Thursday, December 9, 2010

Join Me In Welcoming Another Primitive Blog!! And An Update…

Hi Everyone!!

Let me start off with saying, Big Hug to all of you wonderful blogging friends.

See, this is why I love blogging so much.

You all are so fabulous!!

You all went above and beyond in welcoming Tonya to blog land!!

I wanted to pop on and tell you about another new prim blogger.

Nancy at Primitive Finds left me a comment earlier introducing herself and telling me about her new blog.

So, I wanted to stop back by and let you all know about it also.

Lets give Nancy a Big Welcome to Blog-Land too!!

Click on her blog name above and pop over and say Hello!!


Thank you all for your prayers and kind words about Kortney.

A quick update on that…

As of tonight, she said she wasn’t going to take her driving test tomorrow.

She said she isn’t ready. (That makes 2 of us!!)

Who knows if she will change her mind once tomorrow rolls around, but as of right now, she is not ready.


I'm heading off to bed.

6 am comes way too quick!

Until Next Time…

Take Care and Blessings to you All!!



Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, Tammy you're a sweety:) I've visited Nancy and become a follower.

So you've got one who is old enough to get a drivers license huh? Oh boy:) Good luck!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Having new young drivers is so scary. I know I have one. Good luck with her and hopefully she'll wait a while. My 2nd daughter who is 16 has no interest thank goodness. Enjoy your blog!!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Tammy, sounds like Kortney will be just fine.8-)
Thanks for the new blog info, will check it out.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Tammy
Another new blogger, I went over to check it out!
I can't wait to see what all she has to share!
Have a good day!

Tonya said...

I also stopped by Nancy's blog and became a follower. I was starting to think blogging was becoming a thing of the past when so many of the blogs I was following closed earlier this year.

I'm glad to hear your daughter has put driving on hold. God is good, huh?!


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Awwwww.... Big hugs to you Tammy for introducing my mom Tonya to our friends in blogland. ((((Tammy)))) Thanat was soooooooo nice of you!!! Thanks!

Off to visit another new blog!

Carmen and the Primcats

nancy huggins said...

I am now a follower of Nancys blog and have added her to my sidebar..nice to know there are other dog and cat lovers out there too :)

Michelle said...

Hi Tammy,
Your home is lovely, I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! Please stop by and visit me sometime!
Have a wonderful Holiday!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Tam, I love your home. I really loved looking at your picture trail slde show of your home for Christmas 2010!
I looked at it 3 times and still drooled!!!

You have a great knack for decorating!!

Merry Christmas
and Prim Blessings to your family
from my family!!!XOXOX