Monday, February 7, 2011

This Steelers Fan Is Trying To Keep Her Spirits Up!

Hello Everyone!!

Oh, what a sad day it is in this home of Steeler fans!! :(

My boys blew it last night!!!

It broke my heart!!

They fought so hard all year to get to the Super Bowl, only to mentally and physically never show up for the big game.

Ben was off the entire game.

All of his passes were way too high.

Troy was absent~~~ Where the heck were his big plays!!

The coaching fell way short.

Um, excuse me!!

Why did we never use our “Hurry Up”.

We were doing good running the ball, why the heck did we not see more running plays.

Yes, Mendenhall’s fumble hurt us.  But that was at the end. 

Maybe if we would have ran the ball more, we would have never gotten so far behind.

You know it is one thing to watch them loose, if I know they went out and played their “A” game.

Giving all 4 quarters their very best.

If they still loose, I can handle that.

But to go out and give the game away that is more than I can take.

Heinz Ward played great!

But one man cant do it all!!

I sit and think of the points we gave away through interceptions and fumbles. 

Now, I'm not trying to take anything away from Green Bay.

They did play Great!
They were physical the enitre game, and we were not!

And their quarterback is quite impressive to watch.

You can’t help but to like him.

But as a die hard Steelers fan it is hard to watch a loss happen in the manner that it did.

I know we went into the game the 6 to 1 underdogs.

I know we totally blew the 1st half.

But knowing that we are a 2nd half team, kept me still believing that we were going to pull it off in the end.

And they did come out strong after 1/2 time.

But when Mendenhall fumbled, we never seemed to recover from that.

There was no urgency at all toward the end. 

It was as though they just gave up.

Oh, Yes, it is a very Sad day for this Steelers fan!!


Okay, I’ll jump down off my soap box and get on with happier things!!

Check out this wonderful odd whisk broom I purchased online.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Isn't it neat how the bristles are made side ways!!

I love it!!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I have put it in the center of my display.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


I also wanted to share with you something I am going to be doing.

I was visiting Amy's blog the other day and read her post about Random Acts Of Kindness (RAK’s).

What she is doing is having her blogging friends email her their address, so that she may send them a little something from time to time.

Whether it is a card, or a little gift or just something to lift their spirits and let them know someone is thinking of them.

I contacted Amy and asked if  it was okay for me to join in on her idea.

She so graciously said yes.

So, that is what I am going to do.


I would like to ask any of my blogging friends, who would like to join in, please email me your name and address.

Be sure to include your blog URL with your information.

I will randomly chose a name from this list and send out “you are special to me” surprises.

Now, I know, I will never get through all the names.

I know, I will never be able to send everyone something, even though I would love to.

But this just gives me a way to send out surprises when I think you need a little pick me up or you just happen to be on my mind.

Please know, I will Never share your information with anyone!!

Never Ever, this I promise!!!

Simply click on the link located on my sidebar that says, “Email Me”.

If anyone else chooses to join in on this or is currently participating in RAK’s, you are welcome to use the blog button located above.


Also one more reminder….

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The Crows Nest

She also provides amazing tutorials!!!
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Be sure to let her know, Tammy~ A Primitive Place sent you over.

PLEASE!! Be sure to to state that in your comment post.

That is one of the requirements, to send over as many people as we can.

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Sorry, Teresa and Linda!! LOL!!

(All in fun ladies!!)

So, please do me this HUGE Favor and let her know I sent you over. :)

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Sorry to bore you with the venting in the 1st section about my beloved Steelers!! Hehee! :)

I’ve just got to Let It Go! But the wound is still fresh!! :)

So please forgive me. ;)

Oh yes, before I forget….

If anyone hasn't mailed their swap packages out yet….

Please email me and let me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me.

Until Next Time….

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings To You All!!



Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Awww...Tammy...I am so sorry that your Steelers lost! I too thought they were off of their game...but you have to remember that they are only human...and sometimes the nerves and other factors can get the best of them. Not sure what was up with Troy...he just wasn't even a factor..although he was close to making a play a couple of times. Green Bay played tough - I thought in the 3rd quarter they were going to give the lead away! Rodgers was awesome and seems like such a nice guy. It really was a great game. So have a cookie and some cocoa and dream of next year!
I love the idea of the random acts of kindness...and I'd like to do something similar too...but I want to do a little blog overhaul before I put anything new up. Thanks for the great idea - I will be emailing you soon.
Have a a great week!
*Prim Blessings*

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Sorry about the game>>
but I love your whisk brooms, the new one is so different!

Go girl>>keep getting more followers for Becky>>I think we all can round up 200 total>>whatch think? And yes, it is fun isn't it!
enjoy the day

Green Creek Primitives said...

Well even though I am not really a football fan, I wanted the steelers to win last night. I love the whish broom, very differnt, I collect them also. Vicky

LibbiesHome said...

Tammy, you are one passionate gal! Sorry about the loss for your boys last night. I'm not much of a football fan, but I'm with you, I like the game to be well played by both teams so there isn't that coulda shoulda woulda feeling at the end.
Love the new whisk broom - I've never seen one like that before!
I think the Random Acts of Kindness idea is so sweet. I'm not surprised that you are wanting to do this - I can tell from your blog posts that you are just that kind of person.
I hope you have a really terrific week.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Tam~ I'm not much of a football girl but I did want the steelers to win too.So glad you decided to do the RAK's too.A few people came to visit me from here.Love meeting new kindred spirits.The broom is way cool.Love it.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Sorry about your Steelers.....but happy for the Packers. They did deserve the win! Love that wisk broom.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hey Tammy, Sorry our team beat yours. But it was a good game ~ maybe we'll see ya again next year!
Love your whisk broom.
Prim Blessings! Robin

lakeffect said...

I live just 50 miles south of Green Bay, so have been a Packers fan my entire life. I, along with the entire state of Wisconsin, am out of my mind with excitement over that win! The Steelers played hard and made me nervous in the second half. And yes, Aaron Rodgers is just as talented and nice as he seems on TV!

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

From one football fan to another football fan.....
The Super Bowl is "Where Hero's Are Born" and "Hearts Are Broken"....
Sorry for your loss, but my heart was not broken, my Packers come to play, they played their hearts out for the love of the game and for the love of their fans and the great City of Green Bay and the great Sate of Wisconsin. It was our turn...we were due...I really respect Coach Tomlin, he is one neat guy. Love your blog Tam...glad to see some of us watched the game. Pop over to my blog and see my Super Bowl Post from Sunday, before the game was played...All our Teams are Hero's, those "Boys of Fall"

Heather said...

Hey Tam, it was sad today here to when THE STEELERS lost! I was hoping they would win even though there not my team! lol I love the broom< soooo cute, I need to find me some of those! When you have a minute go check out my easter eggs I did! Let me know what you think.

Firecracker Kid said...

Sorry 'bout the loss, but I'm hopin' you're over it by now:)
Love those old wisp brooms... nice finds!

Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

Hey Tammy
I want to be included in random acts of kindness....I will send my info...For some reason I can't click on your email button !So I will send it from mine.
I am going to try and put it on my blog and offer it soon as I figure it out !Thanks Michelle

Cindy said...

I to feel your painl I live in Oklahoma, but born and raised in Pittsburgh. Ahhhhhh my heart is breaking. I am so disappointed in "my boys". They let us all down. I wasn't to worried till the fourth quarter, cause we Steeler fans know our boys have pulled out many a game in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. But alas, it was not to be this game. I am so mad at Big Ben and Troy. I feel they did not show up for the game at all. Troy hasn't been himself the past few games. And Ben..... well sad to say but the team hasn't been right since all his legal problems. It's like they don't have a "leader" on the team, they are all floundering out there. So with much sadness my Terrible Towel, Steeler football, and all my other Steeler goodies are put away till next season. I will always be a Steeler fan, but I expect more from them than they gave in the Super Bowl. Love your blog.

My Colonial Home said...

Oh Goodness Tammy I'm almost scared to tell you that we live in PACKER LAND...and we're quite happy but I won't say it so pretend it never got written

What an interesting Whisk Broom...I think I'd like using one with that kind of handle...I think these were used to whisk crumbs off tables I bet ya!


BeautifulDees said...

You have a real nice blog...beautiful pennmanship. I hope you will come by sometime.

Tolentreasures said...

We too had a day of mourning for the loss. Both teams showed so much dignity and were such good examples of sportsmanship the way it should be though, that it made the loss a little easier.