Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Lord, Give Me Strength

I know, I don’t do this very often but I’m going to get a bit personal.

Late Thursday afternoon something happened.

First off, let me ease everyone mind by saying no one is physically hurt in any way.

But it was a situation that literally shook me to the core.

I don’t want to go into details about what happened.

Quite frankly because I’m tired of talking about it and exhausted thinking about it.

But it has put me in such a mood these last couple of days.

I can’t shake it.

And it is driving me crazy.

I know life is a roller coaster.

But I just want to get off and ride the merry-go-round for awhile.

I feel so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted!!

Now, I know being down and complaining goes against everything I believe.

I Believe in the Power of Positive thought, I Believe in the Power of Prayer.

And deep in my heart, I Know everything will be okay.

But how many more times does my faith have to be tested?

I promise, there is absolutely nothing that will ever cause me to lose it.

I guess that is one of the reasons why I am posting this.

I am turning to my followers of Faith.

I need you shower me and this situation in prayers and positive thoughts.

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

I need some help right now, finding my inner strength.

I need God to fix this situation and pour his blessings upon my family.

If you could, please say a little prayer for me and this unspoken situation.

Thank you so much!

I do apologize for such a downer of a post.

I promise I will be okay and will be back to normal soon.

Until Then….

Take Care and Blessings To You ALL!!



dee begg said...


I sure hope that your unspoken situation resolves itself and that things get back on an even keel for you. It's no fun to be in such turmoil. Good thoughts and prayers being sent your way.


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Tammy, I am showering you in prayers! I know how positive you are - that is what drew me to you long ago!! I have been having a 'situsation' of my home for the last 2 weeks and I am like you - tired of talking about it.

Whatever is happening in YOUR life, I hope it rights itself or settles down or does whatever it needs to do for you to feel OK again. Sending BIG hugs!!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Your faith will pull you through. He helps those who help them selves. May His love wash over like a flood and bring you the relief you seek.
I add my prayers to those before me.♥

Penny said...

Prayers for you, Tammy, for this issue to be resolved so that you may have peace again in your life. Be well!

Heather said...

Im sending my thoughts and prayers with you and your family, everything will work out if you always believe. Thinking of you!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahh - Sweet, dear Tammy - I haven't known you long, but I know you to be kind, generous, and caring. Do trust your's through these tests that you become stronger. I know that can be hard to understand at times (trust me...I KNOW), but there is a purpose somewhere - we may not know that purpose now - or even in this lifetie, but there is one. And it is higher than any of us can be. Believe, keep strong. My many prayers and best thoughts are with you. Hugs-Robin

ohiofarmgirl said...

You are so right, pray in all situations and constantly. You are given this situation for such a time as this....blessings, Dianntha

Unknown said...

A prayer just sent your way Tammy....hope everything works out.

Unknown said...

A prayer just sent your way Tammy....hope everything works out.

Farmhouse prims said...

Tammy, I wish I could give you a big hug!! I will pray for you to have peace and strength as you go though this difficult time.
I felt like that 2 weeks ago when my son was hurt. But the Lord took care of him.
I had to keep telling myself that God has never failed me yet and he won't this time. And he won't fail you either.
Rem. you have lots of friends that care and love you, hang in their friend, Bunches of hugs, Lecia

Michelle said...

Tammy, Some days I feel like that as well. I said a little prayer for you.
Hang in there!

Brenda said...

Oh sweetie, I'm beside you all the way! My prayers and thoughts are with you!! HUGS!!


Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Tammy, by chance I was struck by the photo on the wall of your post. Read about your prayer request, neglect by a prayer answered. Today I was meditating on a story that I received, an uncle received confirmation of their medical who suffers from leukemia, while speaking with the sense their fear, despair, confusion and all these things that come and steal our peace. He is co-pastor of a church in Cleveland and is a man of God. Even with all this subject to this condition and I pondered over what words you impart ... I remembered Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweating blood and mourn in the midst of spiritual battle with the fear is that now we can only hope and pray to God. If desired, you can visit me in is a Christian blog besides two of my craft. God bless you, Rose Marie

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, we are with you, crying, worrying, praying, healing.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

roseyred said...

Dear Tammy may god bless your family at this time and hold you near to his graces.Always remember the foot prints poem and know that he is always with you and always ready to hear your prayers.I pray for you dear friend may the lord be your strength and carry you through this hard time.Always believe and trust in him.

WoolenSails said...

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. From someone who gets tested a lot, I know how we can have our down times too. But that is ok, god is there to lean on, so give him your pain and his will be done.


Mary said...

Dear Tammy, Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers that your unspoken situation resovles itself and you and your family are once again back to normal. Stay strong my friend.Big Hugsssss coming your way! Mary

Simply Debbie said...

Dear Tam,
I am lifting you and your family up to God's throne room of mercy and grace. There is nothing too little or too big that He can't handle, if we turn it loose and let Him handle it...even the best and the strongest and most upbeat and positive will have times in their life where they need to rest at the feet of Jesus and let others pray for them while they do so ...get your strenth back. Believe me when I tell you I have been shaken at the core so much I needed eartquake insurance because my world sure seemed to fall apart. I will pray for you twice a day. I have a good listening ear and am very confidential if you ever want to e mail me. I give you my tears and hugs.
We are all in your corner.
Simply Debbie

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

May our heavenly Father be with you, may He bring joy into your heart and peace to your spirit, may He wrap his arms around you and fill you with His love, for "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Tammy.. I know it isn't easy sometimes to keep the faith when there is so much turmoil going on around you and inside your very being.. But remember the Lord promised he would never give us more then we can handle and everything happens for a reason even if we don't understand...
I've traveled that road many times, struggling to hang on my faith but I did as i know you will. Raching out and asking your friends to come together in prayer for you will help to ease your pain..

Remember The nicest place 2 be is in someone's THOUGHTS!

The safest place 2 be is in
someone's PRAYERS!

And the best place 2 be is in...



Marilyn said...

I am so sorry you are going thru trials at this time. I so hope you find the strength to accompany your faith. Never count the number of trials, just know that asking for the strengh to endure and come thru the other side is what is important.

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Tammy. Big hugs sent your way right now!!

Robin Leuschen said...

You don't have to apologize for the need to reach out to other's who believe as you do, for prayer and virtual hugs...
I'll pray for strength and resolution....

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Tammy, whatever the situation is, I know it will be resolved because people are praying for you and God hears those prayers.

One thing I have learned about faith, is that it is meant to be tested. When I am tested with troubles, I know that it is a time my faith in God to grow.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh Tam I got you covered.I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.I've been feeling like you lately it's been a hard few weeks my way but I've been bouncing back.I read a little article in a christian bible study I'll share with you it might help ~
We never know what tomorrow will bring.From Cancer to car accidents to terriost attacks,there are many tragedies we could be concerned about.And it's smart to exercise caution and wisdom.But do you ever find yourself worrying away like it's your favorite pastime? God has the entire world in his hands,and he lovingly reminds you you don't need to lug around the weight of worry."Give all your worries to him" ( 1 Peter 5:7)So don't hold back offer them up! Hugs to you my sweet friend!~Amy

Cyn said...

Tammy I will keep you in my daily Prayers. I too wonder how often does my faith have to be tested..unfortunatly..I believe it is until we are re united with the Lord. We are here for you...

Dawn said...

I pray for peace and for God to spread Grace over the situation. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Tam, Thoughts and prayers go without saying! It is hard when we are tossed those curve balls.
I so understand, I had one just about a 3 weeks ago, everything, hurt just don't want to talk about it. sick to my stomach with the person I need to talk about it too... And well, the person in the family that caused, well.. I won't say what I wanted to do...
I only hope it resolves soon and you can move on! OLM


Prayers for you and your family and remember that no matter the journey the Lord will never let you walk alone! He will always be with you!

Raymond Homestead said...

I have to tell you Tammy, after reading your post, it's almost like you wrote it for me as well. I too have a situation right now that has affected me in the exact same way you have described, so I can totally relate to what you are saying. I will certainly uplift you in prayer and I'm asking that you please do so for me as well. Sometimes we feel like we are all alone in these frustrating times so it really helps me to know others do go through similar situations. I'm not very good with words but if I could write down how I feel it would be the same exact words you have written. Blessings, Mindy

GailinVirginia said...

...always willing to offer prayers for friends...take care of YOU...and try to be positive.
So many of us have issues at times and visiting friends in blog land is a cozy place to visit and share.

~Gail sending warm thoughts and prayers

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I hope you know Tammy that although we may be cyber-space friends, we are friends none-the-less...and as friends, you can come to us for prayers and support whenever you need it. I will say a prayer for you dear, and leave you with these words...that our Lord never gives us more than we can handle when we rely on Him for guidance.

Elisha said...

I would encourage you to read through the first chapter of James.... about trials and how God uses them to strengthen us... very encouraging to me when I am struggling. My prayers are with you.

Earlene said...

Big Hug to you Tammy.

jess said...

You have my prayers! God is with you.

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Tammy,
So sorry to hear about your recent trial of faith. We just went thru some of the toughest trials of our faith very recently and I prayed positively, said all the right things~quoted scripture, listened to great sermons, read all the wonderful books out there, including my Bible, but sometimes it STILL just doesn't make any sense!
Sometimes God just allows our faith to be stretched to the max for only reasons He may or may not reveal to you, so I empathize w/you and will pray that He makes you stronger as you go through all this. Just remember that 'joy comes in the morning'. There will be happier times ahead, this too will pass and will only last for a season, so just keep hanging in there and try to get your mind off of it by spending time w/someone who is way worse off than you!

Big warm hugs,

Primsue said...

Tammy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope everything works out soon.


Margie said...

Dear Tammy,

I am sending up prayers for you right now at 5:48 am...I haven't been able to sleep and saw your post. Take it from a gal who has had her faith tested all too often..."The trying of your faith brings patience"...and it truly does Tammy. As long as you continue to trust in Him and not in yourself, you will be ok.

Grace to you,
Margie over at Hungry Hook Primitives

Faye Henry said...

Good Morning Tammy..
I am kind of late reading your posting but I wanted to let you know that I also will be praying for you and yours.
Tammy, whenever I go through a time of need I hold the verses in Phillippians 4:6-7 close to my heart.
In your anxiety remember that He is the God of peace that passes all comprehension...
Lifting you up in prayer..

At Home With Amy said...

Tammy the Lord knows exactly what your need is and I know that he is well able to bring an end to whatever is going on. Keep your feet planted firmly and do not give up on his promises to you. Sometimes our struggles are what keep us close to the Lord.
Praying for you friend,

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Tammy, I am sending love and prayers for you and hope that things are looking better. Keep your chin up and continue to be the positive person you are.
Take care

Robyn ♥ said...

Totally been there Tam!! Thoughts and prayers your way!

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

Hope things brighten up! You are in my thoughts!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Standing with you in prayer!!!

Dawn Buie said...

Tam, The task ahead of you is NEVER as great as the POWER within you! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.. philippians 4:13
I believe while in the wilderness you will learn a great deal! Be strong and keep looking up..
Tam you are doing the right thing already by going to God First and asking for prayers!
Love to you always my friend!

Roberta said...

Tammy, sorry things are so hard right now. Sometimes all we can do is lean on our faith and trust God for the outcome, because we know from past experiences and God’s promises in His Word that He does bring something beneficial out of every circumstance (Romans 8:28).

Anonymous said...

I have been away from the blogs but read your post today, and want you to know that I am praying for you. God is in control.. God is still God and God is still Good! He is right there with you through this situation and nothing comes as a surprise to Him. I hope you can gain peace from that.
Your friend,