Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weather Woes And Some Other Stuff

Hi Everyone!

Well, it has been a busy week for me.

Besides driving my bottom off ;)

I have been working on some goodies for Tricia.

She and I have decided to do a personal swap with each other.

I've been making some new type of things.

And having fun tormenting Tricia by refusing to give her any hints about them. LOL!!

Hey, these days I’ll take my giggles anywhere I can get them. ;)

It can be hard to keep ones spirits up in this weather!!

Stupid rain!

I swear, I'm going to start building my Ark soon!

So, fellow Southern Illinoisan, reserve your seat.

I will be taking reservations in pairs only!! Hehee!

We have been lucky so far to miss most of the severe weather like the deep South has gotten.

And my heart does go out to everyone down there.

I continue to remember them all in my prayers.

As for us in the Heartland….

We have rain and lots of it.

So much that we are dealing with flooding.

Here are some photos I took with my iPhone while out delivering.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

All of these photos are of farm land, Not ponds!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Yes, even this below photo is of farm land!

Those are tree you see the tips of back there.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

And the rain doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

It is raining right now and is expected to continue for the next couple of days.

My home is in no danger of any flooding, Thank God.

But the the Big Muddy River does run right out side our town.

And for the first time in my life, or at least as far as I can remember, the road that runs over it closed because of standing water.

The problem is Southern IL is surrounded by rivers, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Wabash River, and I believe there are more but this I can recall right now.

And with all of these rivers, comes flooding when you get as much rain as this area has gotten lately.

Our courts had to recently decide whether to flood a town or over 200 acres of farm land.

And what does this mean with all the flooding to all all these farm lands…. higher prices at the store!

I haven’t even noticed the farmers out this year so far.

Because the fields are way too wet.

With all the craziness going on right now I think it is important to remember to beautiful things in this world.

And when Brett and I were heading home we came upon something spectacular!

A Full Rainbow!!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I had to break it up into the three photos because it was so huge it wouldn't fit any other way.

Not very often do I see a full one.

Isn’t it Gorgeous!

The other day I did see a half one…

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

But nothing comes close to the beauty of the full one.

Well, this next photo does come close….

I was driving down my road today and had to stop because the road was being used!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I didn't honk, I just Slowly drove behind, smiling ear to ear, as Mommy, Daddy, and babies made there away across the road.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Aren’t they so cute!

Oh yes, it is so important to stop, notice and enjoy the beauty around us.

Before I sign off, I wanted to let you all know that I have spent the entire day listing new items in my Etsy Shop.

So when you get time, stop by for a visit.

I still have more to get on, hopefully I will have time tomorrow to get it done.

Also, be sure to check out my previous post where I show off my newest teddy bear creation.

This one is made from vintage fur, but I do have some burlap bears coming soon!

Well, hopefully soon. :)

And one final update…

So far no construction!!


Brett and I have removed the carpeting, stained all the wood, and now we are just waiting for the contractor to come put it up on the staircase.

Until then, I am living with this right inside my from door.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Now isn't that sooo attractive.

Yes, I like primitive but this is a bit too much even for me. Hehee!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

I recently hit 700+ followers, so keep an eye out for a giveaway coming soon!

Until Next Time….

Take Care and Blessings to you All!!



Cyn said...

Tammy..we could use some rain in just send it here! I bet your stairs will be beautiful! Love the little cute!!..they seemed to be "hogging" the road a bit LOL



Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi Tam, You can tease me all you want if it puts a smile on your face and you can giggle, WOOHOO that is A OKAY with me!!!It is driving me CRAZY about our swap. Just one letter and Hubby is teasing me as well.
I love ya anyway!!!

The pictures of the flooding is horrible to see, all that farmland. Then the picture of the rainbow are AWESOME and the Mommy,Daddy and babies crossing the street was SO CUTE!
That picture put a huge smile on my face.
I also can't wait to see the stairs done. You both did alot of work!I know that it is going to be beautiful.
Please be careful in the rain if you are driving!

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

We are getting alot of rain in Maine Lately too. Sunny today but then Rain the rest of the week. UGH!!! I love love love the picture of the Geese and their babies. So cute
Take care and have a great week

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hi Tammy! The flooding is terrible isn't it? We have had a ton of rain here too...I'm also having basement flooding issues so all the rain has been too much fun!! Thankfully we have had no tornadoes here. Today is actually the anniversary of a tornado that destroyed our home in 1983 when I was a teenager so I feel terrible for all those that have been affected, I know what they are going through! Thank God we had no fatalities.... Your stairs are going to be great, can't wait to see them finished. Heading over to etsy to check your listings. Have a great day!! ~Kriss~

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Wow Tammy - loved your post today. The flooding pictures are terrible! We have had our share around here too, and now they are calling for another 2" by Wednesday...I am just hoping and praying that isn't true, or our son's house may get flooded. Despite it all, you saw a rainbow, and that is a sign, I think, that no matter what happens, there is still beauty and hope!
Have a wonderful week dear!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Tam~ We've had a ton of rain about 10 inches in one month.Broke the record.Be careful if you are driving in roads flooded over.The rainbow is so pretty.The ducklings sweet! Have a great week!~Amy

Angela said...

Good morning. There seems to be weather woes all over. We have had the horrible storms here in the south, luckily we have been spared damage, except for the nerves. It has been a little too close for comfort. Those flooded farmlands are so sad. I feel for farmers and will feel for all of us later when food prices continue to rise. But then the beautiful rainbow. God put it there to give us a promise of better times to come. Your stairs will be beautiful. I want Mr.P. to remove carpet from ours and redo them. That will be a job for winter. I don't think our wood under carpet will be pretty enough. We don't remember when we built the house. You take care when out driving with all that water. Have a great weeek.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Tammy, here in WI we are getting a lot of rain and gloomy skies. But I haven't seen that much flooding ~ Yikes.
Hang in there hopefully it will get better soon.
Enjoyed all your pics. The ducklings are adorable.
Prim Blessings

Sew Many Raggedies said...

What a shame about all the flooding going on. We've had record rain, but no flooding. Thank God. The rainbow is just beautiful ~ a sign of God' promise. And that little family of geese ~ how sweet. Just makes your heart sing.
Prim Blessings,

Jean Barker said...

Hi Tam,
What a beautiful pic of the rainbow. I've not seen any yet, but our farmers fields looked like those in your pics last week. We finally had a few days of sun so the ground is slowly drying, but we are suppose to get more rain this week. ugh! The Mamma and Dad with their babies is sweet~ thank you for sharing. I hope your contracter starts on your stairs soon~ I know how much of a pain it is to want something done and have to wait for it.
Have a great week.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow - you're so close, and yet I didn't know there was so much tragedy. We had tornadoes wreak havoc a few weeks ago, and since it has turned cold, windy, and rainy - but no flooding, thankfully. Take good care. (Love the little duckies!) The rainbow has to be a good sign, no?? Smiles & Hugs, Robin

Earlene said...

I was amazed at all the flooding I saw this weekend. I couldn't tell where it started or ended.
Love the duck family.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Tammy
So much rain~ here in my neck of the woods in Ohio~ no field have been touched~ We usually have our plowing done~ Oats in the ground & growing~ and working the ground for corn~ Not even close to it yet!
Your pictures are good~ love the pretty ones~ the rainbow~ the Geese!
The stairway will be beautiful~ just be patient~ I know where you are coming from my Kitchen still a mess~driving me crazy~ I won't let anyone in the home~ I have all my kitchen furniture scattered over the home~ stove in dining room~I am like OMG!!!!