Monday, June 23, 2014

What A Difference A Year Makes!


Hello Everyone.

Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a year since my last post.  To be honest, I’m sitting here trying to remember how to use Live Writer it has been so long, I have forgotten.

Why so long between posts?

Well, change after change after change has happened in my life.

First off, our house did sell last year, which did leave me in a bit of funk for awhile.  First we moved into a rental house owned by my SIL.  Which I am grateful for but it was way too small for all of us.

I did enjoy decorating and changing things though.  My sweet SIL let me have the freedom to do anything I wanted.


A few months ago we moved from the rental house into a two story tri-plex that I really like.  I knew the second we walked though the door, this could be our home.  I actually like it so much we might just stay until Brett retires, then buy a house. 

Who knows?  Right now, I’m not worrying about the future, I’m just going to enjoy the present.

And this is going to be really shocking but…
Since we moved in, life has been so busy I actually have never went around taking pictures of this place.
But I will soon.
It is really cute.

Oh and the brightest part of my life changes since we last talked…

I am a Grandma!!

To the most amazing little boy.

The love of my life.

If you follow me on FB you have seen MANY of photos through the months, but incase you don’t here he is…

Isaac Eugene
(Yes, the Eugene is in honor of his Great-Grandpa.)
Also if you follow me on FB, the reason why I haven't been around or commenting is because they made me change my account from a person to a business.
And maybe I just don’t know what I am doing but I cant get a feed list of what everyone is posting.  Any way, it is all messed up.  I guess I am going to have make another personal account.
Well, its getting quite late and have to get up early to open the shop.
Oh, yeah…
Some more BIG changes in my life.
I am now the owner of an antique mall.
We opened last week.
It is called…
Isaac’s Rusty Wagon.
It is located in Energy, IL.
421 South Pershing St.
Energy, IL. 62933
to be exact.
I will be getting back on soon and sharing photos of that too.
Plus I have a blog in its name I will hopefully be working on.
But until then, I would love it if you stop by its FB page and maybe even give it a LIKE.
I have posted photos of the outside and some booths on there.
Now we have only been open three days but it does seem to be going over pretty well.
If you're local, Yes, I still have plenty of great booths available.
Or maybe you just want to stop by and say Hi, that would be great too. 
Hope you do!
My FB page is:
CLICK HERE and Hopefully it will take you right to it.
Thanks so much for stopping by to catch up. 
I will be back soon with a lot more to share. 
Until then…
Take Care and Talk Soon,