Monday, June 23, 2014

What A Difference A Year Makes!


Hello Everyone.

Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a year since my last post.  To be honest, I’m sitting here trying to remember how to use Live Writer it has been so long, I have forgotten.

Why so long between posts?

Well, change after change after change has happened in my life.

First off, our house did sell last year, which did leave me in a bit of funk for awhile.  First we moved into a rental house owned by my SIL.  Which I am grateful for but it was way too small for all of us.

I did enjoy decorating and changing things though.  My sweet SIL let me have the freedom to do anything I wanted.


A few months ago we moved from the rental house into a two story tri-plex that I really like.  I knew the second we walked though the door, this could be our home.  I actually like it so much we might just stay until Brett retires, then buy a house. 

Who knows?  Right now, I’m not worrying about the future, I’m just going to enjoy the present.

And this is going to be really shocking but…
Since we moved in, life has been so busy I actually have never went around taking pictures of this place.
But I will soon.
It is really cute.

Oh and the brightest part of my life changes since we last talked…

I am a Grandma!!

To the most amazing little boy.

The love of my life.

If you follow me on FB you have seen MANY of photos through the months, but incase you don’t here he is…

Isaac Eugene
(Yes, the Eugene is in honor of his Great-Grandpa.)
Also if you follow me on FB, the reason why I haven't been around or commenting is because they made me change my account from a person to a business.
And maybe I just don’t know what I am doing but I cant get a feed list of what everyone is posting.  Any way, it is all messed up.  I guess I am going to have make another personal account.
Well, its getting quite late and have to get up early to open the shop.
Oh, yeah…
Some more BIG changes in my life.
I am now the owner of an antique mall.
We opened last week.
It is called…
Isaac’s Rusty Wagon.
It is located in Energy, IL.
421 South Pershing St.
Energy, IL. 62933
to be exact.
I will be getting back on soon and sharing photos of that too.
Plus I have a blog in its name I will hopefully be working on.
But until then, I would love it if you stop by its FB page and maybe even give it a LIKE.
I have posted photos of the outside and some booths on there.
Now we have only been open three days but it does seem to be going over pretty well.
If you're local, Yes, I still have plenty of great booths available.
Or maybe you just want to stop by and say Hi, that would be great too. 
Hope you do!
My FB page is:
CLICK HERE and Hopefully it will take you right to it.
Thanks so much for stopping by to catch up. 
I will be back soon with a lot more to share. 
Until then…
Take Care and Talk Soon,


bayrayschild said...

Wow Tammy, I wondered what happened to you! It seems like a lot has happened. So glad you are settled in a home you like and that grandson of yours is too adorable!
Good luck with your antique mall, it sounds like you've got your hands full.

Blessings, Audrey

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tammy, I certainly have missed you and have hoped that all has been alright. Congratulations on your little grandson, isn't it a joy being a grandma. The best career of my life. And I love how you decorated the rental home, you should be an interior decorator. So good to have you back in blogland. hugs, Lecia

bettyj said...

So much has happened in your life, but that baby boy tops it all, doesn't he?I am so glad you are happy where you are. My house didn't sell and I am still put. I am fine with that. So happy to see you today, and I will like our FB page. Don't stay away so long

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

HI Tammy! It is too funny, but I was thinking about you just last night and wondering what you have been up to...sounds like life has been very busy. Your new grandson is adorable! I'll be sure to find your FB page(s) and get back on to following you!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Tammy, you sure have been busy!
Your Grandson is adorable! Congratulations on your new adventure with the Antique Mall. I am off to find find your FB page. So good to hear from you!


Primitive Stars said...

Oh Tammy, I have missed you so. You have been really busy, congrats on the sweet bundle of joy, adorable. Your home is as cozy as always, love what you have done, Welcome Back, Francine.

cynthia lee designs said...

Congrats on opening the antique mall. I used to have a shop in a little town that was known for it's antique store and country shops. I closed it when we moved back home to where our families were.
Your grandson is adorable. There is nothing greater than being a grandma!
Welcome back to blogging. Missed you.

Danice G said...

Congrats to you Tammy on all of the wonderful happenings! We have missed you in blog land. So glad that you are back. Prim Summer blessings.

Earlene said...

OMG Tammy I wondered where you went!!! Seems lots of bloggers went to facebook, unfortunatly. I miss everyone.
You have been a busy, blessed family!
Your grandson is adorable, at first when I saw the picture I thought you had a baby :0)
Congrats on the antique mall.
Enjoyed your before and after pictures tooo!!!!! You have a great touch.
Hope we see more from you.

Penny said...

Congrats on the arrival of your adorable little grandson.!!!! Aren't they great?!! So fun being a grandma!
So happy to see your post.. I always loved reading it and seeing all your beautiful decorating!! I'm glad you're back and look forward to seeing your posts again....
Congrats on the antique mall, too! You are one busy lady!!

Prims By The Water said...

So glad you were truly missed. What a little cutie pie! I think you made SIL rental a better investments for her with your changes. Good luck with the antique store. Bob and I are on year 5 and still loving it. Janice

Holly said...

Welcome back and congratulations on everything...especailly becoming a grandma! He is adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Best of luck with your new shop!

Raymond Homestead said...

Hi Tammy, wow, so many things happening! Glad to see your post. Congratulations on being a grandma! Loved looking at all your before and after pictures!

Old Time Cindy said...

Wow! Lots going on with you and the fam! Congrats on everything!
Farmhouse hugs!