Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hummm, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have?

Hi Everyone.

Yesterday, I decided to paint my fireplace I have in my breakfast nook.

Now I don’t know if I like it.

To me, now it doesn't show up as well as the yellow did.

Sort of just blends in with everything else, instead of catching your eye.

Does that make any sense?

Any way, here are some b4 and after photos of the breakfast nook fireplace.

Let me know what you think.


A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I think I am going to add a light coat of yellow over the black.

Sand it where the black still shows through in places.

Then stain it all again.

I'm just not feeling the solid black. ;)



Lynn Barbadora said...

i agree Tammy....I liked the mustard color better....and usually I love BLACK!

1890* said...

Yes i'm with you.. normally i love black, but your fireplace looks great with mustard.
Your new idea sounds good

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

YOu know what Tammy it hit me what you need to do...if I may have things nearby that of course are adorable but they complemented the gold. Perhaps if you hang something by the muffin tin that has black in it, it will coordinate with the black fireplace. I personally like it alot. Maybe add a small black basket, or black and tan checked napkin hanging out of the basket...or just a couple of black items...I think this may do the trick. I love your decorating and how you put vignettes together. You definitely have a decorating gift!
Hugs and blessings,

Elisha said...

I think the yellow did tie in much better.... the black almost looks like too many colors going on or something. I think your plan sounds good to paint over it

The Country Nest said...

Ok I am for the black. I love how it looks, but Tammy it is all about what makes your heart sing. It will look great either way.

At Home With Amy said...

I am definitely a lover of anything black but I do see what you mean here Tammy. Not quite sure I can put my finger on what's wrong though.

I'm not sure I like the boxes beside it. Try putting the chair back. It looked good there with that little filled bucket sitting on it.

Maybe remove a few of the things from the mantle and add them back slowly. The black makes everything look a bit busy. I didn't notice the things as much when it was mustard.

Funny how a color change can make things look so different! Don't over think it. You will figure it out.


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Tam, I am the odd man out, I like the black better, I think it pops more then the yellow did...

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I like it now, the 'after.' I think the before colors are too close together (the wall and the fireplace).

Deppen homestead 1862 said...


Just a thought~ before you paint it~ take everything you now have on it~ add some more black(like Debbie said) play with it a bit~ who knows you may like it~ you may not~
Make it your way~ I know how you feel redoing something and Urrr what did I just do!!!LOL~ You'll come up with something your home is so beautiful & displays are perfection!

Carol Roll said...

Tammy I love your before after before after giggle. I like them both. but if you keep the black i like what Debbie said about adding something black or with black to complement the new color. But painting over it and making it all chippy would be beautiful too.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Hi Tammy,
These painting decissions are never easy are they? I love the black but perhaps Debbie is right and you could play with your displays around it before you go thru all the work of painting the fireplace again. Good luck! I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect solution.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Tam, I have to say I LOVE the mustard color, I think if you painted it black it would be to dark!
So,your chose of color is beautiful!

Kerri Arthur said...

Ya, know it's weird,
One would think the black would have made the fireplace look LARGER but it doesn't it makes it look smaller...weird.

It looks great in both before and after shots, but I think you are right, it was more "there" in the lighter shade.

I know how you feel, I painted my hutch mustard and am not feeling the mustard. I am hating myself for wanting to re-paint it already...haven't told hubby yet...hee hee

will be checking to see what you decide to do.
Good Luck

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

Hi Tammy,
first of all hats off to you for the hard work!
The reason the ochre worked is it was in the same family as your wall color. Since you put so much work into it, you could lighten up those 2 walls.. or add a more distinct mantle and change the accessories. I did my kitchen a few weeks back, and all I did was change 1 paint color and I had to change everything! LOL it is a domino effect. So I went for it. Now I like it better than before!

The Wooden Acorn said...

I like both, honestly.

I think what might be troubling you is that the black is dominating all. Try adding a bit of black above the fireplace like a picture with black frame. I think it just needs to identify itself with something else that is black.

You did a good job. I hope you find a way to like it without having to paint again. Good luck!

Ann said...

Hi Tammy, I think I agree with Amy, take the boxes away from the side. I liked the chair/drieds next to the fire place better. I like both mustard and black, so I can't weigh in on that vote! ~Ann

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Wow..that was a big change.. Great job but I am with you it is drasitic and doesn't seemt to blend with all of the other colors around it. I love both ways but the first thing I noticed was the mustard 4 drawer box and thought the brown edges really slash with the Black fireplace. The walls are ok but all the accessories seem to stand out as if they don't go with the fireplace anymore. So I have to agree with those who feel changing the decor around the fire place, incorperating black to go with the new Black fireplace, like you incorperated mustard to go with the mustard fireplace, might make all the differenct in the world. Basically what I see is you took away the one thing that drew all your colors together and made it black so now you need to change things to go with the fireplace..
Then if all else fails you can always paint the fireplace Mustard again... and heavily detress it to bring out some of the black for a nice change while keeping all your accessories the same.

Good Luck and have fun with this little project..


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy! I think it looks just fine black! It's the boxes next to it distracting the eye (for me anyway!!)because your eye naturally goes to color first. I bet if you remove them you will fall in love with your original idea to use black! You have such excellent taste that I'm sure if you add small accents of black around it you will love it too! You have many great things to work with. I say give it a try before doing the work of repaint! Jeannette

Susan said...

Hi Tammy,
I do like the black a lot, but I would also add a tad bit of the yellow again and sand it down a bit. This is just my taste, of course, but I'd leave a lot of the black showing and then add more black to the surrounding area to draw that out in the fireplace. I think some nice cast iron muffin tins or cornbread trays would look cute there, and maybe a cast iron kettle or tea pot hanging inside the oven then instead of the coffee pot in there now. Everything you have on it looks just beautiful, but it was suited for the yellow fireplace more then for a black one. Goodness, that was opinionated of me, wasn't it? lol Just my take on it, though. ;-)

Hope you have a lovely day and can figure out a way to finish your fireplace that makes you happy,
Susan @CluckleBees

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Tammy, first I have to say your breakfast nooks looks great. I like the black more than the mustard. The black allows all your wonderful pieces pop out like the mustard drawer piece on the top of the mantel. That pops more with the black. Even the boxes next to the mantel stand out more. But what ever you decide to do with it, I have no doubt it will be wonderful.

Jean Barker said...

Hi tam,
I'll tell you at first I thought you should go back to the mustard color on the fireplace, but after looking at it several times my suggestion would be to paint the two yellow chairs. That will bring the room together and make the fireplace stand out again. Every time I look at the pics my eyes are drawn to the table and chairs particularly the chair color. Just a thought. I'm sure it will look great what ever you decide.

Prim Blessings,

Carmen and the Primcats said...

I liked the mustard with what you have there... but if you want to keep the black I'd do some switching.

Either way I love the fireplace!

Carmen and the Primcats

Roberta said...

Tammy, here's my two cents. I'd live with it for a couple of weeks and maybe change things around as others have suggested. But I like your suggestion of painting over it and sanding through a little as well. Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will look great! ~Roberta

Heather said...

I love the fire place before and after! I have alot of black and only a few things mustard coloured. Im not much help because I love them both the same! Sorry lol

BumbleBeeLane said...

I like both.But the black looks nice.I gotta admit I keep getting drawn to the large grater on the side.My eyes couldn't help it such candy.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Earlene said...

It' very cute but I like the mustard better.

Rosemary said...

I really like the black Tammy! You always do just the right amount and when you step back and look at it for a while I am sure you will be pleased with it. Give it time to grow on you!