Monday, April 25, 2011

Defining My Style ???

For years I have struggled with defining my style.

I follow so many blogs and there are wonderful ladies and men out there that just know what their style is.

And in every gorgeous picture they post, you know that they are “that” style.

As an example…

What decorating style comes to mind when I say the name Linda of Behind My Red Door.

Well, Colonial of course.

Linda has always had such a talent for colonial decorating.

I have always loved viewing her gorgeous photos and over all the years I have known her, she has been such an inspiration to me.

Here is another example…

What decorating style comes to mind when I say the name Dru of A Fine Farmhouse.

Okay, the blog name kind of gives it away. LOL!

But even if you didn't know the name of Dru’s blog and you just viewed her wonderful photos of her home and her creations, you would Know farmhouse was her style.

Just like Linda, Dru has an amazing talent for decorating.

And has also been such a source of inspiration to me.

These are just two of the wonderful fellow bloggers out there that are lucky enough to know what “style” they are and are so talented in the way they display it.

(Please know, there are many, many, more out there that I turn to for inspiration! I’m just using Linda and Dru as an example.)


Sometimes, I wish I knew what my style was.

Yes, I am very drawn to the Colonial style.

Especially Colonial style furniture.

And I believe it is evident when you view photos of my home.

But it is not the only style that pulls at my heart.

Primitive Farmhouse does also.

There are also touches of that throughout my home.

I don’t think I could ever give up the look of old worn farmhouse.

There is just something amazing about an item that worn and chipped.

The amazing patina of old wood.

The appeal of antique graniteware.

Plus I have quite an addiction for all old kitchenware items!

Bowls, crocks, cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc.

If it belonged in someone's kitchen in the early 1900’s of before…. then I know I would want it!


Now it comes to my latest decorating fascination.

Lately, I have been Very drawn to a more traditional, white, farmhouse style.

And I have never had white walls in my life!

Seriously, I have just never been able to get a room to look right with white walls.

But yet, here I am falling more and more in love with this gorgeous style!

Here are a few examples of what I am referring to:

(Photos property of )

I am finding myself more and more drawn to this white on white style lately.

Now, don’t look for any room transformation here anytime soon.

But I am considering maybe bringing more white into my decor pieces.

Or maybe doing my new sewing room in this style.

So this whole situation leaves me wondering….

Will I ever find just one decorating style??

Or will I always just be a mixture of a bunch of them??

I know it doesn't really matter.

We don’t have to be one style or another.

Our homes should be filled with things we love, no matter what style they fall into.

And I believe mine is.

But I would love to get to a place where I looked around my home and felt like it was finished.

Instead of finishing up a room only to find myself wanting to totally change it 6 months later. LOL!

~ Just some random thoughts I've been having lately.


Thanks for listening to me ramble. Hehee!

Until Next Time….

Take Care and Talk Soon,



Debra ~ Black Creek Colonial ~ said...

Hey Tam ~
I was just thinking about this the other day after reading a post where another blogger felt "dissed" by others in the community after she was told her blog wasn't "Colonial enough". She is thinking of closing her blog due to these remarks. Really??? How sad!
I get inspiration from so many different decorating blogs....We all have to look at our homes on a daily basis and in order to feel as though they are a place of serenity and comfort, I say decorate however you please!
Mix it up!! Farmhouse, cottage, etc... where is it written that we have to stick to one specific style??? I for one can't wait to see if you integrate more of a farmhouse look into your home! Do whatever YOU like to make your house, your home!

Unknown said...

I am with you Tammy, I seem to like so many styles, I have a hodge podge going on, but it looks good - to me at least!!

purensimple-Theresa said...

Tam, I totally relate to this thought process you are having. I too cannot find one decorating style that I truly am. I've gone from cutesy country to chippy paint to a country look and now some colonial and more simple. Not quite where I want to be but am comfortable with it for now. I love to look at others styles and incorporate bits and pieces of it into my home. So forge on my dear and know that you are not alone.
I love your home, because it reflects YOU!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Tammy I am honored that you have been inspired by my decorating because you know I have always loved yours!! And Dru's.... I LOVE her style as well and those pictures, well I certainly see why you are drawn to them as well. Like Dru's, those rooms are so peaceful and relaxing and easy on the eyes!! I so agree, we don't have to be one style or the other -just do what feels right to you. I certainly have a little prim and farmhouse mixed in with my colonial. And I know exactly what you mean about being finished --- But I am not sure we could ever feel that. LOL I think gals like us will never be done.... because our home is our passion and we might even say our hobby and there will always be someone or something else that comes along just when we think we have things the way we like it and that will inspire us and then we will need to tweak and create and redo something! If we were finished, what would we do with our creative juices?

I look forward to seeing what you add in the lighter colors! I think you are going to inpsire many others to try it too!!

Have a great day!! HUGS!!

bettyj said...

The styles you love and use may just "be your style"! Life is short, have only the things around you that you love! I think your home is gorgeous

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

I'd say your style is cozy primitive!! I'm a lot like you, I admire so many of the primitive/colonial pieces and it can be hard to blend them together sometimes. I bought a wonderful old huge wooden canted box with a hinged lid and now I can't find anywhere where it seems to work! Think it might end up on ebay soon. Love the look but just can't seem to get it to blend in anywhere. Thought about painting it but I hate to change the natural beauty of it for someone with the true early primitive look. Keep going the way you are, I love your home!! ~Kriss~

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I'm finding myself drawn to them too! I feel like I'm having a style crisis. LOL! I am thinking of changing my blog name. I am really no longer loving my mustard, cranberry and navy colors. I'm longing for a white kitchen with a farmhouse style sink. I hate to say it but I think I'm over the dark primitive grungy look. I will always love old things though.

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Tammy, I always enjoy looking at your house, it always looks so nice. But like you I love the primitive, but I am also drawn to the white farmhouse style, guess it looks so fresh and pulled together. I have just added a light blue chippy blue painted cabinet to my living area with white milk pitchers displayed in it. I really don't think I will ever be done, it is always evolving, but I always try to pick things I really love, I think thats what it is all about. I never thought I would paint my entire house a cream color but I have and I love it. I think I could easily go over to farmhouse style, love it alot. I think a mixture makes it fun, it brings your personality into each room. Vicky

Tiff said...

I struggle with this too. I like many different eras... prim, colonial, farmhouse,30' and 40's, cottage, french country, etc. So I have decided not to have a style, I will just decorate my house with things I love and feel comfortable with. I don't want my home to look like everyone elses, so I don't want just one style.
I have also been drawn to the whiter and lighter looks, and just recently took my kitchen from dark prim with Folk Art dishes through out to painted white cupboards and NO Folk Art dishes at all! And I love it so much better. I'm about to change my dining room too, to much lighter and simpler styling.

I think we all need a change once in awhile and our tastes do grow over time. Nothing wrong with that.

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

I love your style Tammy even if it has no name..I have also been drawn to the white look lately and have started down that path in a couple of rooms..I saw on another blog it referred that style to "Romantic Prairie" with the white walls chippy white furniture and faded washed out wood..I thought that was a lovely name for it so have started calling MY style that LOL...mostly I only decorate with things I love and thats what makes it original to me...

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

I look at all the blogs all the different styles and love them all~ each are so pretty in their own style~
I know with me having a rather big home~ I have a tendacy to mix things up a bit~ just because I can't redo all at once!!!
I like that white so pretty~ I have never done the white~ but so very pretty!!!!
I always look forward to your blog~ FYI~ you are very inspiring!!!

Allison said...

I love the pictures of your house!
I always think I need a few different houses so I can decorate them in all the styles I like. ;-)

Our main bathroom has Mary Englebreit pictures, I love the sayings and bright colors. Primitive is my favorite but also like colonial, some farmhouse I'm not too big on all the white. Mostly our house is 2011 kid messy and I have trouble with displays either I don't have anything tall to round stuff out or my 4 year old runs off with the displays.
There's nothing wrong with being ever changing use what you love! When I started my blog it was because I loved sewing and thought I'd be a sewing blog but I'm not, I'm not really a prim blog since I never have displays or other stuff, I just show my prim swaps, kids stuff and whatever. I would love to have a prim blog that everybody talked about ;-)but at this time in my life that's not happening.

Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

I realized that I have no style and I love it.. LOL! I love prim, colonial, cottage, vintage, country, so I have it all going on here! But I must say, I have stared at white walls for 15 years and finally one day I just got tired of the white and painted all the walls in our home rich and bold colors. I do love the white enamalware and timeworn accesories as well as the chippy, antiqued wood, tea stained, and it all goes for me! Our homes are a reflection of who we are and to just be "one style" would not work for me. My tastes do change from time to time and I get tired of certain pieces but I know there is always another treasure waiting somewhere for me to drag home to add to my collection of no style..LOL.

~Madalynne~ said...

I was a bit surprised by your post. Whenever I visit your blog, I am so impressed by how "put-together" your home is. It seems to me that your talent lies in your ability to make things blend. Maybe our styles aren't really what a room "looks" like . . . but rather what it "feels" like.

Penny said...

I'm another gal that enjoys changing things around -- even if it just means moving one piece of furniture from one room to the other! (I always blamed my mom, because that was her "style!" Now I realize there are a bunch of us out there!) I would get bored always having things the same way. I think a mix of prim, farmhouse, cottage can all work together in the right setting. No need to just stick to one decorating style! I like anything old (and somewhat beaten up!), so anything that fits that bill might just come home with me!!
Your home is beautiful -- and very inspiring! Have a happy day!

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

I think most of us are like you, we love a litle of this and a little of that!!LOL...But its ok because these are our homes, the place we make into a sanctuary for our family and friends, and I too don't think we will ever be done, because its our passion as Linda says, we love to shop for our homes and decorate them, and its ok, not everyone understands us but thats ok too, as long as our families feel the love we put into it, it doesn't matter what others think!! I love your home Tammy and look at your home pictures often!! Have a wonderful day my friend!!:0)

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Oh, Hon, when you get it finished, what is left? Nothing to do? You couldn't stand that! We need to tweak and change, grow and learn. Back in the day, you didn't have all these media outlets to let you know what others were doing. And everyone thought they had the same simple things--what we actually needed. Now that was primitive! Now we have many choices and a lot of us go back to wanting what our ancestors had--just a lot more of it that we don't use! (guilty)
Yes, I love being surrounded by the things I love, whether they are new, old or re-dids. I love all colors including black and white. I have satisfied myself with small touches of everything--never painted any huge piece of furniture or cabinetry black or white. Easier to change when the urge strikes. I think the most important thing is to be happy where you are, with what you are surrounded by and knowing that you are free to change anything you want!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Tam....Isn't that why they came up with the word "eclectic"?? But I (like many other followers it seems) know exactly what you're saying. For me, personally, I am so drawn to the minimalist style these days - to see a room that is essentially (i.e., barely) furnished, with just one or two "raw" pieces on a shelf or cupboard draws me like nothing else. And I say - "THAT'S what I want!" Alas, I will never have it I fear - because I love too MANY things and styles. And I cannot (check - will not) sacrifice them for just that ONE style. What - give up my chocolate molds, my steiff, my pounce pots, my iron stone, my butter presses, my baskets, my putz, my candle molds, get the picture....And then there's the quirky side of me - can't resist a good vintage red and white step stool or funky green bread box. And, yes, there's still a little corner of my heart that's respects Victorian (shhh! Did I just say that??!) - I've gotten over using it in my home - but, a frilly little valentine, or needlepouch or whatever will still tempt me. I was the same way in college - how could I possibly declare a major when I loved it all - science, art, history, math...So, I went for anthropology - because within that one field, I could have it all...So, I'm trying to adjust to that's what I am - I like to think I just have a greater apprecition for a variety of things, while others really prefer one thing. Sorta like music - could I give up my folk and country and declare myself just a classical music lover? Sorry - no. I admire the classical music "purists" (and granted, they probably will have a larger collection of it and be more of an expert in it than I ever will be - but, to me, life is all about the variety...and I'm ok with that...)
Sorry to have rambled...but it's a subject I have struggled with lately myself....Whatever you want to call your style (and you do have one), I love it. Hugs & Smiles, Robin

BumbleBeeLane said...

This has been on my mind lately too.I've just been trying to simplify and go with pieces I really love that way I can see what I adore without being drawn in a million directions.I always adored the white.Chipping peeling white furniture,white washed galvanized,old buckets,curtains.I also like rustic,prairie,colonial and a little shabby chic thrown in the mix.Always go were your heart takes you and it'll never go out of style.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Intentional Living Homestead said...

I LOVE everything Primitive...but also struggle to know my style...our homestead is not any particular kind...and our furniture is very ecclectic...I love country, colonial, shabby I totally understand your dilemna...Oh well, so glad I happened across your blog, cause now I just might find my style through YOUR blog:-)


Primitive Echoes said...

i feel the same way as you. I love the colonial, farmhouse, and the white is so pretty. I have been looking at that as well. We do live in a large farmhouse but I have not fully defined every room. I even like the white, victorian looking style. Not sure what it is. Since I am not the only one living in the house I sometimes have to sneak a style or two in lol.
Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking

Anonymous said...

hi Tammy! I just spent my day off friday removing country/prim putting more white including curtains basically wasting my day off because today Saturday and everything I carried to the basement including curtains - well it's all back where it was! yelled at myself and said leave it alone you will have more time to do what needs to be done! I too like all comments before me like all styles and feel I need to have one style to "fit in" which is why my blog hasn't been updated. BUT I always end up changing back!! I too have decided to just use what I have and be done with it! Besides after a while the white thing gets a little boring for me even if it is refreshing for a day! I think blogging has caused many of us to question our styles and try to name it! YOUR HOME AND "TASTE" ARE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL AND COZY - SAVE YOURSELF, LEAVE AS IS AND WALK AWAY!!!LOL
Sincerely Jeannette aka Country J

~Sara said...

Your home looks very beautiful and inviting. It is always a dilema for me to incorporate all of the things that I love and have them all co-exist. My home is always a work in progress, I never stop moving and changing. Thanks for the inspiration. ~Sara