Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Textiles Only Swap – Sign Ups CLOSED

APP ~Tammy
Hello Everyone!
This is my 1st ever, Textiles Only Swap.
You may be wondering,
“What does she mean by textiles only?”
Well, All items must be made of some type of cloth.
No plastic, no wood, no metal, no glass, nothing but textile items.
I joined in on a swap like this quite awhile back and it was so much fun.
Yes, it will be another envelope swap.
All items must be shipped in One:
10 1/2” by 15” padded envelope.
Like this one…
APP ~Tammy

These are cheap to purchase.
I got mine at Wal-Mart for less than $2.00.
I'm sure you can find them other places too for relatively the same cost.

*No need for a box this time ladies, because all items will be made of cloth and cant break.
~If for any reason you do need a little more room for your goodies, they do make these bubble envelopes one size larger, that is an acceptable alternative for shipping.
Also a little helpful hint, you may not know about, for items like pillows or anything with fluff to it, place the item in a good zip lock bag, roll it up, squeezing all air out, seal closed, then unroll.
This makes the item flat, and when it is received, once opened and shook a little bit, it fluffs right back up. ;)
Here are just a few ideas of items you can include:
Penny Rugs,
Cupboard Tucks,

Coverlet pieces,
Small quilts,
Small Dolls or Teddy Bears,
Pin Keeps,

Prim T-Towels
Any prim item made of cloth

*One exception that is okay, if you send a sampler it can be included in a frame with no glass.
~For those of you wondering if it is okay to send fabric or sewing and craft textiles??
Well, I’m not going to say no because I do enjoy such items, but I am going to ask that you check out your partners blog and make sure they create.
In your greeting email, ask them if they would like to see that type of item included in their package.
*I also ask that these type of items (unfinished, supplies) be included only as a Bonus, not counted as your required item count.
APP ~Tammy
Now on to the basics….


#1 you must be a follower of my blog and have commented at least a few times so I am familiar with who you are.

#2 you must have an active blog of your own.

#3 There needs to be at least 3 items in the envelope.
(One handmade item and 2 additional items)
Yes, of course, you may send more.

Don’t sew??
It’s okay, you may purchase the handmade item for the swap.
No mass produced manufactured items though.
It needs to be an actual handmade item.
Wonderful handmade goodies can always be found at Etsy. ;)

#4 The total value of swap goodies needs to be a minimum of $20.00.

This does not include the price of envelope or shipping, just the goodies inside.
Once again, if you go over that amount it is okay too.
~ Please no Dollar Tree items.

#5 You must be committed to mailing out your package on time. No one likes to wait 2 months for their goody package to arrive.
~ Please know, I will post the name and blog URL of anyone who doesn’t follow through with their swap package.

#6 You must have delivery confirmation on your shipped package and email me the number when you ship it out.

#7 Only send items you would like to receive. Don’t use this swap to get rid of things you don't like or want. Because more than likely your partner won’t want them either. ;)

#8 You Must thank your partner when you receive your goodies!
Be sure to include a little card or letter that has your name, blog, and email address with your swap goodies.
This is so your partner may send you a Thank You email for your gifts.
And so they know who to give credit to when showing new goodies off on their blog. :)

#9 You must live in the USA or Canada.
APP ~Tammy
~ If you don't want to ship to Canada, you Must let me know ahead of time.
Let me know when you email me your shipping information.
Because I am opening the swap to Canada blogging pals.
Shipping to Canada isn't that much higher than the USA, especially since we are only sending padded envelopes.

~ If you meet and agree to the above rules and would like to join in on the swap, please email me your name and address.
I’m sorry but you wont be included in the swap until I receive the email with your needed information.
Once it is received, I will reply letting you know I received your information.

~ PLEASE be sure to include your blog name and blog URL. This helps me keep track of what blog goes with what name. Plus it makes it easier when making up the partner list.
Here is a sample of how I would like to receive your information.

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Blog Name:
Your Blog URL:
Will you ship to Canada: Y/N
Allergies: Y/N

If yes to allergies, please name them so I may pass the information onto your partner.

*Sending me your information this way, makes it soooo much easier when making the partner list.

Along with your partners name and address, I will be giving you their blog name and url, so you can check out their blog and see the type of things they like.

This will not be a secret swap.
You will know who your partner is.
So please drop them a hello when I send out information.

If there is anyone you have recently swapped with (within your last 2 swaps) please let me know when you email your information.
This will help me give everyone a new swapping buddies.

APP ~Tammy
The very last day to sign up for the swap will be:
 April 20th 2012.

I will then get to work picking out who gets who.
I will try to have partner list emailed out no later than April 22nd.

The deadline for mailing out your Swap Envelopes will be:

May 28th, 2012

This will give you a little over 5 weeks to get your swap goody package ready once you receive your partner information.

Yes, you may mail out your packages earlier than May 28th but no later than.

Hope you decide to join in!!


Cindi said...

Thanks for doing this! I am excited and am going to my email as we speak! Have a great week!
Be blessed!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sounds like another fun swap Tammy - wish I could join in, but not in the stars this time. I'll be looking forward to the participants' posts though!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Ellie's Country Accents said...

This swap sounds very exciting. I would love to be included. Sending email with info.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good one, Tammy. I'm going to think about it and get back to you! Thanks!

Kendra said...

I'm in and I will follow the envelope rule this time, promise :)

I will email you the needed info.

Thanks for hosting!


Unknown said...

Heehee! Okay Kendra!!

Seriously though, I hope I didn't come across angry about bending the rules a bit. I wasn't at all. I just wanted to point out in this one everything should be lightweight and not breakable so it will be safe in one.

Thanks so much everyone for joining in!!!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Tammy...this sounds like so much fun!
I'm in! Sending my information as soon as I post here.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Tammy,I want to join in,I live in Canada. Sounds like fun. Thanks Francine.

nancy huggins said...

I'm in again and will email my info to you. I am going to Chicago over Mothers day and might find something interesting there plus what I already have. Thanks Tam