Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks For Thinking Of Me!!

Over the last week I have had the honor of being given an award by 4 of my prim pals.


Thank you so much ladies!!

I’m choosing not to pass the award on though.

Not because their isn't anyone who deserves it, quite the opposite!!

I follow so many fabulous blogs and to me they all deserve an award.

So instead of listing only 15 of them here, I ask that you click on my complete list of “Blogs I Enjoy Reading”, they all are amazing!!

But I will list a few random things about me.

I think the requirement was 7, so here we go….

#1 ~ I am Christian. 

#2 ~ I am the youngest child.

#3 ~ I have one older sister.

#4 ~ My Mom and my Husband are my Best Friends.

#5 ~ I still Love the ‘80’s!! To me this decade had the best movies, music, and style. 

#6 ~ I am a General Hospital Fanatic!!  No, Seriously!!  It is a true obsession!! 

#7 ~ I don’t care for comedies, I’m a Drama Girl!


Thank you again ladies for thinking of me!!

And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Take Care,



Farmhouse prims said...

Good for you Tammy, I almost didn't do it, it is almost like a chain letter, and I hate chain letters.And we all are too busy. It is fun knowing the 7 things about you and other different bloggers though.
Have a great eve. I always enjoy your blog.

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Tammy,
Well great minds must think alike, cuz I did the exact same thing as you, before I read your post. I was chosen too, and I didn't end up passing it on either, but I did tell 7 things about myself like you did! LOL I love finding out tidbits about other people. That was fun ~ glad you joined in.

Take care!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Hooray! And I heartily agree. I think that we show how much respect we have for our fellow bloggers by becoming followers or attaching them to our blog lists. It is a chain thing--pass this on- how many people really have time for it.
Psst-I do like the learning 7 facts about our fellow bloggers!

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh Tammy, what's not to love about you sweety:)
Thanks for following me and good luck in the draw!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi Tami
congrats on the versatile blogger!
I was also picked:
What can I say I am going to follow your lead:
So stop over to see my post that I will be posting today!
have a nice day!

Cheryl said...

Hi Tammy Congrats and thanks for sharing with us things to let us know more about you! Thanks for being a follower of my blog. You are right it is so hard to stay on top of all the blogs I love all of them and I try to be a good follower and visit all of them. Have a great day
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Tam I love the 7 things about you and that you a blog award.
Here is some things about me:

I am a Christian

My husband is my soul mate, best friend and my true love.

I love and adore my children

I to bake and cook from stratch
Love and hugs and kisses,