Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Longest Yard Sale + No Crow For Me ! :) + Some Tweaking (Picture Crazy!)

APP ~Tammy

Hello Everyone!

I’m so happy you decided to stop by for a visit.

You may be wondering what the middle part of my title means.


Well, In my previous post, I cant believe, I forgot to mention that Kelsey found out the sex of my grandbaby.

And I was right!

Yep, It’s A Boy !!

I told Kelsey…

“Don’t ever doubt your Mother!”

:) Heehee!

I didn't care either way what it was, all I want is for it to be healthy.

I did, however, feel as though it was a boy.

I laughed that when I looked at the sonogram photos, He spoke to me and said…

“Gammy, I’m a boy!”  :)

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

Well, Finally after way too many years, okay only three or four but sure felt like more, I was able to make it back to the “Longest Yard Sale”.

APP ~Tammy

Brett and I did Crossville to Chattanooga, TN.

I’m sure I enjoyed the outing way more than he did, but he was still a good lil’ trooper about it.

As I tried to be about him walking around taking my picture.

I Hate to have my photo taken.

No seriously, HATE it.

But I figured I would try not to complain about it too much. :)

APP ~Tammy

I did however try to ignore him as much as possible. :}

APP ~Tammy

(Above) I’m not sure if the woman above was admiring the coverlet or if she was thinking…

“Why is that freak following that woman around taking pictures of her with his phone!?”


APP ~Tammy

Oh Yes, You know that had to come home with me. :)

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

Below is one my favorite area’s on the yard sale path.

I’m afraid I don’t know what town it is in.

Betty, Do you happen to know??

It is a field filled with old cabins.

Years ago we were told the story that the man would go up into the Smokey Mountains find these old abandon cabins.

He would then take them apart and move them to his empty field.

Is the story true??

Who knows, either way, they are awesome old cabins!

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy 

Here are a few more of my LYS finds…

Love this old metal doll bed.APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

(Above) Most of this stack I had to keep for myself…

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

I think I need to keep these too!

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy


Oh Hubby, You didn’t really think this trip was for Resale, did you??

Silly Man! :)  Heehe!

APP ~Tammy 

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

(Below) Bought two of these.

Both are at my booth.

These are there too…

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

See, I didn’t keep everything.

I did, however, have to keep these…

APP ~Tammy Yes, another old mirror. *Can’t get enough!


APP ~Tammy Loved this mold!


APP ~Tammy

Just had to keep this and this…

APP ~Tammy

Two more pairs of baby shoes for my collection…

APP ~Tammy

I bought Mom two old purses, which I forgot to get pictures of.

Plus she decided she really needed this too…

APP ~Tammy

So, of course, it went home with her also! :)

APP ~Tammy

One more treasure I did get lately, it didn't come from the LYS though.

Brett’s sister brought us over this wonderful old framed picture.

APP ~Tammy

It is of Brett’s great-great- grandparents on his Dad’s side.

Love it! 

While you're here, I want to share some random tweaking photos I took the other day…


I changed the color of my cupboard in the dining room.

Love the pale green shade!

APP ~Tammy

Moved my red ware out of the dining room cupboard.

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

APP ~Tammy

Here is an updated photo of my new, second, booth…

APP ~Tammy See, I told you that I didn't keep everything. :)

Even though I was very tempted too!

One final photo to share.

It has nothing to do with anything.

I found it awhile back and posted it on FB to tease my Mom.

When I saw it again, I thought, What the Heck, and decided to share it with all of you.

We can all use a good laugh, right??

(I’m the youngest one.)

APP ~Tammy


I can remember that dress like it was yesterday.

It was a pale purple and it was a long dress, down to my ankles.

My Mom made it and she made my sisters dress also.

She actually made quite a bit of our clothes when we were young.

It is amazing and kind of sad how fast the years go by!

It seriously feels like yesterday I was that young.

And poof on the 16th of this month I will turn 43 !

How the heck did that happen??

Oh well, like I always say…

“It sure beats the alternative.”

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little of your day with me!

Take Care and Talk Soon,



bettyj said...

When did you go on the LYS? We went on Tuesday that week. We always start in Crossville go north a bit then back south, to jamestown. My favorite place is around Clark Range near the General Store. I know where the cabins are, but don't know the story. You found a lot of good stuff. That last picture is precious.

Becki said...

Hi Tammy - What lucky finds! One day we'll make the trek. Your booth looks amazing! I would buy one of everything LOL!
Blessings~ Becki

Earlene said...

Hi Tammy...I really enjoyed reading your post tonight and looking at all the pictures. I still have not made LYS..I forget about it and before you know it, it's that time of year again.
I felt guilty laughing but your moms 70's hairstyle was...well???
Take Care

Prims By The Water said...

Boy I sure need to go on this trail. What awesome finds. Your house and booth look great! Janice

Felicia said...

Wow you got lots of goodies.

So where does this LYS start and begin and for how long is it?

Love your family pic. Precious memories.


cynthia lee designs said...

Tammy, you sure got some great goodies!! My husband's family is from Crossville, TN and he also has cousin's in Chattanooga. I know we have seen those cabins before, but I can't remember where.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Tammy, we are so gonna have to shop together next year at the LYS because we're moving to Crossville later this year. I'd even provide a comfy bed or you to rest your weary head if you'd help me spot some wonderful treasures like you found this year.
Oh and congrats Grammy!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Holy smokes Tammy ~ you found a lot of awesome goodies ~ I'd have a hard time giving them up!!!
Your booth looks awesome!
Sorry but I'll admit I laughed at your Moms hairdo ~ such a tease!!!
But you were a cutie ~ I remember having my hair cut like your sisters ~ didn't they call it the shag???
TFS It was fun!!!
Prim Blessings

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Loved seeing all your pictures today! Such wonderful goodies...looks like fun!
Like Robin, I also chuckled at your Mom's hairdo...wow...her neck must have hurt holding up all that hair - lol.
You shouldn't worry about having your picture taken - you are beautiful! Hugs and blessings

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful goodies! We are having our town yardsale this week.I'll be selling but will need to sneak off and buy I'm sure.Oh boy a Boy! The lady probly thought you were someone famous and was trying to figure it out..smile..~Amy

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Tammy, love all your goodies, those baby shoes are so so cute.... Your decorating is as great as ever, wonderful home you have......Nice hairdo, :) Blessings Francine.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

HOly COW!!! Tam, you found some wonderful stuff!!! Love that hubby was snapping pictures, I am with you so hate having my picture taken too!
COngrats on your upcoming grandson!!! So exciting!!!!! hugs! OLM

The Farmers Daughter said...

John and I took that same route, same yard sale several years ago. It was fantastic! Hopefully, we'll go back one year soon. You found some wonderful things. I can hear the excitement in your words. Love the changes in your blog. I'm just now catching up--had to borrow a friends computer tonight because I HAD to see what was going on!

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

I LOVE that little doll bed! Your booth looks terrific, as does all Your decor:)

My Colonial Home said...

Treasure packed post! Love all the things you found Tammy - how hard was it to decide what to keep and what to put in your booths.
Your booth looks so inviting.
LYS is on my list of things I want to do.
I will need to get the stats on it so I can mark it on my calendar.
I saw that doll bed and at first thought it was an adult size as this is exactly what I'm searching for. I have one from years ago but loaned it to our son and now I hate to ask for it back.

Unknown said...

nice yard sale!! Really a lot of fun things!

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Kendra said...

Oh what wonderful treasures you found! Maybe some year...


Tammy said...

Great Finds! Love that Doll bed. I love your big old hutch!