Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Photos Of Days Gone By …


Well, Hello!! So happy you decided to stop by for a visit.

I’m afraid there is nothing new going on here at the Young’s Homestead.

But I was clearing out some folders on my computer, which lead to me looking through all the old photos stored on here.

Thought I would make a post of just random Fall photos from the past.

Would you like to step back in time with me a year or two and see some past Fall decor pictures??

You would.  Well, fantastic! Just scroll on down.  :)

A Primitive Place ~TammyA Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

ABOVE:  Not sure why I had the one little gourd sitting to the side.

It looks a little odd, Don’t ya think?

Any way, back to the photos… 

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


All these photos were from either 2010 or 2011.

I have never gotten around to decorating the outside this year, doubt if I actually will.  :(

But if you missed it, you can view my Fall 2012 inside photos in these previous posts.


Fall 2012 Part 1 - Click Here

Fall 2012 Part 2 - Click Here


Well, that’s it for me for the day.

We have a house showing tomorrow, so you know what that means…

Time to Clean, Clean, Clean!! :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Take Care and Talk Soon,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wax - Don’t Throw It Out – Craft With It


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick post to answer a couple of questions about my previous post.

Crafting with wax.

I had a blogging friend ask where I got my wax.

Well, most of us prim lovers have candles and/or tart burners.

Once we burn the candle or melt the tarts, we are left with the remaining wax.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

*Yes, I know I need to clean that poor thing. :)

If you're like me, you hate to just throw the wax out, so, I don’t.

I pour it into keeper jars or a wax melting pan.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Okay, most of the candles I buy are bakery scents, spices and such, so they all smell wonderfully together.

Most are browns or whitish color wax, so they can be mixed together without turning into a funky color.

But if you have multiple colors of left over wax, just use separate jars.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Now if your wondering, don’t they loose their scent after being melted?

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

It depends on the quality of the candle and how long it was melted in the tart burner.

But if they do… Just pick up some matching candle scenting oil at Hobby Lobby or some place like that.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

When the wax is melted just add a little oil to it.

Yummies it right up!

Okay, how to melt the saved wax….

I do it two way.

In the glass jars, you can microwave it.

I do it in 30 to 60 second intervals, melt it, pour, melt it, pour, over and over until the entire jar is empty or until I’m finished.

CAUTION though, the jar will get HOT to the touch, so use a small pot holder when removing it from the microwave.

The next way does take a little longer but it is the best for larger projects.

Just store used wax in a metal container.

I keep this wax melting can in a cabinet and store some of my used wax in it.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

You don’t need this specific type of container though, a used Metal coffee tin works too.

When you want to melt the stored wax, just double boil it.

What this means is, take a normal pan, fill it with water, and let it come to a boil.

Then place your metal container into the water.

The water doesn't need to cover the entire can to work, just the bottom to middle portion.

Careful when placing the can into the water, you don't want the boiling water to pour over the sides.

Also Caution because your metal container will get hot to the touch, even the portions not in the water.

So be sure to use dry pot holders when lifting it out.

And that’s it…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, isn’t that the name of the game these days.

Oh, and one more quick question to answer.

The coloring…

To get a prim blackish color to the wax, just throw in some pieces of black crayons.

Also the prim brownish shade will happen when cinnamon is added.  The hot wax melts the cinnamon and gives it a wonderful prim appearance.


Okay, I’m not the best at explaining things, but I hope this post helps.

If you have any questions, or if I missed anything, just drop me a message.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Crafting With My Daughter


A Primitive Place ~Tammy


Today my daughter didn't feel well, so she stayed home from school, rested, and sat around in the kitchen with me.

I was working on some things for my upcoming booth shop and she decided to help out.

We had such a good time, well, baring the fact that she wasn’t feeling the greatest.

Anyway, I thought I would pop on and share some fun and easy craft ideas for the upcoming season.

Okay, so last year after Christmas, my mom picked up one of these box sets from Target.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


They come with premade cookies, icing and candy.

Since they were from last year, I was afraid they might be too old to actually eat.

The cookies come sealed, so maybe not, still I wasn't going to chance it.

So, I decided to use them for primitive display pieces instead.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


So easy! All I had to do was dip them in yummy smelling wax and quickly cover them in cinnamon.

That’s it.  Poof! Primitive gingerbread men ready for display.

I think they would look great with maybe some sprigs of greenery sitting on a cutting board or displayed in a crock bowl.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Next are quick and easy pantry cakes.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I use this silicone cake mold, these are the best for me because nothing sticks.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Just turn them over and press the cakes right out.

You can use Plaster Of Paris for your pantry cakes, I have before, but this time I didn't want to wait for it to set up, paint, Mod Podge, etc.

I wanted quick and since the wax was already melted that is what I used.

Melt the wax, poor it in, stick in the freezer for approx. 10 min to harden, pop them out, then sprinkle them with cinnamon and spices.

That’s it.  Wonderful prim pantry cakes.


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

We also made some Christmas theme bowl fillers or tarts.

For this we used a Wilson cookie pan.

Non stick metal pan with the design built in.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


Simply pour the melted wax in to design areas (careful not to over fill), let cool, turn it over and they popped right out.

Since it is a non-stick pan, I didn't need any cooking spray, they came out fine with the wax only.

Now, I did sprinkle a little cinnamon inside the pan, to try to give them more of a primitive appearance.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Did you know that the Dollar Tree and Dollar General sell these wonderful holiday theme silicone ice trays, also perfect for tarts.

We didn't use them this time, but I have before and they work great.

Here is one I bought last year to give you an idea of what they look like.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Lastly, you may have noticed something Kortney wanted to try.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

Christmas crayons, perfect little stocking stuffers, don't ya think?

Now these need to be made in the metal pans.

We tried microwaving the crayons to pour them into the plastic molds.  Didn't work for us.

All it did was produce a horrible smell. :(

Next, we tried a Pinterest tip about putting the crayons in a hot glue gun.

No way, it took forever to melt enough to fill up one little spot.

So lastly, we decided to break the crayons up into small chucks, fill up the design areas and bake them.

Worked perfectly!

Oven at 200 degrees for around 5 to 10 minutes.

We stuck the pan in the fridge for about 5 or so minutes, then popped them right out.

So cute!

Great job, Kort!


I had so much fun crafting, but most of all I enjoyed just hanging out with my daughter.


One final thing to share before signing off.

A couple of days ago it actually got cold enough for Brett to agree to building me a fire.

I been wanting one for weeks.

Silly man thought 70 degress wasn't cold enough outside for a fire. :)

What can I say, once that 90 degree weather ends, I spend the rest of the time freezing.

Any who…

Here is my 1st and so far only fire of the season.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


I loved it so much.  I got out some pillows and laid down right in front of it. :)


Thanks so much for stopping by and spending some time with me.

Until Next Time…

Take Care and Prim Filled Blessings to you All.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Slow down and enjoy life….


It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast -

you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.
(Eddie Cantor)

A Primitive Place ~Tammy


Hi All!

Well, I can’t believe it has been nearly three weeks since I posted.


What have been up to???

Well, I have been working on my ornaments for Amy and Marie’s swaps.

I got them all finished up and mailed out.

I’m so excited to see what everyone made.

I will be sure to share what I made and received once I give everyone time to get theirs in.

I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise by sharing my ornie creations too soon.

A Primitive Place ~Tammy

I have actually been spending most of my free time in my sewing room.

Mom and I are opening a booth at a local crafts and antiques shop.

I’m really excited!

We haven't done anything like this in YEARS!~

I have been trying to get started on making some things for it.

I have made a bunch of extra ornies for the booth, like the ones I mentioned above.

I also made this prim clown bear…

APP ~Tammy

I drew his pattern up myself.  First time making this body style.

APP ~Tammy 


I see some tweaking I need to do next time, but I still think he turned out kind of cute.

APP ~Tammy


I used a burlap sack for his body and vintage red and white fabric for the accents.

Of course, everything has been aged for a prim appearance.

APP ~Tammy


APP ~Tammy


I made this large size church doll.

I loved the way she turned out.

APP ~Tammy

I used all vintage fabrics for her and her clothing.

All Grubbed up to prim perfection. ;)

APP ~Tammy

I even used a piece of an old sugar sack for her bonnet.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy


I made a few more burlap pillows.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy


And lastly, a primitive snowman doll, adapted from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.


APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

I know, I still need much more to a fill a booth, so hopefully I can stay in the creating mood.

Luckily, I do have a little bit of time before the shop is open and ready for business…

So wish me luck!   I’m going to need it.  :)


~Just Something Sweet To Share ~


Awhile back we were visiting my Mom and little Lucy was trying so desperately to see outside, so my daughter decided to help her out.

APP ~Tammy


She looked so sweet and she sat there forever just watching the cars go by. :)

Oh it must be nice to get excited over something so simple.

APP ~Tammy

One final thought before signing off….

Anyone out there watching the new show called, “Nashville”  ???

APP ~Tammy

I’m Loving It!!!

But I am such a Soap Gal. This new show is right up my alley.

So much soapy goodness and there has only been two episodes.


Well, That’s it for me for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take Care and Talk Soon…