Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Does Blogging Mean To You??

That is what I have spent some time thinking about today.
And here is what I have came up with so far.

Most importantly, it has opened doors for me to meet so many wonderful people.
Ones that open up and share a small part of their life with us.

Now yes, I can admit, I am drawn to the decorating blogs.
But not all of them that I enjoy are these types.

I follow some that never even talk about decorating.
They just share what all is going on in their lives.
A part of me wishes I could be more like that.

Others never talk about their decor, but always show off some amazing creation they have made.
Also there are ones that show off their shops.
And of course, there are ones that share a mixture of it all.

I so enjoy them all.
Blogging gives inspiration!
All of you bloggers inspire me so!
You help me get ideas of things I would love to do in my home.

And the thing of it is...
It is Not a "Keeping Up With The Jones" type of situation.

I don't feel the need to do something just because someone else did.

It is an inspiration that fills me, that makes me want to get up and paint that wall, change that display, try to think up something new to do here or there.
Because it makes me happy.
Happy to feel like I'm caring for home.
Happy to show the love I have for it.
Happy to give my family a nice place to come to, relax and hopefully be proud of.

And the friendship and support I gotten through the years in amazing.
So many of you have been there with me through the good times and the bad.
You have prayed with me, cried with me, listened to me vent, rejoiced with me, and followed me through all the small journey's in the my life over the past couple of years.
And to say Thank You doesn't come close to repaying you.
But none the less, I do thank you more than you will know.

I do try to make my blog fun for my followers.
Thinking up swaps, linky parties, giveaway, etc.
Because I want you all to enjoy visiting.
And because it helps me feel like I am giving back to all of you.

Now, I can admit....
I do sometimes use my blog for pimping my website or my Etsy shop.
But hey, you never know, I may have something you would love to buy. :)

And sometimes my blog can be boring!
I can admit that.
Mainly because I'm boring.
I try to keep it fun and exciting but who am I kidding, this Southern IL. gal hasn't done anything exciting in so many years!! Hehee!
 I am limited in the types of experiences I can share.

So I keep blogging, filling with things I enjoy about others blogs.
And Yes, I do enjoy seeing what others bought and found while junking!

I'm stilling drooling over Marie's (OLM) graniteware Cereal container!!

All I can say is....
This silly little blog might be all over the place at times.
As are my hormones lately.
But one thing I can promise...
It will always be Me.
The good, the bad, and Yes, the boring at times.

I thank you all for stopping by.
And for giving me a place to retreat to.
A place to come for inspiration and friendship.
A place to know that there are others in the world like me. ;)

And that is what Blogging is to Me.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Tammy~

I just wanted to comment to let you know how much I appreciate YOU!! Your blog is truly an inspiration for someone like me who is very computer challenged and has to have help ALWAYS from her hubby to even have a blog! I have come a long way but have such a long way to go and love learning from someone like you who does so many creative things! I know my limits but am always trying to grow, so THANK YOU for being that for me! I think one of the main joys of blogging is to find someone else who you feel connected to and realize you have a genuine "kindred Spirit" out there to come along side and encourage you! YOU are one of those and I encourage you to KEEP BEING YOU!!
Blessings and Smiles~~

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Girl, if someone wants to see or read about~ one of the reasons we blog~ I invite you all to come over to my blog today & see my post ~ then please read a comment left by Angela at~
I was so touched by it~ I still have goosebumps~

Blogging gives us an escape~ even if for a moment~ pure simple relaxation in many ways~ kindness~ caring~ sharing~Cryin~ Prayin, Giggling~ smilin~

Hugs to you Tam for being you!!!Teresa

~Sara said...

Tammy, Thank you for sharing... your blog, your life and thoughts on people and blogs. This blogging is still new to me. I sure wish I had someone to come behind be and tell me how to do certain things, how to change my blog lay out, and link places, oh well it will come. There are so many things that I am surprised that I can even do by myself now. lol I too feel that people are saying -"all they are doing is bragging"; (they say that on facebook as well) it so drives me crazy because I know I have so much I can learn from others and the inspiration that I receive is amazing and Lord knows I need constant motivation and this blogging sure "helps"! Please Please, keep on doing what you do and being who you are!! ~Sara
ps- still praying for your daughter

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I have met so many nice friends since I have started blogging. It really helps to have friends that understands and gives us a boost by just saying hello or just being there. I know that it has helped me a great deal.
I appreciate all of my blog friends that I have met and will meet.
Country at heart

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Tammy - I enjoyed reading your blog today - it really hit home....I feel the same way so much of the could have been written by me! But I could never be as eloquent with words. I love meeting, greeting, learning and being inspired by all of our blogging friends - what a lovely thing the internet can be when it brings new friends into our life.

Your blog makes us happy, and we love to follow you...thanks for being YOU!



Hi Tammy.
You are such an inspiration to people, and you are everything I would like to be. i love the people i have met, but I guess I am just backward about posting. I am hoping it will get better some day. You are one of the sweetest, most beautiful people ever, and I hope you never change. I laugh with you and I cry with you, whether I post about it or not. Don't ever change!!!!!
Lots of Hugz to a special lady, Linda

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Tam, I enjoy your blog and all the great ideas you give to us gals.
You are an inspiration just not to me but to alot of other follower's!!!!

This is what we love to do, post pictures and sometimes vent about something that has happend in our life and that is okay.I think that it should be fine to do once in awhile. You know who your friends are, your TRUE friends, and Tam you are a dear freind to me!!!!!!!

We all learn from one another and are we there for one another. Alot of friendships have grown through blogging! DON'T change one thing about blogging and DON'T change anything about you!
You have ben through alot last week and I now your heart is still hurting, I am praying for you and remember your daughter is a strong young woman and will be fine, just like you her MOTHER!

You are a wonderful and dear friend to me! Love ya!!! XOXOX


Trace4J said...

Hello Friend
I truly enjoy your blog and your post today. Funny even though I have never met you..I feel as I know you..You welcome us in to your home like old friends. Cozy home.
Hugs Granny Trace

Earlene said...

Blogging fits my style so much more than facebook. I get lots of inspiration from others and so appreciate the kindness and having so many things in common. Tammy you are not boring silly girl!

Roberta said...

You're so right, Tammy. I too appreciate when bloggers share photos of their decor and in doing so share a little bit of themselves and their passions. It's amazing that we have the ability to connect with others with similar interests across so many miles! Reading blogs is inspiring, energizing and somewhat addictive! Thanks for a great, thought provoking post. ~Roberta

Unknown said...

so well stated Tam...Don't know what I did before meeting all of my prim blog friends!! I love all the sharing, friendships and inspiration too!
patti ;)

jennifer768 said...

Tammy you are an inspiration to so many of us and I for one have always enjoyed your blog.I may be a new blogger but I have read and visited many of you for the last couple of years. I find that blogging is all about friendship and that having each other just helps to strengthen us when we need the strength. I value and thank you for your friendship,Jen

Shirley Pumpkin said...

Tammy I love your blog, I might not always comment on things but I love your home and the pictures you share. I have a card blog and it is nice that we don't even do the same kind of things but you have come by and said hi to me too, and that always makes my day. Because your blog and a few others I have started showing pictures of my home and my collectables with all my cards. Thanks for all inspiration.


bettyj said...

Tam, I have gotten so much enjoyment reading your blog, as well as others. Sometimes I wonder why I blog, I don't really have any talents to share, no words of wisdom, or anything so I oftern question why I do it. The answer is I have made some really nice friends, have learned from them, and so the beat goes on. You do so much for the enjoyment of others, swaps, our PT idea, etc. I know you didn't post the question to get accolades, but you deserve them.
Keep it up!

Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Tam, you took the words right out of my mouth. I think your words hold true for so many of us in blogland.
I know my blog is a mish/mash of many things, I like being able to share everything from decorating, my creations to daily life in general. I have "met" so many wonderful people through blogging and it keeps getting better.
I always enjoy visiting you here, you always have so much to share!


oldepearprimitives said...

I am so glad you have your blog! I have enjoyed reading it and getting to know you. And I am so glad that I won one of your awesome giveaways. Every Christmas I put out my goodies from you and they make me smile. Without your blog I never would have gotten to know you. And I would never have met a more sweeter, kinder person ever. So, thank you for posting on your blog and letting everyone get to know you. And thank you too for being an inspiration to me. :)



BumbleBeeLane said...

Sweetie~ You said it enjoy my visits with you and honestly haven't been bored yet.LoL..The thing I like about blogs are so many people that are kindred spirits and there to give you a boost if you need it.Honestly the most caring, giving people.Better than most people we know face to face.And if they are not Oh Well you can always push the stop following button..LoL..So glad to call you friend!~Amy

Firecracker Kid said...

Blogging lets me know what's going on out there and sometimes reminds me that I'm very fortunate and makes me thankful for my life and everything I have. I certainly couldn't keep up with any Jones' that's for sure. It's good for a giggle or a good cry. I love all the positivity exuded by all the gals and guyz in blog land. Especially during these negative times we're experiencing.
Let it be known, girl you are definitely not boring and I'm very glad I found you:)