Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Lighter Look In Dining Room


APP ~Tammy

Yes, I know, I have been in a painting and tweaking frenzy lately.

I’m like that.

I’ll get the mood to do something and I’ll go, go, go, until the mood passes then I may not touch it again for months.

Hummm, maybe this is why I have so many half done projects!

Mood passed before I could get them finished.

Any way, for now, I’m just having fun.

Here is my latest finished, for now, project.

The dining room.

APP ~Tammy

I painted the two end chairs white.

I also switched out the corner cabinet with the one I had in the living and painted it white.

The one I did have in here was old, so I decided to keep it as is.

APP ~Tammy 

I think the paint on the corner cabinet turned out pretty good.

I just went over it lightly with the white paint.

I wanted it to look old and worn, so I let some of the red under paint show through.

APP ~Tammy

I wish I wouldn’t have sold off most of my grey graniteware. 

Now I need to keep eye out for more. :)

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

I’m still loving the look of the quilt on the table.

Here’s a question…

Should I keep the four ladder back chairs the barn red to match the quilt or change them to the aged white two match the other two chairs?

APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

Okay, so there it is, the new lighter look in my dining room.

APP ~Tammy

I won’t say it is finished, because let’s face it, Is a room Ever actually Finished??

But I guess, it is done for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take Care and Talk Soon,



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Ann said...

Hi Tam,

I'm liking the look! I also like your ladder back chairs red. The mismatched look is so farmhouse. They also tie together with the quilt - having some white and some red. ~Ann

Pendleton Primitives said...

Lovely home as always. It's an inspiration so thank you for sharing.

ohiofarmgirl said...

It looks great. I love the red but I say if you are painting then go for the white look....I love that too. Dianntha

DianeM said...

I love your dining room! The red chairs add a nice splash of color & look great...I would leave them red :)
Smiles, DianeM

Unknown said...

Your dining room is very pretty and you have some incredible pieces. Our home is a rustic/farmhouse/lakeside look (yeah a lot going on lol) but I do LOVE prim. I just never could afford or find enough prim to make it work. I love the white corner cabinet and the bits of red showing. The quilt is lovely, as are all your collectibles. Sometimes small changes like the white paint keep things fresh too. Wishing you a great upcoming weekend.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Tammy, loving the dining room, looks so great......I really like the red ladder back chairs with the quilt on the beautiful Tammy....Blessings Francine.

Anna Hanley said...

Hello Friend, I LOVE your dining room! Great job! Leave the chairs red. They look great with the quilt. Hugs, Anna

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tammy, your house is so lovely, I just love the farmhouse look. I like the chairs being different colors, it gives some dimension, very pretty! thanks for sharing, hugs, Lecia

jennifer768 said...

Hi Tammy,it looks wonderful!I would leave the chairs red,it adds a pop of color to the room.Hugs,Jen

Cyn said...

i say keep the red chairs. :) Looks great already!

Never So Simple said...



Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

omg it looks fantastic!

White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Tammy,
My thoughts on your chairs would be this, if they were the same style as the red ones, then I would paint them all to match, but they are not, so they look as though you have "collected" them over time.
And on the question is a room ever really done? Yes, I have to many things in my life to do other than chasing a room's decor around in a circle to be right back where I started ... a fresh update now and then. but continuous, is just not for me. But if you start with pieces you love, you will always love the look.
Your dining room looks great, sit back and enjoy it!

My Colonial Home said...

Morning Tammy...oh my it's looking wonderful - very nice changes.
I love the different chair colors so if it was me I'd keep the red ones.
And I so love the quilt on the table....just beautiful.

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I like the chairs red. I love red. I always am tempted to go white after visiting in blogland! I know I wouldn't like it here in Minnesota with 6 months of snow.

Donna Wilkes said...

Thank you for the dining room tour. I like the look of both red and white chairs. Great styling with the small details.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I like the chairs red. I like that you were brave with the gray paint. How sad you parted with gray granite My most favorite granite. I recently I found a gray granite chamber pot. Hope you find more. Blessings! Lara

Theresa said... the new look and keep the chairs red. :0)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Everything looks wonderful!!! Ooooh, for the chairs I say red, red red!!! ♥

Tammy said...

The chairs look great with that quilt. It would be cool if you could paint them white that the red chipped through--maybe use a milkpaint? It still looks great the way you have it. That corner cabinet turned out perfect! I love your house :) Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

Annesphamily said...

I like those red chairs! They really pop with your pretty covered table! Your home is quite lovely!