Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just Wanted You To Know...

I am working on clearing out my blog list.
I follow over 800 blogs!!
And I recently noticed that a lot of them are closed down or havent posted in over a year.
So I am going to be trying to clear these out.
I will be adding my blog roll back to the sidebar soon.
As soon as I can get these cleared out some.
I think it may be making my blog load slow because of all of them.
So I hoping to fix that.
Thanks so much,


~Judy~ said...

I just cleaned out mine recently too.

dee begg said...


Great reminder that a little housekeeping is in order.


Annesphamily said...

Happy Mother's Day crafty lady! I think of you often and enjoy knowing you. I too, need to clear out my blog roll. Lots of folks decided to stop blogging. I enjoy it so much but need to do some updating. Love and hugs to you. I love my Pumpkin Head girl! Anne

Tiff said...

Yowzers! 800?!!! that's going to take a bit to go through. I need to do mine too, I have a few that don't seem to be posting anymore, but I just keep hoping that they come back one day :)

Primitive Echoes said...

Wow that is a lot of blogs. I hope they don't all post in one day, you will be reading forever.
Happy Mother's Day

Jessica said...

You're as bad as me. *grin* I was close to 800 and am now under 500 I think. Thankfully most bloggers don't blog daily or I'd never catch up! I use Google Reader and their categories, makes reading easier.

Have a great mom's day!

Blessings from Jessica

TheCrankyCrow said...

Good luck with THAT Tam - maybe reloading will help - but, when I had the blogger glitch with my "blogs I'm following" and my reading list disappearing, I discovered there are lots of folks with problems with that issue, followed blogs issues, etc. I haven't been able to see my followers list for half of forever - the only way I know is if they leave a comment! Smiles & like I said - LUCK! ~ Robin

The Frenzied Fox said...

800?! Wow--that's amazing but I see how it happens--when I am on art websites I tend to follow more than I can actually handle too! Good luck with that!