Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Because Giveaway :)

APP ~Tammy

Well, I decided to do a doll giveaway!!

I had been thinking about a fun twist for a giveaway, but it will have to wait until next time.

Life's too hectic right now.  I’m sure most of you can relate. :)

What’s the occasion for the giveaway??

Absolutely nothing, I just want to give back to all my fabulous followers.

So, I’m offering a chance to win this primitive rag doll.

Of course, she must bring her little church doll along too!!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

This primitive set was handmade by me.

The large doll measures approx. 18.5" tall and approx. 11" at the widest points.

I made her to look like a make-do doll a Mommy may have created for her daughter many years ago.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I used old cotton fabric for the body.

You may notice the white on white patches; these are true old repairs that were on the fabric when I cut out the body.

How wonderfully Prim!!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

The colored fabric patches are also made from early fabric, but I added them to give the baby more of a worn and repaired appearance.

Everything was hand or machine sewn, no glue.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

She is rag stuffed which gives her that wonderful old lumpy weight and feel.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I made her dress from vintage brown checked cotton fabric.

Her apron is made of two true, antique, blue calico fabrics.

Her bonnet is made from an old quilt top.

*I just love brown and blue together!

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Her church doll is made of burlap and rag stuffed.
Primitive clothing made from vintage fabrics.
The church doll measures approx. 6" tall by 2.5" wide.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I put both dolls and their clothing through an aging process that gives them that wonderful olde', prim, worn appearance.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Now on to the RULES of the giveaway:

1 ~ You must be a follower of my blog.

(Yes, new followers are welcome to join in too!)

2 ~ You must live in the USA or Canada.

3 ~ You must provide me with an email address, if you don't have a blog or don't have an email linked to your blog.

*You can’t win if I don’t have a way of getting a hold of you.

4 ~ You must comment on This Blog Post stating you would like to be entered.

Above are the requirements for the giveaway. You must meet all 4 to receive 1 entry into the giveaway.

For Bonus Entries

You may post about the giveaway with a link back to my blog on …

~ Your blog sidebar (1 bonus entry)

~ Actual blog post ( 2 bonus entries)

Also, you can bonus entries by

~ Follow me through “Linky Followers” ( 2 bonus entries)

~ Follow My Selling Blog (2 bonus entries)

**These are Not mandatory to enter.**

*But if you choose to do them, please let me know, so I can give you your bonus entries.

Please list them all in One Comment

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

You may use the photo below for posting on your blog.

APP ~Tammy

The last day to enter the giveaway is…

 April 19th, 2012.

I will announce the winner on:

Friday, April 20th.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

              Good Luck!!



Sheree said...

I love your makedo doll giveaway contest please enter me in it and i love your blog always reading it. Blessings

Unknown said...

So I just got online and here you are :)
Ok, here goes:
I am a follower, I live in the USA, you have my email and this is my comment "I would love to be entered into your giveaway, I adore your doll"!
In addition:
I will post to my sidebar
I have joined your selling blog
I have joined you thru linky
Hopefully I got that all right!!
Thanks so much for the chance at this cute giveaway,

alltheseboys said...

Tammy I absolutely love her. I too have fallen in love with the blues and browns! I never thought there would be a color that would overtake my love of red, lol! And isn't it just perfect that the walls in my new house, diningroom and kitchen...are brown on the bottom! I'm going to slowly add more brown and blue!! Think I may even need to paint a few pieces of furniture. So wouldn't she just go perfect!!! Lol.. I've done a blog post about her, added her to my sidebar, and am following your selling blog! Thanks for such a great giveaway! Katie

WoolenSails said...

I love your doll and the fabrics you used, she is wonderful and I would love a chance to have her come and live with me.


~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Tammy, your dolls are adorable! Please enter me, I am a follower, I have posted on my sidebar and an actual post and I am following your selling blog!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!
hugs, Trish

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Tammy: The doll is awesome! You have outdone yourself with this one. She is adorable!!!

I am a follower, live in the US, am leaving a comment and you have my addy.
I am posting to my sidebar.
I am a follower of your selling blog.
I am a linky follower.


Penny said...

Wow! What a great giveaway, Tam!! Please enter me.... I only fit the basic rules, so no extra entries for me, but I'm feeling lucky!!! Love the blues and browns, too.... these dolls would look fabulous with the samplers I'm making in the same colors.....
Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such a sweet doll and baby!!!
I'm a follower of course and would love to be entered in!!!
I'll post on my sidebar!!!
Prim Blessings

Unknown said...

I can't get over how much I love this! Please enter me! I'm a follower, I'm following your selling blog, I've done a post and added your giveaway to my sidebar :)

Gayle said...

Wow Tammy - What a special doll! Your work is always spectacular and this time is no exception. I meet all the requirements to be entered in your giveaway - hope I'm the lucky winner!

Jen said...

Wow she is so perfectly prim, I love her! I am a follower of your blog, and I did add your giveaway to my sidebar. I would LOVE to be entered! Thanks so much
The Olde Willow~Jen~

Danice G said...

Tammy this doll is beautiful. I have the giveaway on my sidebar :)

~Sara said...

Oh Tammy she is gorgeous.I would love to give her a home! Please enter me. I am a follower of your selling site as well as a regular follower of yours. :) I am going now to blog about you. lol Blessings for a wonderful weekend. ~Sara

Mary said...

Hi Tammy ...I love your rag doll. I am a follower, posted on sidebar and did a post on it. Mary

Lynn said...

Hi Tammy,
I am a follower and I would love to own one of your creations!This sweet doll would have a place of honor in my master bedroom!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Tammy-
What an adorable doll. And Blues and Browns are my favorite colors. She would so fit in at my house, Lol!
Please enter me!
*I am a follower.
*I live in the U.S.
*I posted on my sidebar.
*I now follow your selling Blog!
*This is my comment.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh Tam she is just so prim wonderful! She really does look like one a momma created 100 years ago.I'm in for two tries.Posted to my blog and met all the other requirements.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

Lovin your sweet doll. The colors are beautiful together.
I am a follower
I live in US
I joined your selling blog.
Blessings Friend

A Primitive Homestead said...

They are both so precious. I would love to be entered. Thanks. Blessings!

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Tam,
Your doll is adorable! Please enter me in this beautiful giveaway. I am a follower, I have posted on my sidebar. Have a great weekend!

Cindi said...

I would love to be entered to win the cute dolls! I am a follower and a linky follower, I followed your selling blog and I will post this on my sidebar so if I counted right that is 6 entries. thanks for the great giveaway! Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Tam, she is just so prim and I love anything blue.
I am a follower
I live in the USA
I have a blog and will post on my
I would love to have a chance to adopt her.
Country at heart

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Tammy,I am a new follower and blogger. Love the prim doll,have just the perfect place for her,on a old rocker. Please enter me,thanks. Francine.

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy!
Count me in!
I'll place this on my blog's sidebar!
Thank you!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh My Tam, she is wonderful! I love her!!! Of course I am a follower and on your selling blog as well!!! OLM

Primsue said...

Tammy, I would love to be entered in your give away. She is adorable and would look perfect in my blue/brown guest room.

I am a follower of this blog and I just became a follower of your selling blog. I tried to post this on my side bar but I couldn't get it to save - I have been having trouble with blogger. I will try again later.


Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tammy, I love your doll, she does look old and time worn. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am a follower and have just joined your selling blog. Have a great day! hugs, Lecia

Faye Henry said...

I love your dear doll, Tammy.. It is lovely and would feel right at home here, I hope.. smile.
I will follow you on linky and add your giveaway to my sidebar..
God bless..

usagypsy said...

I just love her! I have a friend here she would like. They could sit together and hold hands and be good friends. She just precious!

TheCrankyCrow said...

She is absolutely, positively, adorable Tammy! That endearing little smirk of a smile is so charming.....I would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway....I meet your criteria (am a follower, am commenting, live in the USA - and you know where to find me....) I have also posted on my blog sidebar, and am a follower of your selling blog. Lastly, I have signed up to be a Linky follower. (Unfortunately, I've been ditzing with that all afternoon....I had to sign up for an account first sign Linky is new to me, and I never got the needed validation email. Tried 3x, and still no luck, so did the "contact me/will do it manually" option and have not heard back yet. (They're probably off having a rendezvous with your blog roll). But I will continue working at this and get myself "linked" up one way or another.....Thanks for the great opportunity....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Hi Tam... Love your dollie, so sweet and I would love to be entered please. now for my entries :)
1. follower
2. comment
3. new linky follower
4. shared on FB
5. following your selling blog
6. posting on my giveaway page

Wow...hope all those chances increase my luck, LOL..

Thanks a bunch, Traci

Katy said...

I would definitely love to be entered into your giveaway! Thank you!

I am already a blog follower.
I am now following your selling blog via GFC!

Thank-you for this chance Tammy!

thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com

yorkie's primitives said...

Oh I love this doll! And blue and brown are the colors of my living room!! Please enter me in your awesome giveaway.
I am a follower of this blog
I am a follower of your selling blog
I posted it on my sidebar.
I don't have a linky so I couldn't follow it.
Thanks for such a great giveaway, Valerie

Angela said...

Tammy, such a precious giveaway. I would be honored to have this sweet doll arrive at my home. Sure would make her and her church doll welcome. Please enter me into your giveaway. I am a follower.

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy, I am a follower and I subscribe to your selling blog. My email is I LOVE this doll....soooooo perfectly prim! Please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks, Tammy R. in Summerville, SC :)

SUZI said...

I would love to be included in you is posted on my blog