly appreciate it in photos but when I opened the box and saw him!! Omgoodness!! So fabulous!!







Thanks so much Brenda!!!

I can not wait to display him this holiday season.

And speaking a holiday decorating….

Check out this amazing ornament I won from Gloria.



Gloria hand makes these wonderful, one of a kind, Santa Star Ornies!!

They are amazing!!

Thank you so much Gloria!!

I love it!

And most recently,  I was the winner of Karen's, Halloween Witch Annie.

She arrived in today’s mail!!

003 (2)

She is so darn cute!


Thanks so much Karen. 

I am thrilled to have won!!


~ I was also able to do some crafting. ~

Remember the stencil I won a while back from Folk Art From The Harbor.


Well, I used the above stencil to make a sign.

In one of my previous posts, I showed some photos of my kitchen.


I had made a board to cover my faucet that matched my sink board.


Well, I decided to use my stencil to make a Fall sign on it.

007 (2)

The other side is still plain, as shown above, so after the Fall season, I can simply turn it around for the rest of the year. :)

004 (2)

I thought it turned out pretty good.

006 (2)

Saturday I went to Arnett's Country Store Fall Gathering.

I can’t believe this shop has been around since 1976 and this was my first time there!!

It is less than 10 minutes away!

I actually think it took me about 6 minutes to get there.

And sorry, I forgot my camera. :(

Any way, this is what I bought….

I got this adorable prim doll.

033 (2)

I love the early fabrics she is made out of.

And she is rag stuffed.

I’m still trying to decide where to put her.

034 (2)

For now, I have her just sitting in one of my Living Room chairs.

030 (2)

I also bought a pair of wonderful, long wool socks.

I am going to hang these from the fireplace this Christmas.

But for now, I have them draped over the door of my cabinet.




Here are a few more random pictures I took of my living room the other day….







I am going to end this post with something unexpected.

We all know what it is like to collect things, right?!

We even display some of our collections outside…

Like watering cans, buckets, etc.

Well, I guarantee the family that lives down the street from me has a collection unlike any you have seen!!

They collect Dinosaurs!!

Yep, Large outside dinosaurs.

The first time you notice them, it will freak you out!! LOL!!

They have a total of three (that I know of).

But their newest one you can see from my street.

I look at it every morning while out taking my dog for a walk.  This week, I remembered to bring my camera along.

This is their T-Rex…

001 (2)

I will take a walk up the street and get a photo of the others for you sometime.  This is the only one you can see from up my street. :)


I think I have babbled on long enough.

But before I go, I do want to remind all of about the Best Creation Contest I currently have going on.

And if you stop by and place your vote….

You will be automatically entered into my giveaway!!

So if you haven’t do so already, be sure to click HERE leave a comment for your favorite creation and be automatically entered into my giveaway.

I will announce the winner of the contest and the giveaway on Sept. 27th.

The winner of the Best Creation Contest will be recieving a $20 gift card.

And for the giveaway portion, for all our judges, I will be giving away this fall gathering.


So be sure to stop by and place your vote!

Voting will be open through Sept. 26th.


Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.

Until Next Time….

Take Care Everyone and Prim Filled Blessings to you ALL!



Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

me likey your cabinet and your home too..;) love all the things you won and the swap you did with Kimberly..she does fantastic work..LOve it!!!..that T-rex is definitely a conversation starter.:)

Erin | Bygone Living said...

You have such a beautiful house! I love your style! :)

Primsue said...

Oh my, Tammy, you sure have been busy. I LOVE your new Dining Room cupboard. The wooden bowl and butter mold are great - awesome displays. CONGRATS on all of your wins! Thanks for catching us up on what you've been doing.

Autumn Blessings,

Kerri Arthur said...

glad to hear you are feeling better and to see all your beautiful fall decorating.
I really have been wanting to do mine, but am having such a hard time getting motivated, it has still been so darn hot here!

Anyway, I am getting more inspired after seeing your displays!
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

oooh, I likey your cabinet and all the prim goodies that you won...great pics of you home too!!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I LOVE your cabinet and all of the goodies you were very lucky this month weren't you? It's always so fun to read your posts. Have a great day.

If you are interested in doing an ornie swap, I'm trying to get one going. Head on over to sign up!

Brenda said...

Wow Tammy...everything looks awesome!! You do some great decorating and I love everything in your home. That cabinet is great but I really like that bucket bench or the bench that you have your jars and crocks on. You also won some great items in the giveaways..lucky you!!


Lydia said...

Wow Tammy - LOVE the new cabinet. I did not notice the other red one before - really like how that top lifts up. That's some really cute winnings you have!!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

me likey very much!
everything is so wonderfully prim. great pictures.

Debra ~ Black Creek Colonial ~ said...

Tammy, Everything looks so nice...Love your new JB furniture in the livingroom...It looks so cozy. You have done a wonderful job throughout each room of your home. Would just love to go shopping with you!

The Rusty Thimble said...

Tammy I love your new cabinet, I always enjoy the pictures of your home. I am so glad you like the snowman makedo.


Cat Haven Craft House said...

You have such a beautiful prim home! Just love it and all the little touches that make it seem so warm and inviting. Congrats on your lucky streak too!

jess said...

The whole way down the page, I just kept saying, Oh my GOSH! Oh my gosh! lol. You really do have a gift. I have a black cabinet similar to your red one that I stored in a large closet because the paint is worn... you have me wanting to paint it red. :)
Get well soon!

Unknown said...

It all looks wonderful, Tammy! You;ve had the 'run of luck' lately!! Congrats on all of your finds and wins!

Kimberly said...

Tammy, I'm so glad you're enjoying the little goodies I sent... I hope they find a home in your home!
Blessings, Kimberly

PrimWyoGirl said...

Tammy, your posts are always so wonderful and fun filled. Love checking them out. Your new cupboard is very nice and love all the new goodies you have in it. Love your swap goodies from Kimberly. She does nice work. You house is always a pleasure to see! Love your neighbors dinosaurs too. There is a house I pass everyday that has a huge wooden cutout one but nothing like what you are showing. Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Jayne

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
The house looks great!
Cute!Prim! Arranged Perfect.
The little raggedy is so cute
& the bowl ( WoW what a bargain)!!
I really enjoy checking out blogs with decorated homes. Keep taking pictures.

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hey Tammy, love your cabinet and the old bowl is great, crack and all. 8-) I love worn things that have a previous life. 8-) Your home looks great, just love to see your pics. Feel better soon!!