Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Pick ~ Or Not To Pick

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

That is the question, I was asking myself today.

You see, I have this gorgeous snowball bush right outside my back door.

Finally it has an abundance of flowers!!

I love the way they look on the bush.

But I wanted to fill some baskets with the blooms and bring some of the beauty inside.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


Should I or shouldn’t I???

I know…

What’s the big deal?? Go cut them!

I just didn't want to ruin the look of the bush.

I’m silly, but I love driving up and seeing the gorgeous blooms. It makes me smile. :)

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I finally decided that I would cut them from the back side, the side that faces the house.

No one really sees them back there, unless you are pushing a lawn mower. :)

So here they are…

And they smell wonderful.

They are just randomly stuck into the baskets.

Nope, I am not a talented floral designer. Heehee.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

So what do you think??

I think they are soooo pretty.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I’m just waiting for Wheezy to notice them, though.

As soon as he does, Plop, into the floor they will go!!

APP ~Tammy

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend for me.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Oh, did you notice…

My blog roll is Gone!!

Yep, I woke up this morning and POOF gone.

I was changing some stuff on my blog last night, but I did not delete it.

I’m pretty sure it was there last night before bed.

But when I got up this morning, it was missing.

They are all still on my Google reader.

Also Google wont let me add it back to my sidebar.

Yes, the gadget is still in the options, but when I hit save, Nothing!!

It freezes and wont update.


I’m so mad!

I don’t like using Google Reader.

I like pulling up my blog and seeing all my favorite blogs on my sidebar.

I’m going to try to contact Google for help but we know what good that will do! :(

APP ~Tammy

I also want to remind my Swappers that all envelopes need to be mailed out by this Friday.

Don’t forget to email the DC number when shipped.

Thanks so much to all of you for joining in!!

I can’t wait to see what everyone gets.

APP ~Tammy

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!!

Take Care and Talk Soon,



The Moonlit Stitch said...

Your cuttings are beautiful Tammy. My mom had a huge snowball bush and took it out. I have a small one started from that ancient tree. It will be years before it blooms, but I can't wait! Enjoy! ~*~Lisa

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

My blog roll is still there...but I haven't been able to add any new blog to it in a while. I get the same thing you're getting. Save...then hung. It's awful. I've had several new followers and I want to add to my list, but I can't. I'm like you, I want to see it on my blog and check updates from there. I've searched google...but there seems to be no mention of it. Will you let me know if you find something out?

I love snowball bushes!! Gotta get me one for the new house!

Cindi said...

Wow I love the snowballs! They are so pretty and I think you made a good compromise about cutting them, now you can enjoy them inside and out! Have a great day Be blessed!

cynthia lee designs said...

Love the pretty!!
Hope your blog list comes back soon. It is such a pain when things disappear.

Raymond Homestead said...

My blog roll disappeared once on my blog for a few days and then they just came back on their own. Maybe it goes on vacation or something? Ha! Love the flowers by the way!

Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

I remember as a kid that my mom had a snowball bush that she loved and guarded from all the farm critters that would roam the yard, LOL, ie my goats ;) Your cuttings look so pretty and I bet they'll dry nicely too. Have a Great Sunday evening, my weekend has been a bit lazy too.

Hugs, Traci

Felicia said...

Your snowballs are so pretty Tam, look great in the baskets.


Lavendar Memories said...

Tammy~You made the right decision. They look so wonderful in your baskets. Their even gonna look more beautiful when they dry. That's if Wheezy doesn't get to them first.

Prim Blessings,

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Oh how beautiful !
How could you resist..

frontporchprims said...

Those flowers are just amazing. I think you made the right decision to cut them. There is something special about putting pretty flowers in your home for the family to enjoy. Hope you find your blog roll. Last month my whole blog disappeared. Yup, compeltely gone. I did manage to recover it obviously but not without some work and a phone call. Good luck. -Steph-

Penny said...

Beautiful snowballs! I, too, love them.... my neighbor had one when I was growing up and even as a kid, I remember loving the look of them.... They look great in your baskets.

TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL - you do the same thing I do....I plant flowers so I can have a "cutting" garden, but then don't have the nerve to actually CUT them! But I think you made the right choice....they look beautiful - and as long as you cut from the back, you can enjoy them both ways. (And, actually, it may do your bush good - with lilacs, they need to have the blooms cut to continue blooming.....) I'm surprised that your bush is blooming already - wow! That wouldn't be until mid-summer in these parts! Sorry to hear of your blog roll....If I see it wandering around, I'll send it back home.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Prims By The Water said...

Love your snowball cuttings! I had a huge snowball bush..tree at my old house. Loved the smell and use to cut them with my lilacs. Take care, Janice

Earlene said...

The flowers are very pretty.

I have lost mine before and did nothing and ...poof... next day or two it was back. Blogger is so touchy sometimes.

Have a great week tammy


Primsue said...

Your cuttings are gorgeous. I like random placement rather than fixed just so - they look great in your baskets.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I have been having lots of problems with my blog. I am the same way, I hate cutting them.

Beth said...

Most of the time, I don't pick flowers and bring them inside...mostly because I hate cleaning them up when they wilt and drop little sad looking flower parts all over the floor/table/whatever. But lately, I've been picking them. The other day might have cured me though, because I brought in some irisis and put them in a vase...and the irisis dropped blue/purple drips from the flowers onto the doily I had the vase sitting on. (Hopefully it won't be stained!...haven't washed it yet.) Anyway, your flowers look pretty in those baskets! =)

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

Fresh flowers sure do make a room cheery! They're lovely Tammy!

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Tammy,
Those flowers look lovely! Can you dry those or do they fall apart? I love dried Hydrangea. Happy spring to you my friend.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Tammy~
Gorgeous blooms~ Giggles~ Girl I do the same~ cut blooms in the back or like with my cherry~ I went underneath to cut branches~ how silly of me I thought the entire tree was full & I also was worried about ruining its beauty~ you made me feel better~ giggles~

Kendra said...

I was just thinking, maybe she could cut from the back when I read the next sentence :)
Michelle and I had each gotten our treasures from each other and I am posting today. We were not able to get together to exchange as we had hoped but we are doing her town's garage sale together in May...I'm thinking I may need to bring my truck and trailer LOL!

Thank you again for hosting the swap!


Anna Hanley said...

Happy Monday, The flowers are so pretty.Perfect in those baskets. They do make you smile. The room must look great with the addition.Hugs, Anna

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Love the flowers! So pretty!

The blog roll has been messed up for months now. I lost mine and finally got it back but have NOT been able to add all my people back to it. :( I always visited my peeps through my blogroll on my sidebar and I hate that it's gone!!! blogger doesn't seem to care much about fixing it though.

Have a great day!

Carmen and the Primcats

bettyj said...

Now your happiness is doubled. Inside and Outside!

Firecracker Kid said...

There ya go, you solved that problem... lol. Bellissimo!