Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Well, it is with heavy heart that I have deleted most of my boards on Pinterest.

Keeping only the ones that I have my original photos.

I’m not sure if you are aware of all the discussion concerning the copyright issues going on right now about Pinterest.

I only learned about it yesterday.

My views on Pinterest have always been, its a compliment to have my photos pinned.

Also when I did pin, I saw it as a way to compliment others.

But it has come to my attention that some do not feel this way. 

And that too many times the photos aren’t being credited to the original poster. (more about that in a second)

I spent the last day thinking about the situation.

I most certainly didn't want to delete my boards, because as most of you know…

I Love them!!!

And I love Pinterest!!!

So much inspiration!!!

But I finally came to decision that, just because I think of it as a compliment, doesn't mean I can ignore the ones who feel differently.

Also not truly knowing, who feels what way, and too difficult to keep track of, the best thing to do was just delete all boards and photos that aren't mine.

I also deleted my 2 Inspiration Galore post here on my blog.

The reason I did this has to do with what I mentioned above and was ultimately the deciding factor for deleting boards…

I did a search for my blog on Pinterest and was shocked to find some of the inspiration galore photos credited to me.

This really bothered me.

I certainly in no way wanted credit for the photos, that is why I included the original link to pictures.

I do appreciate everyone who visited and read those posts.

But any pinning of the photos should have been done from the original website or blog, not mine.

I do not deserve the credit for them.

Because of all of this, I knew what I had to do.

I went in and deleted those two posts and all photos displayed in them.

Unfortunately,  I wont be making anymore Pinterest inspiration posts.

The whole situation make me very uncomfortable.

The posts were to compliment the original blogs and website.

I certainly in no way deserve or want credit for the photos, items, or ideas.

And I want to apologize to the original posters for the situation.

APP ~Tammy

I will be keeping my Pinterest account.

I will still be visiting and looking at all the fabulous photos.

I just wont be pinning any photos that are not mine.

As far as others pinning my original photos from my blog, I have no problem with it, as long as you link it to my blog.

Meaning, don't download directly from your computer.

Other than that, I am A-Okay with it.

Like I mentioned above, to me it is a compliment.

APP ~Tammy


I’m just wondering…..

Fellow Pinners, what is your thoughts on the subject?

I would love to hear from you.

APP ~Tammy

I have spent the day tweaking away!!

Hopefully, I will have some photos to show off soon.

I am hoping to be able to make a post on Monday with all my new tweaks and decor.

Until then….

Thanks so much for visiting.

Take Care and Blessings to you All!!



Old Road Primitives said...

Hi Tammy, This was brought to my attention last week too! After reading more about it, like how you can be sued and responsible for all of the legal fees, including yours and Pinterest's that's kind of scary! I'm rethinking my Pinterest account to! Here Pinterest encourages people to not "Self Promote", so who exactly are we suppose to promote? Now we are all finding out that we could be in legal trouble by pinning others photos to our board and that Pinterest will not back us! Yeah, I'm probably totally done with the Pinterest thing! Kim

denise said...

i have been a little leary here lately about repinning . i think i'll delete,too.

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

I agree with Kim here but it seems such an awful shame all around..what started out as a great fun visual site with lots of ideas and shares for everyone seems like with all the promotion lately has gone down like a lead balloon..As far as I am concerned if You don't want anyone to see/ copy/ post or share your pics DON'T put them out there..It is as simple as that..I always try to give credit to the original owner of any pics on my pin boards but I am now re-thinking..X

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

How distressing! I've got a Pinterest account, but luckily, I was too overwhelmed to actually use it very much. LOL I can see how this can get sticky. Sounds like you've made a good choice for you and given us all food for thought.

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

I started pinning a month ago...then suddenly heard all the discussions. So I removed my boards. I have nothing on there now. No matter what we do, anyone who wants any photos from the internet, they will find away to get it copied/downloaded. A few of my photos on flicker have appeared in Bing and Google images. I did enjoy pinning to get ideas, not to use others photos , it was a good scrapbook, where I didn't have to keep returning to web pages to view certain things. I think they should allow self promotion, it's only pics, and if you have them watermarked with your business name, it would be good. Then I wouldn't care if my stuff was pinned, great free advertising and I would pin others photos and help promo them. Yepp I don't feel like being is tough enough. already.

Anna Hanley said...

Hi Tammy, I am confused with the entire subject.Legal mumbo jumbo.I love Pinterest-If people don't appreciate or like sharing there brilliant work than do not pin any photos.I enjoy everyones creative talents. I think I will stay for now. Take Care, Anna

Unknown said...

I never really thought about those issues. I will still do my browsing of what others pin but I too won't pin what's not mine.

Old Road Primitives said...

I'm sad to say that I just deleted all of my Pinterest boards! If anyone is interested go read Pinterest's "Terms"! It was enough to scare me! Kim

Beth said...

I opened up a pintrest account, but found it FAR too much for me...I never "pinned" a single thing...just browsed. But there's just too much out there for me, haha. So I've never really gotten into doing too much looking on there. In fact, since I opened the account, I only went and looked out there about 5 times. ~I've got better things to do, I guess, and really have no idea or opinion on the "fairness" of sharing other's pictures. But good for you for following your instincts and convictions. =)
I love your cool!
Have a great day!

Tiff said...

Ok, this is the first I have heard of this.
I only have one pic of my own on my boards because I thought is was bad pinterest etiquette to pin your own stuff.
Can we really be sued? We aren't making money from these photos, just putting them on a board and they are all ready floating out there on the internet anyway.
This is going to really stink if we have to give up pinterest, my daughter and I both love it. And I don't want to make boards with all my crap on it, that is what my blog is for.
Off to search more about this.


peggy said...

I would hope to see more on this discussion. My question is where did this begin? I probably should read more but have not seen or heard anything on the news along this line. It is nice that you gave us your stance on it and others seem to agree. What a bummer!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

I was recently asked by a blog friend if I minded if she pinned photos from my blog. I appreciated her having the courtesy to ask. I have no problem with blog friends pinning, but I DO with the small percentage of those unscrupulous persons (non bloggers )out there that may take the pinnings as their own.There is ALWAYS a small group that spoil it for others. I have had over 50 original designs mass produced in China illegally. It is heartbreaking to walk into a store and see your designs for sale without your permission. It is theft of my paycheck. Hubby and I work VERY hard to earn our living--our ONLY income is from our art. I have several times had to stop making a certain design that had been mass produced because I can't take the risk of show promoters thinking I BUY my products from the wholesale market. I can't risk losing a show out of my schedule--I count on specific shows to pay my mortgage, my health coverage, etc. I DID go after a wholesaler 2 years ago and won--but that is difficult. Yes, it is sad that a great idea like Pinterest can't be enjoyed by honest people because of a few. Sadly, that is how much of the world is now. :(--Jan

Earlene said...

Tammy, honestly, I am afraid of it (Pinterest) and I think the whole thing is just too complicated and time consuming. I am totally satisfied with blogging and enjoy it.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Raymond Homestead said...

I don't know what to think either.I mean, any picture you put on a computer whether it be on facebook, emails, blogs or whatever, people could take it and say it's theirs. I thought when you pin a picture it automatically links back to the original source. I guess I will wait a bit and see if any more is said about it.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Tam,
Well this gives me a lot to think about! I have a lot of pins and boards. I didn't know anything about the legal stuff going on.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

It's funny, I just did this yesterday. I didn't want to be the cause of any copyright infringement.
I'm not doing any posts anymore with an email from a fellow blogger telling me to go ahead with a feature and include the photos they give me. I'm posting the giveaways right now and that's about it. I learned that we have to be so careful because we work with a completely different medium than digital artists and photographers,
and their images are their paycheck. And with the re-pinning the original source wasn't getting included.I noticed you always did it but others don't.
So to stay out of trouble (I don't like trouble!) no pinning for me.

cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Tammy,
I also became aware of all the discussions concerning the copyright issues going on with Pinterest a few days ago...and I deleted all my boards that day.
Since then I have only added recipes and free DIY crafts. I think that these should be okay to pin, since all of them are on those folks blogs or websites for free. And I have made sure on every one of them that it is giving the right person credit and that the picture links back to their site or blog.
Still trying to decide if I'm going to stop pinning altogether.

Tam said...

My thoughts, it's just like sharing music, don't put it out there if you don't want it shared...

Unknown said...

After re-reading my post, I want to express, I am not saying the pinners that pinned photos from my Inspiration Galore post are in the wrong.
I am.
I should've stated in the Post not to pin and link to me.
When I posted, I never thought about others pinning the photos to me. As I am sure, they never thought about pinning the photos to me.
But after I saw them on pintrest with my blog link, I thought....
Oh no!
I certainly didn't want the original posters to see the pins and think I was claiming their photos as my own.
This is why it shocked and bothered me so.
I hope that makes sense???

My Colonial Home said...

Goodness I just now heard of this.
Wow...I'm so amazed that some people would take credit themselves.
I really don't care if someone pins things of mine as long as it isn't my PENNY RUGS...this is my income...other than that I too feel it is a compliment.
Time will tell if this all fizzles out and we don't have Pinterest anymore...what a shame.


Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Hi Tam...

I've done a couple of posts on my blog about this with links to different articles written on this subject and also a URL code to check what has been pinned from your sites. As for pinning of others' material.

And I would like to add a different perspective to some of the comments shared on your post. Many people "put" their images on the internet because that is how earn their living. They really have no intention of their photos being shared or used by anyone else. Anything, and I mean anything that is uploaded by the original owner of the photo, writings, etc is automatically copyrighted. The owner does not need to apply for and get a special copyright. One way to look at it is, who are we (the pinners) to decide whether folks want the work shared. We can not make that decision for them, it's their work, not ours.

I still have my account at pinterest and do allow pinning from my sites as long as there is a link to my original work.

I do hope that pinterest takes some measures to ensure that the site is being used properly because I do love it. There are some simple changes that could be made that would ensure owners rights.

Blessings, Traci

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

Hi Tammy~
I had one of the mice made by Stacey Mead, posted under my blog name- and now, whenever I post a picture of someone elses work, even if I bought it and took a picture of my purchase for my blog, I will put the designers name on the photo.
That way, the person will get credit.
Besides that, the internet is a maze with a thousand directions, everyone cross referencing everyone- and there is only so much that can be done. I try to never infringe copyright on my blog, but with pinterest, if the person contacts me, then I will remove it.
I feel it is excellent for bringing in blog web traffic. I don't know why anyone would have a problem with that~

Simple Pleasures said...

After reading your post and thinking about it a bit... I decided to delete my boards. Honestly it's just like bookmarking but publicly. So I suppose if you wanted to save the images to your own computer for inspiration, (not use them on your blog) it would be ok....??? Better safe then sorry. I'm following your lead just to be safe.

redshedvintage said...

Luckily I've only been 'pinning' my own photos, but it did seem mighty suspicious to me right from the beginning that folks were posting other people's photos there without getting permission first. Plus the thing about having to 'be invited' was a tip off that something might not be quite up to par.
I wasn't aware of Pinterest not encouraging people to self-promote; I noticed Etsy added a 'pin this' button to click on once sellers list an item, to promote their newly listed items on Pinterest. Also there is a 'pin this' via pinmarklet link to pin your own various items for sale on Pinterest boards.
The whole thing reminds me of Napster & downloading 'free' shared music on the internet... then thousands of grandmas & broke college students were getting sued for having allowed their computers be used for illegal song downloads. Things that make ya go hmmm!
Great blog post, by the way :-)

BumbleBeeLane said...

I've been checking all my pins now to make sure they link back to a source.My thoughts are it's a bulletin board to pin things you enjoy.I certainly want to be able to go back to were the pin comes from so I can make the recipe,buy the item or enjoy the information I originally pinned it for.I honestly do not think you could be sued UNLESS they could prove you took their copyrighted idea and profited from it in some way or tried to harm the person.It would be very hard.Unfortunately there are people out there looking to steal and cheat but those people can simply do it without a pinterest board as well.I think like anything elese people need drama and this is the new "topic" it'll probly be forgotten when the next topic comes up.I have been on the fence debating if it's worth it but the way I look at it is if I'm honest and not out to profit I'll be fine.Just make sure you check that it links back.I mean what is the differnce between bookmarking your favs and having a orgininzed place to keep your favs.In all things there are dishonest people and they will never be completely weeded out.Hopefully it won't make it bad for everyone.For now I'm keeping my boards but will slowly go through my links to make sure they link.(my early pins I never checked)

Cathy said...

That is sad. I haven't heard about the copyright infringements, however don't people realize that even though credit may not be given in the comments, if they click on the photo it takes them right to the original source, which is in itself credit.

Have they not looked at ALL other sites, blogs, Facebook, messageboards, Flickr and on and on. So much is reposted there as well. I think sometimes people like to make to big a deal of some things and turn it into what it's not. Maybe they should consider putting markings on their photos. A lot of people do that.

Guess I'd better go save the photos I've pinned, so I can find my links back to them for all the wonderful projects that are there to make--that are FREE tutorials meant to be shared and recipes etc.

White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Tammy,
Here are my thoughts, I did read what you read a couple of weeks ago ... When I repin on Pintrest I ALWAYS go to the site itself and repin directly from there. I will go so far as to find the actual post for my pin.
Yes, there are a ton of people doing the uploaded by user thing. Not right! But there are a ton of things out there that are not right! I could name several but won't go into it.
A few of my tuts have been pinned ... and, I'm finding that there are some people out there taking credit for things ... they copied!
Anyway, people need to stop being so caught up in the pinning part ... and pin with some sort of fore thought ...
Good for you that you did what you did!
Have a great day!

Tiff said...

I've been thinking about this since yesterday. I wonder if pinterest could come up with a way to make our boards private. When we "pin" something it doesn't show up on the made board, it just goes into our board. No followers, just a place where we can keep track of stuff we want to reference later. Just make it private. I would totally go for that option. I use pinterest as a bookmark, not as a marketing tool.
Just a thought.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Just like with all the other social media out there, I don't think Pinterest knew they were going to explode as quick as they did. I have had mine for about a year now. The first few months actually didn't have much activity going on. These past months though have exploded! That is when they started saying you had to be invited. When I joined, I just went straight to the website and joined immediately. No invitation needed.

I have read lots about the legal issues these past 2 weeks. When I first started pinning, I went to the original source and asked them if they would mind if I used their picture and it would credit right back to their blog or website. Not one person told me no, they were all delighted that I liked their ideas enough to share. So I got to where I was pinning without asking. When you pin straight from the website it does give credit where credit is due. What I found out though was when I started re-pinning from others, some of their pins didn't go back to the original source. That was frustrating, although I don't think the majority did it on purpose.

I don't mind anyone using any of my pictures from my blog or even from my Etsy. Stealing ideas and designs from the internet has been going on since internet conception, it's just gonna happen AND it's never going to end. If you don't want it to happen, then you don't post.

I know Pinterest is looking into ways to handle the legal issues but quite frankly I think they are in way over their heads. This was started as a fun way to share ideas, too bad that it's gotten so out of hand. It could have been a great thing!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I know I'm late to the party, but feel the need to speak out on this issue.....I shied away from Pinterest from the git-go - I "peeked" a few times, but certainly didn't need another addiction - and the attorney in me was even more troubled by the copyright issues. I was seeing more and more blogs posting photos that simply said "from Pinterest" and absolutely no link or any way of tracing back to the original artist/creator. Hello? And even if there are links back - so what? It doesn't make it "ok." Cathy is incorrect - but, unfortunately, many are equally mistaken. Giving credit to where you "borrowed" the image from doesn't make it OK! Unless you've gotten a license (i.e., express permission) from the owner to use the image, a link back is really just putting perfume on a pig. I think many folks have gotten confused given the "accessibility" the internet provides and by the fact that you do NOT need to file anything anywhere for your original work to be copyrighted. (And, no, you don't even need that cute little "c" with a circle around it symbol.) And whether I SAY my work is copyrighted or not means diddly....If it's mine, and it's original, it's protected by copyright, and anyone who "borrows" it is guilty of copyright infringement unless they've been given a license by me to "borrow" it or it falls within the fair use exception (which, in the context of blogging and/or Pinterest, is highly unlikely).

Initially, I was flattered that people would want to use images from my blog....but then I noticed them popping up in the strangest of places - BING, other blogs, etc. At best they would say "via Pinterest" - other times, not even that....I found several that said "source unknown." In the time I've been blogging, I've had exactly 2 people actually ASK if they could use images from my blog - yet, when I checked to see how many times some of my photos (and photos that weren't even mine - like for giveaways) had been pinned, I was STUNNED. Come on folks - I'm not even a Pinterest user! And I'm a crappy photographer, and don't do original designs. It ticked me off, so I can only imagine what original artists/photographers feel.

Anywho - thanks for posting this. I hope some folks take heed - because, who knows who might be chosen to set the example??? I guess I have been most disheartened by those who have been given this food for thought and spit upon it. Someone whose blog I follow and enjoy recently was touting the wonders of Pinterest and I suggested there might be some "issues" there and, suffice to say that I now know what the little boy who cried wolf must have felt like. A plethora of comments - but all whipping up a frenzied chorus of how great Pinterest is.....Trust me, it's not likely Pinterest who will be left holding the bag.

Ok....I've spouted....I feel better.

Forgive me...Robin

Robyn ♥ said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great info. I also have been feeling uneasy about my account. Thank you to Robin too! She really helped make my decision easier too!