Thursday, December 9, 2010

Come Welcome A New Primitive Blogger!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I just want to stop by and tell you about a new primitive blog.

Tonya at My Primitive Creations By Tonya has started a  blog.

So, lets all give her a warm and wonderful Welcome!!

Click on her blog name above and pop over and say Hello!


On a personal note…

Tomorrow my baby turns 16!!!

I admit it, my nerves are a bit shot right now.  I know she is going to want to go take her driving test tomorrow after school, and then you know what that means….

She will want to head off in the car!!!

Dear Lord, Please give me strength.

I don't know if there is a fear worse than the 1st time your baby heads off in a car alone.

I remember when my oldest daughter and son 1st did.

I prayed and prayed the entire time they were gone.

Maybe it is because Kortney is my baby, but this time it is bothering me even worse than with the other 2.

So please remember her and me in your prayers for awhile.

I feel better knowing she is surrounded with protection prayers!! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Talk Soon ~ Take Care,



Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Tammy!
Oh to be 16 again! The fun!
Okay you don't want to really think about that!LOL

Stop stressing! I know easier said then done!
Remember the way you have raised her!
Be strong Mommy, she will be fine!

Prayers out to and your little baby, May God & the angels watch over her!
Take care!

At Home With Amy said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new blog Tammy. I will head over there shortly.

Our babies are our babies and sometimes its hard to let them grow up. Kortney will be fine and so will you. Lay down the ground rules of driving and follow thru with them. I will pray with you too that she stays safe and you stay calm. I have 5 more months before I am in the same boat with you. Write down anything you think is important for me to know for when its my turn to fret.

Hugs and Prayers,

Y1M said...

Oh Tammy~

I have praid for you(peace) and your baby(wisdom and God's hand of protection). Obviously, you know when 2 or more come together....

Know that HE's got this. ;)

Much love,

Tonya said...

You always find the best blogs! I really like the 1840 one you posted about the other day.

Thanks for the info on the settle too. It's always nice to get the opinion of a blog friend.

I'm many years away from having a 16 year old child so I've got no advice but I do like what Teresa said about remembering the way you've raised her.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh Tam~ You know you raised her right so don't worry so much.I know impossible.LoL..I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.Warm Blessings always my friend!~Amy

Jennifer said...

Oh i know how you feel...Brittany turned 16 in April...and it was the worst feeling watching her drive away for the first time and shes my baby....but eventually we all have to let go huh? Im sure she will do great....i was very glad we put her through drivers ed...
happy birthday to her! enjoy the day!!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I can just imagine how you are feeling. My son is 13 and is already talking about getting his license. Be still my heart! When he was little I had him convinced you had to be 21 to get it. LOL. That doesn't work anymore. I don't know what the rush is. I was 20 when I got mine and that was only because I had a baby on the way. They are in such a rush to grow up. I told him driving is a privilege, not a right. I get nervous just thinking about it! :)

Off to check out the new blog.

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Tammy, I'll head over to the new blog, thanks for the info.
Oh us mamas and our babies!!8-) No matter how old they get they are still our babies, mine are 39 and 40 and I still fuss over them and worry about them.
I will be praying for you and your daughter, but like others said, she will be fine. God does watch over our children when we can't.8-)

NancyW said...

Tammy, I feel your pain, my baby turned 18 a week ago all I can say is good luck!
I also have a new blog, can you please add me too I so enjoy yours and everyone else that I had to join in the fun!

Raymond Homestead said...

I know the feeling well, it is so hard when they start driving. I bought guardian angels and stuffed them all over the car and then I bought one of those signs of the fish and put on the back of the car, the car literally glowed, lol! Then when they got in to drive I would pray for all the angels to circle around and protect them!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Oh goodness Tammy... at least you've been through it before. My oldest is 15 and will be driving next year. I'm not ready for it either! I'm so thankful that God hears our prayers, keeps our kids safe, and gives us peace of mind. I don't know what I'd do without faith!!