Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 !!!


APP ~Tammy




That date sounds almost ludicrous. 

Seems like yesterday, I was waiting to party like it was 1999.

Now that has come and gone, many, many, many moons ago!

Then we had the “scare” that 2013 would never come to be at all. ;)

Oh, now come on, you didn't worry even a little bit??  Nah, me either.

APP ~Tammy

So, how was your Christmas??

I hope wonderful.

Ours was really nice.

A little odd this year, but still nice.

We did things a little different this year.

Instead of heading over to my Grams on Christmas Eve, we had a family party in a convention hall on the 23rd.

We ate, played games, and exchanged gag gifts.

Lots of laughs with that!

As for the gag gift I brought, well, I’m sure many of you will remember Marie's post about the tampon angel.


Well, after seeing that, I emailed her and asked if I could steal the idea for my family’s gathering.

Being the sweetie that she is, of course, she said yes.

So, I came up with this…

APP ~Tammy

Continuing on with theme I decided to also make a snowman to go along with the angel….

APP ~Tammy

Yep, it sure is…

A Pad snowman!! Heehee!

You should have seen my Uncle Gary’s confused expression when he pulled it out of the gift bag. :)

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of him.

*Thanks for the inspiration, Marie!!



Brett had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so we opened our present the night of the 23rd.

Now, I will admit it,  I didn't like the idea of this at all.

I'm the type who wants to drag Christmas festivities out as long a possible.

Leave our activities till Christmas morning, but this year it couldn't be done. :(

He could've taken it off, but like he said, that would've taken a spot away from someone who still had little ones and needed to be home to see what Santa brought. 

He’s right, our kids are grown, he never missed one when they were small.

I just don't like change.

I want things the way I am use to them.  Hopefully next year they can be back to normal.

Christmas Eve day before Brett had to go to work, we headed over to Mom and Dad’s to eat lunch and open gifts with them and my Sister, BIL, and nieces.

This year included in with my sisters traditional gift card, I included one of my burlap bears.

She really isn't really into primitive, so I tried not to go too prim crazy with it. :)

He started out like this…

APP ~Tammy 

He is sitting next to a photo of Vicki and I when we were were young.

I’m the little one.

I always laugh about the fact that I use to hate that I was the younger sister, Now I’ll happily take it!!


He is one of my smaller burlap bears, jointed, straw stuffed, and I just couldn’t help myself…

I had to grubby him a wee bit more…

APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

On Christmas morning, Kelsey came over and her, Kortney and I cooked breakfast.

Mitchell doesn't like breakfast food so that party pooper stayed in bed.

It felt like as soon as we finished up with that, it was time to head over to Mom and Dads for lunch.

And yes, incase you were wondering, I ate Again! :0

Then it was back home. 

Kelsey and Kort laid around and watched Christmas movies while I cleaned up the house.

And yes, another admission of guilt, I did start taking down my Christmas decorations Christmas night!

To be honest, I always do.  After all the activities are over, and since the kids are raised, to me, it feels as though Christmas is over.

So down it all comes, till next year.

Then came the SNOW!!!

And tons of it!

I don't think I can remember Southern IL with this much snow, ever.  Especially not snow that has lasted as long as this has.

It started snowing Christmas night and it is still on the ground right now.

This never happens.


APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

A couple of days later, More Snow!!

APP ~Tammy

Lucy Loves the snow.

I do Not!

I’m on the porch. ;)

APP ~Tammy

She is on the sidewalk in this photo. 

Down in the grass it is even deeper, she cant really walk in it.

Instead she hops like a bunny.  It is so cute!

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

It may be hard to believe but Wheezy loves the snow too.

We were afraid to let him down for too long because it was so dark outside, he has a tendency to blend into the night.

He wanted Down with Lucy!! :)

APP ~Tammy


Since I really haven't been able to get out and do much, I have spent my time cleaning.

Well, that and watching TV.

Yes, I have had my share of lazy days.

But I’m actually shocked on how much I have gotten done in such a short amount of time.

I have done a little rearranging in the living room and bedroom, a little tweaking in the dining room and kitchen.

I have cleaned out kitchen cabinets, closets, and drawers.

What has been my secret for this burst of cleaning energy??


No seriously.  I have been watching season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

I find myself watching an episode or two, then up and cleaning or clearing out some things.

That show is a Fabulous motivator!!

Brett likes when I watch it too, the house is so organized!!

As long as he doesn't have to watch with me, he’s all for it. :p

Here are some photo of the rearranging and tweaking I have done lately.

You might notice the difference, you might not.

But it’s there. :)

The biggest change is in the living room…

I moved the green cabinet to the corner and replaced it with the chair and table.

I also changed the wall decor.

APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

In the dining room…

the biggest change is taking out the high back yellow chair and replacing it with a ladder, quilt, and firkins.

APP ~Tammy

I also moved in the horse hooked rug and changed the items hanging on the side of the cupboard.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

In my kitchen, I did a little tweaking to my counter.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

And lastly, I did a small amount of tweaking to my breakfast nook.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

I haven’t taken photos of my bedroom, yet. 

Hopefully soon I’ll get around to that.

One more thing I wanted to share before signing off…

Up above I mention Marie’s tampon post on her blog. 

Well, I was one of the first to guess what it was and for this fun knowledge I won this…

APP ~Tammy

One of Maries wonderful creations.

An adorable snowman stocking.

So Cute!!

Thank you so much, Marie!!

I adore him.

Well, that’s it from me for now.

I think I have babbled on long enough.

I’m so happy you decided to stop by for a visit.

It was so nice to get to chat with you.

Take Care and Talk Soon,



Anonymous said...

Your house is filled to the brim with love and warmth. Lovely teddy...would love to squeeze it to bits.. Happy New Year.May this year bless you and your fmaily with everything that your hearts desire together with loads of laughter and joy!


nancy huggins said...

Love the pictures of your house and the fur babies but can't say I get to excited over the snow :) Where is Southern IL do you live..we are in central IL about 17 miles North of Effingham and not much snow here until today..Not to bad yet but it is still snowing. We don't go out that much either so the only time we open the door is to let the fur babies out, My American Eskimos love the snow and their thick hair keeps them warm....but my 2 labs go out and use the bathroom and then want to come right back in. Now that Christmas is over I am looking forward to spring and having a Garage sale to down size so we have less to haul when we move.
Have a great 2013 and enjoy the snow (smile)

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tammy, love your gag gifts! It is always fun to have a laugh. I probably wouldn't have even realized they were made with a tampon and pad and everyone would be laughing at me.
Love the bear that you made your sister. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
Love looking at your lovely home and all the pretty prims. Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year.hugs, Lecia

Primitive Stars said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas Tammy....gotta like the tampon Angel and pad snowman,tee hee....Lots of snow for sure, but looks so pretty......I love the pictures of your wonderful warm cozy home, looks so prim perfect,you really have the knack for putting it all together......Sweet fur babies to....Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!!!! Hugs Francine.

Judy said...

Tammy~Always enjoy my visits here! Happy 2013 to you and your family! Your home looks wonderful...love all the changes you made. You have been quite the energizer bunny! Maybe I should start watching hoarders to get some inspiration. LOVE your gag gifts! I am sure your sister loved the bear, whether she likes prim or not. You are so talented. Wishing you blessings in the new year!


Jennifer said...

Love all the pictures!! So beautiful.....We had the same experience with Christmas...hubby had to work the holidays...cause our kids are older??! ugh i didnt like it either...but we made it work...and the kids were good sports about it!! Happy New year! Jen

Holly said...

Love all of your pictures. Everything looks great and so cozy. I LOVE your burlap bear. So sweet! The tampon and pad ornaments are hilarious. It's amazing what they come up with. What a cool gag gift. :) Enjoy the snow and send some down to GA!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

You have a Beautiful Home Tammy!
Happy New Year!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Another fun visit here my friend! Your house is looking amazing....well, not that it wasn't amazing before (I'd take the "befores" any day!!) - but you are a professional tweaker, and I always love what you come up with for your afters too.... Ha - too funny about Hoarders! I find it motivating too...Hubby hates the show and I can't get him to watch it (I think he should - then he'd realize I'm not as bad as the "real" hoarders....At least I don't have garbage and dead animals in my living space.) :o) I have to tackle some major organizing in several areas tho...gonna have to wait till this next term is over there. (Hope the motivation sticks....or they do reruns...) Glad to hear you Christmas was still enjoyable. Adorable lil' bear...and stinkin' funny gag gifts!! I had to look twice to figure out that snowman! Wait till Marie sees that! Wishing you a wonderfully blessed and joyous new year! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

Happy New Year Tam.. Hugs Angi X

Robyn ♥ said...

Happy New Year! Great gag gifts! Your tweaking looks wonderful. I just love your furniture, so want your couch!
That show motivates me too, it also irritates me...my MIL is a hoarder, really! I'd rather watch it on TV than go there for in person inspiration. You can't talk to or reason with her. Someday you'll probably see her on there...sigh.
I'm going to have to order another one of your burlap bears, this time for me. I'd take back the one I bought for my MIL but it can't be found...double sigh!!

Beckyjean said...

Happy New Year Tammy.


sandy said...

Love your primitive decor! And I guess I better watch Hoarders if it's such a great motivator! Your bears are so sweet!
Have a Happy New Year!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Happy New year Tammy...Your home is so lovely no matter how you arrange it! Never heard of the tampon angle and pad snowman, quite the gag gift. I bet the look on your uncle's face was priceless!! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Raymond Homestead said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Tampon angel and pad snowman, I love it!

Primsue said...

Tammy, thanks for sharing all of the wonderful eye candy. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed New Year.

The Rusty Thimble said...

Happy new Year Tammy

1890* said...

Hi Tam, I feel your longing for Christmas past...I too can accept change for a bit...but long for the earlier family celebrations- maybe we can find it again when we are blessed with grand kids ;0)

Your home is absolutely lovely... I get a giggle reading of your "Hoarders Motivation" ..i giggle because it's the same going on here..lol I tackled many a closet after watching just one episode and used that show to motivate hubby with the barn this past summer.....it kicks us into major clear out mode!
I am so glad that i stopped by to check in with you..you always have a way to make my heart smile...I want you to know that i thought of you often over the last few weeks...I was on YouTube watching old 80's epi's of GH - Asian Quarter Days- ( lousy VHS taped memories...but a helpful distraction from the sorrow for the children of S.H) I thought to myself that Tam would appreciate old GH too
{{HUGS}} to you & yours -
Wishing you good health, happiness & prosperity in the New Year!
XO ~ Misi

The Farmers Daughter said...

I'm still laughing over the angel and the snowman! So glad you had a wonderful holiday-and your house is so lovely! Hope your New Year will be filled with Blessings. . .

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I love what you did with the tampons making and angel and a snowman, that is to darn funny, I was laughing out loud and Ken said what is so funny and I read it and then he came in to see it, he even thought it was funny. I am loving your ladder that is in your kitchen. OH how I LOVE that beautiful coverlet that you use on your dining room table, heheheh! I am so happy you still LOVE it. When I see it, it always puts a smile on my face!!!!

Have a wonderful New Happy New Year.
I know that you will be selling your home and finding that gem that will be your new homestead and I am sure with the way you DECORATE it is going to be breath taking.
I read this post to Ken and when I read you stated you don't like change he said right away "that's you Honey". I DON'T LIKE CHANGE AT ALL! Heaven help me when we move to
Cobsy, TN.! It is going to be hard but wonderful at the sametime.

Big Hugs to you my sweet, dear friend,

Kendra said...

Everything looks wonderful Tammy! Glad your Christmas went well.

Happy New Year!