Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now On To Christmas!

Whew!! This past week went by in a Flash!!!

Monday was me and Brett’s 24th wedding anniversary.

We had a good day even though we really didn't do anything spectacular.  He took me out to eat for lunch and then we went and walked through the mall.

It was nice just getting away and spending a little alone time together.  Here lately we haven't had much free time, so it was nice to just hang out together.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent cleaning.

Seriously cleaning non stop for 2days.

I’m good at straightening the house up, I do it everyday.

To actually CLEAN, well, not so good at that. ;)

But since Thanksgiving was going to be at our house this year, it had to be done.

OMGoodness, I was sore from head to toe after that! LOL!

Thursday was insane!!!

It was a great day, just Very Busy!

We ate around 1:30.  We had more food than we have ever had in the past.

*Thanks to mom and Sis! What would I do without them!!

This year my sister decided she and I would do a Pinterest challenge.

And what I mean by that is…

We both picked out recipes from our Pinterest boards and made them for Thanksgiving.

Here are the two I made…

(Yes, they are both deserts.  Remember I don't cook, I  bake. Hehee!)


(Photo from Pinterest.)

Cake batter rice crispies


Now, these I didn’t really care for.

They were okay, but I think I like regular rice crispies better.

My hubby, on the other hand, Loved them.  He said they were the best ever.

My next one was…


(Once again, Pinterest photo.)

No-Bake Boston Cream Pie Strata Ice box cake from

Now this was Yummy!!

One thing I did different was I added a container of Cool Whip to my pudding.  It makes it creamier plus it goes farther.

*And one thing I will be doing differently next time, Instead of chocolate frosting I will be using white or cream cheese frosting.  I think it would be better.

The chocolate wasn't bad but, IMO, a white frosting would taste better.

Around 6 pm we headed off to see the Newest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part One.

It was enjoyable, but I wasn't ready for it to end.

It was getting really good and Poof! Over till next movie!

Around 10 pm we headed to Wal-Mart.

OMGosh!! That place was insane!


And Wal-Mart gets an “F” in my book for organization and for being prepared for the sale.

It was mayhem!!

If the fire marshal would've came by he would have shut the place down.  Way too many people inside the building.

I lasted about 3 minutes in the store!

Then I told my Mom and sister I was heading over to Target to save our place in line.

I would rather stand outside in the cold, then fight the crowd in this place.

So that is what I did.

About 10:20pm I was standing outside in line at Target.

*I like Target more than Wal-Mart anyway!! :)


This was the crowd in front of me.  Not too bad.  I was on the edge of the building.  I should have taken a photo of the one behind me, they were wrapped around the backside of the building. :0

An hour and 40 minutes later the doors opened.

It went pretty quick from there.

And Target deserve an “A” grade for their organization and being prepared for the sale.

It was Very crowded but yet they had everything all set up for it.  *Good job Target!

Now, I have heard of all the terrible things that happened throughout the nation on Black Friday.

I personally didn't experience any of it.

The worst thing I saw was some teenager in front of me kept letting their friends cut in line with them.

But I also saw some acts of kindness. 

People getting carts for strangers when they saw an empty one. 

People telling strangers where they could find this or that when they over heard them talking about not being able to find something.

Complete strangers laughing and talking in what seemed to be the never ending check out lines.

The way I see it…

If you are a mean spirited person, it is amplified on Black Friday.

But the same is true if you are a good person, it is also amplified on Black Friday.

I personally will never understand the violence that has taken place. 

People it only THINGS!!!

Certainly not worth hurting someone over.

If you want one bad enough… get in line early to make sure you get one!

When we were going to the movie, which is across the street from Target, people were already lined up. 

6 hours before the doors opened!

I would never do that! But they were, and to me those people deserve to get the item before me because their butts were standing out in the cold way before me! ;)

We got home from there about 2:30 am.

Then me and my sister headed over to the Carbondale mall around 3 Am.

The parking lot was packed but inside the mall didn't seem too bad.

We looked a bit at Macy’s, then headed to JC Penney’s.

WOW!! I wish I had some “ME” money.

JCP had some awesome household sales!!

I finally got home around 5:30 AM and Brett was up getting ready for work.

So I hung out with him till he left around 6Am.

And then finally went to bed!!

I haven't been up this late since High School. :)

Nearly 24 hours since I had woke up the day before.

I woke up at 9 Am on Friday, but quickly decided it was too early to get up.

Three hours of sleep just wasn't enough!

So I went back to bed until 11Am.

*You would've thought my shopping would be done!!

But nope, around 5 pm I had to go back to the Mall with Kortney so she could pick out some thing's.

We had a pretty good time, it was just tough because I was still so tired and truthfully had enough of the Mall for the day.

She did find some things and we went and had a nice late Supper.

It was 9:30 pm by the time we got home, needless to say, I was still exhausted.

By 10 pm I was back in bed for the night.

Saturday, after work, I did nothing but lay on the couch and watch cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies. :)

It felt great to do nothing!!!!

Which brings us to today.

I have started dragging out my Christmas decorations.

It will probably take me a week to get the house completely decorated.  It usually does.

I don't know, I may simply my decorations this year.

I feel like trying something different.

Who knows though, once I get started and get in the “Mood” I may not be able to stop myself.


I will be sure to take some photos when ever I do get things finished up.

OMGosh! This sure has been a long winded post.

I hope I didn't put you to sleep with all my babbling.

I guess I will end things here and get back to the tree and stuff.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!

Take care and talk soon,


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TheCrankyCrow said...

You are nutty crazy Girlfriend!! No way would you find me close to a store on Black Friday....Let's just say I'm not that fond of crowds...In fact, if I could, I'd avoid all stores until say February? Hope it was worth it and you got some great deals....Your Boston Cream strata looks yummy....So who won the challenge??? Wishing you a great week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Pam B said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary and Thanksgiving! I have to hand it to you, I wouldn't be caught dead in those shopping crowds...I'm getting too old for that!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your Christmas decorating...


Carol Stuck said...

You are far braver than I....I haven't been out shopping the day after Thanksgiving in years. One time was good enough for me. I will let the youngins fight the crowds.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!!! I look forward to seeing pics of your holiday decor. You always do such a beautiful is very inspiring.

I am still enjoying my little bear!

hugs and smiles,

bettyj said...

you are brave to shop the night away. I did a lot on line,in the comfort of my own chair. I just signed up for your give away. Don't know how I missed it.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

OMG, Tammy, that No-Bake Boston Cream Pie looks delicious. I like no-bake! Speaking of Walmart and Black Friday, never again. I went last year and I was in a wheelchair after back surgery. Do you know that when John went to get a laptop for me, someone actually SHOVED me and I went flying across the floor! Honestly, was that necessary? There are always way too many people in those buildings, you are right. I don't know how they allow that. I will never go to one of those again. We needed a new washer/dryer and we bought them online at Home Depot and saved
$400 on each one! There was our Black Friday, complete with free shipping to our house! And, I didn't get shoved once.
Warm Wishes,

frontporchprims said...

Long winded or not I enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you had a great time shopping and spending time with your family. We didn't shop Black Friday morning but went out at night instead. The crowds were all gone and the deals too but we had a date together and that's all that mattered. I am trying to get my decorating done too but it doesn't take me a week. I just don't have that much. I think a lot of people are trying to simplify this year. Have fun. -Steph-

Friendship Crossing said...

Wow Tammy1 I'm tired just reading about all your shopping!! LOL

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

(You forgot to mention which group you wanted to be included in my giveaway)~sorry, I couldn't get your email to show up cuz of my security thingy.
Just email me if ya want.


Kendra said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Kendra

GailinVirginia said...

YIKES, I am glad I chose your blog to get back to reading...awesome go girl:) You made me laugh ...OH, and belated Happy Anniversary wishes:)
I think yours is the ~longest~ post I've ever read:) and enjoyed.

Take care,